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(Edinburgh, Scotland, November 27, 2023) – Caskshare, a leading Scottish-based whisky business dedicated to bringing the world of unique bottles and one-of-a-kind products within reach of rare malt enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce the launch of a highly anticipated ballot of a truly exceptional offering: a very rare Macallan distilled in 1991. As meticulous curators, discerning bottlers, and exclusive sellers of the most extraordinary and rare whiskies, Caskshare is expanding its horizons in the US market offering an unprecedented opportunity to savor this exceptional Scotch.

A limited run of 190 bottles of the rare malt Scottish whisky will go on sale globally via ballot for $4,250 under its Collective Series label.  Members will have priority access to the bottles, which will be bottled in January 2024 and promptly dispatched to eager consumers in March 2024. Members enjoy priority access, and the remaining bottles will be selectively distributed/sold randomly. This exceptional whisky distilled at Macallan Distillery will be bottled at 32YO having undergone a unique aging process starting in a first-fill ex-bourbon cask and culminating in a PX Sherry cask finish, boasts an astonishingly high single-cask ABV of 49%.

The ballot will open globally on Thursday, December 7th, and close midday on Thursday, December 14th.

This announcement follows the remarkable sale of a Macallan 1926 bottle sold for $2.7 million on November 18th. The release featuring the art of Italian artist Valerio Adami made a new record for any bottle of spirit or wine sold at auction.

John Robertson, Managing Director of Caskshare, remarked, "We are honored to be able to bring you this very rare whisky from one of Scotland's best-known distilleries. We are passionate about sourcing the best whisky Scotland has to offer and this whisky distilled at The Macallan Distillery is no different. It's a rare and momentous occasion when a cask of such unparalleled rarity emerges. We’ve coupled this whisky with an exceptional piece of art and anticipate that it will be eagerly sought after by both discerning connoisseurs and fervent collectors alike."

The Collective Series has been curated to encompass a spectrum, from reasonably priced to opulent single-cask whiskies. Each bottle carries its own unique identity, and the artistic labels embody a profound connection to the product's story, provenance, and craftsmanship.

“The artistry on our bottles is a deliberate choice – just as we curate distinctive whiskies, we also curate collaborations with artists for the bottle design,” says John Robertson, Managing Director of Caskshare.  “For this release, we teamed up with acclaimed American artist Tristan Eaton for the exclusive bottle design. Drawing inspiration from two of Eaton's evocative murals paying homage to Alexander Graham Bell –the Scottish-born inventor of the telephone and of the American Telecoms Company– we felt that this was the perfect partner to beautifully showcase the intricate interplay between Scottish innovation and American artistic ingenuity as we launch the Collective Series here in the US.

When Caskshare launched several years ago, it leaned into its single glass-to-cask concept but quickly realized they wanted to put a spin on these bottlings and created what they call their Collective Series.  Through this Collective Series, Caskshare's vision is to have all of its special single casks become part of an ongoing series of collective bottlings, featuring special rarities and super high-end gems.  Up until now, collectors and enthusiasts would order from the UK site and when the bottles were ready, would receive their special purchases.  This applied to everyone, from the UK, the US and beyond.  But since the US market has a large majority of high-end whisky buyers & collectors, the company launched its US site to provide greater access to unique bottles Caskshare endorsed and curated, all with the vision of eventually offering its own acquired single casks with shipping directly from the US. --giving customers access to whisky you can't buy anywhere else with local shipping and duty rates.

This new limited-run release is the first to be available to consumers in US dollars and is the first step in bringing in the rest of the collection series to Caskshare US, finally fully launching the concept here in the US.  Within the next few months, the Collective Series bottles which have been available via will now be available to be shipped locally with no international shipping costs.

Founded in 2019, Caskshare is a pioneering whisky business dedicated to making the world of unique, one-of-a-kind whiskies accessible to all, bridging the gap between whisky aficionados and exceptional single malt experiences. With an extensive network of connoisseurs, Caskshare brings forth the most extraordinary offerings, connecting passionate whisky enthusiasts with limited-edition treasures.

To enter the ballot, visit: