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Mezcal may be the oldest distilled spirit in the Americas, but has exploded in popularity only recently. In The Mezcal Rush: Explorations in Agave Country (Counterpoint Press, 295 pages), Granville Greene vividly describes his quest through the Mexican highlands to learn more about the varied cultures, plants, and traditions surrounding the drink, which has become a craft cocktail darling.

He soon finds that, unlike most high-end spirits, small-batch mezcals are typically produced by and for subsistence farming communities, where maestros mezcaleros distill their signature drinks using local agaves and artisanal production methods honed through generations of mezcal-making families. Greene visits remote indigenous villages in Oaxaca and Guerrero states, where the spirit is never mixed into cocktails and is reserved instead for consuming puro on special occasions—a liquid language celebrating community identity along with the diverse characters of numerous agave species.

Greene joins the maestros in the arduous tasks of mezcal-making, as they harvest agave hearts from treacherous mountain slopes, roast them in underground pit ovens, grind them in rustic mills, and distill the fermented mash over wood fires through long nights under the stars. Ambient elements enter the process—the natural yeasts of a lime tree growing near a still, the unique minerality of the local spring water—as each mezcal becomes an individual expression of plants, place, and the artistry of its maker.

Sipping a handcrafted mezcal, Greene comes to understand, is like being invited into someone’s home and allows us to transcend borders. Yet while visiting a cocktail convention in New Orleans and hip new mezcal bars in the U.S. and abroad, he finds an ongoing disconnect with the maestros, who have been swept up in a hot new booze trend in which they have little voice. Greene explores the dynamics of a cultural commodity undergoing a gold-rush style surge as a luxury export, and the consequent overharvesting that threatens agaves growing in the wild, as he finds the ancient spirit at a new crossroads.

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NEW YORK, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Russian Standard® Vodka, the world's #1 premium Russian vodka, is releasing a limited edition Fabergé bottle.  Russian Standard® is the finest expression of Russian vodka quality, combining rich vodka heritage with fine modern craft. The Russian Standard Fabergé Edition is the second in a series inspired by the beautiful and meticulous Fabergé art, highly prized by the Tsars of the Imperial Russian Court. The ancient technique uses intricate patterns incorporating enamels and gemstones used most commonly in jewelry-making and for decorating small objects.




Russian Standard® is partnering with to Pre-Sell the limited edition before it hits selective stores in US and Canada in June.  Consumers will be able to pre-order the Fabergé bottle at: <>


"Russian Standard® Vodka has a very loyal and devoted following in the US market – the Fabergé limited edition bottle highlights something unique and beautiful about Russian Standard's heritage," said Giulio Bertozzi, VP Marketing for Roust USA.  "It is our core mission to continue delivering authentic products and experiences to our consumer base."


For more information about upcoming product releases and promotions, please follow Russian Standard® Vodka on Facebook at <> , on Instagram @russianstandardvodka and on Twitter @russianstandard

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THORNBURY VILLAGE, ON, May 16, 2017 /CNW/ - Thornbury Premium Apple Cider, Ontario's number-one-selling Ontario Craft cider is enjoying a newly renovated home at the recently restored, historic apple storage building overlooking beautiful views of Georgian Bay and the Blue Mountains.  A grand opening celebration and ceremonial apple tree planting was held among local dignitaries and industry stakeholders on May 16th to celebrate the conclusion of the year-long renovation.


Jim Clark, President of Thornbury Village Craft Cider and Brew House commented, "We are thrilled to be able to open our doors to the public following our extensive renovations. Everyone involved in the project is proud of the results and we're confident that our historic location will become an important landmark in the area, both for local residents and tourists."


The century-old cider house is nestled in the heart of Ontario apple country, which has over 7,500 acres of apple orchards in the surrounding area.  Guests visiting the Craft Cider and Brew House can experience tastings of our premium craft cider and craft beers in addition to many unique small-batch, seasonal offerings only available at our tasting centre.  Locally-sourced cheese and charcuterie plates that pair perfectly with the craft cider and beer offerings are available for purchase and can be enjoyed during fair weather on the large patio.    


Images and logos available: CLICK HERE <

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May 17, 2017 (Vancouver, BC) - The Burrowing Owl Estate Winery 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon has been awarded a GOLD medal at the 2017 International Competition of Cabernets (Concours International Des Cabernets, or CIDC) in Paris.  This BC VQA wine was the only Canadian wine to achieve this ranking at this prestigious competition.


The Cabernets International Competition / Concours International Des Cabernets (CIDC) is devoted exclusively to all forms of Cabernet, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Dorio, Cabernet Blanc, and more.  At this year's event on Monday, April 24th an expert panel of 27 sommeliers, all of whom are members of the Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF), blind tasted 250 international wines made from Cabernet.


A total of 33 wines were awarded Gold medals at the event.  Burrowing Owl is thrilled that its wine was recognized as being among the best in the world, and the winery is particularly honoured to have crafted the only Canadian wine to earn Gold at the prestigious competition.  Consumers will have plenty of time to anticipate tasting the winning wine for themselves, however, as the winery won't be releasing the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon until October or November 2017.



Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

500 Burrowing Owl Place, Oliver BC


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