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First of all, our family wants to thank you all for your efforts on social distancing and also for your many kind words of support for our “Flatten the Curve” Hand/Surface Sanitizer initiative.  We would also like to thank the other amazing businesses that are supporting our production of this product through their donations of key components and logistics surrounding the production and distribution of this essential product. (Universal Packaging for bottles, Peller Estates for help with the alcohol, Univar Solutions for peroxide, Speedpro Signs Vernon and Wayside Press for the labels). We couldn’t do it alone without their generous support! #localheroes  At this time (and over the next few days) we are really overwhelmed trying to keep up with production and distribution of our alcohol-based sanitizer to the hundreds of emergency front-line medical workers, care homes, homeless shelters and other essential service sectors ranging from ambulance to public utilities and social outreach workers. 
Our plan is to focus directly on these as phase one, then by Wednesday this week we will be in a position to open this up to other sectors and also directly to the public.  We are providing this 100% free of charge to the collective pandemic response effort and are trying our best to help as many as possible, please be patient as we try to focus on those that are most urgently affected and most at risk.
At our public release, Wednesday, this will also be free of charge to our wonderful Okanagan community, but we are going to try to see if we can pay it forward to create an even bigger positive social impact. We will ask that everyone wishing to pick up a personal bottle of our “Flatten the Curve” sanitizer “pay the kindness forward” in any way they can.
We kindly ask the following:

1.  Please only take the volume of sanitizer that you require to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
2.  Please let anyone you know in the local area who is a front-line medical or essential service worker to reach out to us so that we can help them out first. Our staff are being true heroes and are doing their best to produce more every single day, but if you are able to self isolate and are not imminently at direct risk please allow us to service those that are first.
3.  Please call ahead if possible to check on supply as daily volumes fluctuate.
4.  Please be understanding that we are trying our best and a little patience might be necessary.
5.  If you yourself are sick please do not come in personally but ask someone healthy to pick up some for you.  If our family and staff get sick we will not be able to continue producing.
6.  When picking up your sanitizer please be mindful that social distancing is a necessary requirement for all of us.  Give everyone a little space, and please don’t congregate on mass if you have to wait a bit for the sanitizer.  We will do our best to accommodate a safe environment for all at our end, but please help us out from your end too.

Please stay safe and self-distance out there people, and keep following us on FaceBook for updates on our “Flatten the Curve” sanitizer.

br /> Thank you for your understanding and your patience.<br /> Wishing you all the best of health during this stressful time,<br /> The Dyck Family and Staff at Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery</h4> <p>We are not usually in the "Hand/Surface Sanitizer Business" but these are extraordinary times.  

The first line of defense against this virus is protection against its spread and for that we need:

1.  Social distancing and self isolation where required.
2.  Regular hand washing and stop touching your face.
3.  Hand and surface sanitizers to kill the virus if and when it gets on surfaces or hands where it can easily be spread.

This is where we come in!  The main ingredient in hand and surface sanitizers that kills viruses and germs is alcohol, and since we're distillers, we LOVE to make alcohol.  We would much prefer to put this alcohol into barrels and make world-class whiskies and gins, but we've decided, for now, to do battle against COVID-19.

Our hand/surface sanitizer is made per the WHO recommended guidelines and is essentially comprised of our alcohol at 70% (and yes it is denatured so that it is no longer drinkable), and then to this denatured alcohol we add small volumes of hydrogen peroxide.  We are not adding thickeners or aloe vera at this time since we are not in the business of making people's hands soft, and we don't want anything to interfere with the alcohol's efficacy. The spray format allows for more versatility of use.

Before you ask: it is safe on the skin, but do not spray it in your eyes or try to drink it.  If you want something to drink, we have lots of other great-tasting options for you.

Stay safe out there everyone and look out for one another!

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Dear Customers,


In light of recent regulations as well as safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will practice social distancing.


Our retail store remains open and we have instituted safety protocols to maintain discreet distances from our employees and other customers.

There is signage on the door about these procedures.

You can order on line and come to the brewery for pick up. Your order will be placed at the front of the building awaiting your arrival.


The post office has advised us that they will continue to deliver our product either to your door or to the nearest post office. We appreciate your orders on line. We also appreciate that when and if appropriate you advise others of this service.


We have cancelled the Red Beerd festival scheduled for May 23 and will reschedule for September.


We are maintaining all employees for as long a possible .

We will miss seeing you in our store, but we're still open online 24/7, where service remains uninterrupted. You can also find us on our social channels to keep updated.


We are all in this together. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our customers and communities as needed.

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Restaurants Canada urges government at all levels across the country to take more immediate action on recommendations


TORONTO, March 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Restaurants Canada survey of foodservice businesses across the country has revealed many are considering closing down permanently in the wake of COVID-19.

Facing a new reality of little-to-no income without a clear end date in sight, more than 90 per cent of respondents said they are very worried about the next three months. Most said they need help from government.

“Our immediate priority is to maintain liquidity for foodservice businesses, who employ 1.2 million workers across the country,” said Shanna Munro, Restaurants Canada President and CEO. ”We commend the necessary actions that various levels of government have taken to keep Canadians safe and are encouraged by measures announced so far to mitigate the disruptive economic impacts of COVID-19. Given the devastating losses that most restaurants have experienced and are anticipating, they urgently need more immediate support to continue serving their communities during this crisis and beyond.”

On behalf of the country’s more than 90,000 foodservice establishments, Restaurants Canada recommends strengthening relief in the following areas so that restaurants can survive the unprecedented challenges they’re facing:

  • Loans and mortgages: Further coordination with the banking sector is needed to make more flexible arrangements readily available, including payment-free periods.
  • Rent: Flexible arrangements are needed from landlords to allow for payment-free periods. Foodservice operators are looking for a coordinated effort led by government, coupled with no-eviction orders from municipalities to relieve pressure.
  • Taxes: More flexibility as well as a certain level of relief on sales tax payments are needed, as deferrals may contribute to long-term challenges. Flexibility and relief are also critically needed on property taxes at the municipal level.
  • Labour: Increased assistance is needed from government to avoid laying off staff during periods of little-to-no revenue. More information and support is also needed to help staff who are temporarily out of work access benefits.

“Every day we continue to hear incredible stories about how foodservice operators and our supply chain partners are supporting their communities through these extraordinary times,” added Munro. “We’re stronger together.”

Restaurants Canada is eager to continue collaborating with all levels of government toward more immediate solutions that will ensure foodservice businesses can continue to play a vital role for Canadians.

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March 17, 2020

To our valued guests,

In light of current messaging surrounding COVID-19 and to keep safety in the forefront of our business, effective today at 5pm we are suspending draught sales in the PEI Brewing Company Taproom and focusing on retail beer for pick up only. 

Reminder: The PEI Brewing Company Taproom will reduce hours from Monday to Saturday 1pm – 9pm and Sundays from 12pm -5 pm, the Gahan Beer Store will be operating on regular hours and the PEIBC Beer Station will remain closed until further notice.

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March 17, 2020

We are almost through March. The long dark winter days are ending. Winter is not the best time in the beer business. However we have been able to take part in several events such as the Burlington Winter Beer Festival, The Sequin Sled Dog Mail Run and others. We appreciate very much that many members of our community continue to utilize our event space, including service clubs such as The South River Lions Club, Almaguin Chamber of Commerce, EMS training sessions, The South River tourism development group, South River/Machar Public Library, Yoga classes, and the many local musicians who have presented concerts at the brewery. 


You have brightened our winter.

Please respect the precautions of health officials and be safe,


We do disinfect all brewing equipment and do ATP testing (a test that measures actively growing microorganisms) to ensure cleanliness. All beer cans are cleaned during the packaging process . We have implemented the use of latex gloves when packing online orders.


We will be cancelling all brewery tours until further notice due to the fact COVID-19 can live up to 3 days on stainless steel.


Highlander plans to continue working through the current COVID-19 crisis. Those of you who have visited our brewery know that cleanliness and health and safety have always been our priority. If it puts you at ease and you do not wish to go to the LCBO or the Beer Store to get beer you can order on line and we will pay delivery charges to your house on a case of 24 ($7.00 delivery charge for lesser quantities) .

You can also order on line and send beer to someone else in the province of Ontario.

We had a great time taking part of the Seguin Sled Dog Mail Run. The Seguin Sled Dog Mail run has taken place every year in Frebruary since 1965. “Sledvelopes” with letters prepared especially for this event are gathered, loaded onto sleds and hauled by several dog teams to Rosseau, 17 km through the bush on groomed trails. We made a special beer for the event. It was well received. We all had a great time.

We want to introduce you to Ms. Kaitlin Neideck, who is an apprentice Brewer at Highlander. Ms. Neideckcomes to us from Australia. She moved to South River several years ago. She has enrolled in the diploma program operated on line by CTS Career College Brewer Technician Programme 

Ms. Neideck will complete the on line section and the on site training by mid summer. She already has undertaken several brews on her own. We appreciate her attitude and enthusiasm very much. She will receive her diploma in the summer and be an even more important member of the Highlander team.

Red Beerd Festival- May 23, 2020 in North Bay.

Preview show April 11- Voyageur Inn

Highlander, along with the breweries of Northern Ontario, is producing The Red Beerd Festival. The event is the idea of our good friend Kerry McEwen, Red Beerd. Kerry helps us at all our beer shows across the province. Kerry also will curate the show by working with the Northern Ontario breweries to provide an excellent range of quality beers for the festival.

We have a quite a line up of musicians for a special Cabaret being held in a separate music room away from the crowd. 

 There will be a special preview mini festival held on April 11 at the Voyageur Inn in anticipation of the larger event at the Granite Club on May 23.

You can get tickets on line .

Please visit the website


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