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 January 10, 2018 — Innis & Gunn today unveiled a brand new look for its core barrel-aged and craft brewed ranges. The launch of the new packaging – which provides a unifying look across the Scottish brewer’s line-up of beers – also coincides with a return for Innis & Gunn to using 100% barrels in what used to be known as the brewer’s “oak-aged” beers.

Until 2010, Innis & Gunn matured 100% of their brews in oak barrels, mostly first-fill bourbon barrels - which could each only be used once. In 2010, the popularity of Original eclipsed the availability of barrels and Innis & Gunn’s Founder and Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp designed the ‘Oakerator’ tank - a new method that gave the same flavour results but didn’t rely 100% on filling barrels with beer. Between 2010 and 2017, their oak-aged beer was matured in the Oakerator over oak chips.

As of today, Innis & Gunn Original is once again 100% barrel-aged, using an innovative method developed by Innis & Gunn which enables the brewer to ‘put the barrel into the beer’.  

“At Innis & Gunn, we see it as our mission to continually push the boundaries of craft beer, to keep evolving and developing new ideas and techniques,” explained Gunn Sharp. “We’re now in the privileged position of being able to barrel-age using both traditional and modern techniques. As we head into 2018 – our 15th anniversary year – we’re going to be bringing some incredibly exciting beers to the market that truly showcase the incredible flavour possibilities of barrel-ageing beer.”

Through this new method, barrels (which could include bourbon, rum or Irish whiskey) are broken down and the staves then broken into pieces. The pieces are toasted to open up the wood, unlocking layers of incredible flavours and aromas. The barrel pieces are then placed into the ‘amplifier’ - an updated iteration of the ‘oakerator’ - and the beer is circulated through it to achieve the rich depth of flavour that the barrel brings to the beer. To-date, the brewing team has discovered five different ‘toast’ levels, each of which brings a unique flavour to the finished brew.

Innis & Gunn Original and the brand’s new rum barrel red beer, Blood Red Sky (coming to Canada in 2018) are both now brewed using the ‘barrel into beer’ method. Other limited-edition beers (which often require lengthy maturations, or have fruits or hops added to develop maximum flavour) will still be brewed using the traditional ‘beer into barrel’ technique, matured in Innis & Gunn’s bespoke, temperature controlled barrel store at their brewery in Perth, Scotland.

“Beer usually has 4 ingredients - malt, hops, yeast and water,” concludes Sharp. “For us, the barrel is the 5th ingredient. When used in the right way and when matched against the right beer style, barrel-ageing can create an explosion of flavours and aromas in the beer.”

All beers in the core Innis & Gunn line-up in Canada - including IPA, Session IPA and Innis & Gunn Lager - will transition to the new branding in the coming weeks.

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Hamburg, 5 January 2018 – INTERNORGA, the leading trade show for the whole of the hospitality and food service market, will once more present a unique conference programme in 2018, with an impressive line-up of international speakers. Three major industry meetings feature leading academics, practitioners and consultants, giving exclusive insights into their fields and looking beyond the boundaries of their discipline – a must for decision makers from food service, catering and public institutions.

Successful growth in the out-of-home market with the International Foodservice Forum

The INTERNORGA event series opens on 8 March 2018 with Europe’s biggest conference for professional food service, the International Foodservice Forum. It slogan and theme is “Think Ahead – Get Ahead! Professional Foodservice 2018+: Consumer Trends. Market Potentials. Success Factors.” It will be held at the Mehr! Theater am Grossmarkt, with presentations by leading experts. One of these is Stavrola Ekoutsidou of Ikea Food Deutschland, who will show how the Swedish furniture giant has succeeded in implementing food as a customer pull factor, and a strategic element for success. She will also talk about the trend subject of sustainability, taking the example of the new global benchmark store in Düsseldorf-Kaarst. Mirko Silz, CEO of the fast growing food service chain L’Osteria, will talk about his company’s long-term successful expansion. He will likewise show how far corporate leadership and culture influence the growth of an industry front runner. Jan Knikker, a Dutch architect, is likewise an expert on change, and will give the trade audience global examples of how urban lifestyle creates a new relationship between shopping, eating and home furnishings and accessories. This event highlight will be presented by Boris Tomic, Editor-in-Chief of Foodservice, and by Axel Weber, Axel Weber & Partner, Bochum.

An attractive early-bird price is available until 17 February 2018 for the International Foodservice Forum.

Catering sector changing fast – the German Catering Congress

The German Catering Congress Current presents trends and specific ideas for action. On Monday 12 March 2018, industry representatives will address current changes on the principle that “The future builds on the past. Learning and action – success factors in practice.” The traditional lunch break between 12:00 and 14:00 is more and more outmoded. Catering companies have to adjust to flexible working styles nowadays, and need new ideas. Marcell Jansen addresses this subject, explaining his restaurant start-up concept, “Ben Green”.  He offers his customers at Köln/Bonn Airport the ideal “good food” concept to meet a wide range of interests, preferences and backgrounds; as a former member of Germany’s football team, he attaches great importance to balanced nutrients as a key quality factor. Horst M. Kafurke of innogy Gastronomie GmbH works with new solutions, and takes the example of corporate outlets to show how catering companies can respond to changes in eating and consumer behaviour as they move towards eating on the go. The audience will also be keen to hear Keynote Speaker Dr. med. Volker Busch, a psychiatry and psychotherapy specialist at Regensburg University, speaking on the rising demands of a new world of work and how catering companies can respond to that. The German Catering Congress gives industry representatives relevant information and up-to-the-minute ideas for a successful future.

Veggie food and school lunch

The Forum School Catering focuses on vegetarians in 2018, because this is still a neglected area at German schools. That is shown by the results of a recent study on school catering at full-time day schools in Berlin. Speakers include Petra Hottenroth, an expert on this subject – after graduating in nutrition science and working as a dietary assistant, she took on responsibility for Berlin’s new School Meals Quality Inspectorate in November 2016. She takes stock after a year in this position, and will give her report on 13 March 2018. Brain researcher Dr. Henning Beck is not only an expert on neuronal links, but also writes books and specialist articles for well-known publications such as GEO, Wirtschaftswoche and brand eins. He raises the provocative question “Is it getting through?”, and shows the path of knowledge to the nerve cells, explaining the direct links between nutrition and effective learning at school. Carola Petrone, known as the “Organic Mum”, is convinced that children need the best possible nutrition for their growth. Her organic food service Il Cielo, set up in 2005, now serves more than 4,000 midday meals a day, all freshly prepared with organic ingredients. Her concept leads the way, demonstrating how caterers can boost their sales with tasty organic snacks. The INTERNORGA Forum School Catering is a must for decision makers in public education institutions and for their chefs.

Tickets for the International Foodservice Forum, the German Catering Congress and the Forum School Catering are now available at

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Las Vegas— Ron Jaworski, National Football League (NFL) analyst and CEO Quarterback, will keynote “The Game Changer: Lessons from Ron “Jaws” Jaworski,” during the 2018 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Immediately following the keynote, Jaworski will walk the red carpet and cut the ribbon to officially open the 2018 expo hall floor.

Speaking on Tuesday, March 27 from 11 to 11:45 a.m., Jaworski will offer attendees insight into building and protecting their brand. As a distinguished 17-year NFL quarterback, Jaworski will highlight how he took his leadership skills from the field to the boardroom as an owner of a professional sports team, a business relationship company and five golf courses. In drawing parallels between teamwork – on and off the field – Jaworski argues the best defense is a good offence and will demonstrate how to tackle your company’s challenges.

“As an author and former athlete, I look forward to sharing the strategies that I learned over the years, which have played a significant role in my life as a business professional,” said Jaworski. “I believe that teamwork and football offer great lessons and tactics that can be put in place that creates advantages for business owners across a variety of fields.”

This year’s Nightclub & Bar Show conference program will offer one of the most comprehensive educational series to date featuring some of the brightest and most thought-provoking individuals in the business world. The all-encompassing speaker lineup allows attendees to develop innovative ideas that will help take their brand to a new level of success in the coming year.

The keynote is open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Additional keynote sessions will be announced soon and are sponsored by Revention. Please visit Nightclub & Bar Show’s website for keynote updates and here for a full list of speakers.

The Nightclub & Bar Show, March 26 - 28, is the world’s largest gathering of bar, nightlife and beverage professionals. The show offers industry professionals the opportunity to connect with suppliers, network with new businesses, discover new products and gain critical skills to ensure their success in the dynamic bar and nightclub industry. For those interested in attending the show or for more information, please visit

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NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Castle Brands Inc. (NYSE American: ROX), a developer and international marketer of premium and super-premium drinks brands, today announced that it has purchased, or agreed to purchase, an additional $4.2 million of aging and new-fill bourbon. These additional purchases bring Castle Brands total purchases of aging and new fill bourbon to $9.6 million for the current fiscal year.

John Glover, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Castle Brands, said, "The continued investment in our aging bourbon inventory demonstrates our commitment to the Jefferson's brand. Jefferson's is one of the top five selling premium small batch bourbons and the only leading small batch brand not owned by a major spirits company. Growing our barrel inventory through opportunistic purchases, combined with our two new-fill programs, allows us to accelerate the growth of our Jefferson's portfolio. We continue to build on the success of Jefferson's and Jefferson's Reserve through innovation and the introduction of new expressions, including the expansion of our wine finishes program and the launch of the next voyages of our Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea® bourbon, including Cask Strength and a 'Wheated' Ocean."


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