Published Date

May 13, 2020

Lucas Bols announces the global relaunch of its Bols Liqueurs, the world’s number one liqueur range*. All its recipes are now crafted with natural botanicals to enrich their flavour and high quality and to create unique tasting cocktails. Research confirms that 70% of consumers prefer cocktails made with the new Bols Liqueurs over competitive brands. To boost the relaunch, new trend setting drink concepts are introduced via a revolutionary cocktail gallery that is scannable on the bottle. These concepts encourage bartenders and consumers to use Bols Liqueurs as the main base for cocktails, creating drinks with less alcohol and less calories and a delicious natural taste. This fits perfectly with the consumer preferences of today’s world to drink less but better. The Bols Liqueurs with natural botanicals will become available around the world in newly designed bottles starting this spring (on a market by market basis).

Leading cocktail brand

Bols, the world’s first cocktail brand since 1575 with a footprint in over 110 countries, plays a leading role in the development of the global cocktail market. The Bols Liqueurs range, comprising of more than 40 flavours, is and always has been known for its real fruit, herbal and spice flavours. This has put Bols in the top 10 most trending and best sold liqueur brands in the world[1].

“As the world’s first cocktail brand, we want to inspire bartenders and consumers to create great cocktails. Consumers around the world are increasingly conscious of their alcohol consumption and health. With our new Bols Liqueurs crafted with natural botanicals, we offer them a great base for high quality & tasteful cocktails which contain less alcohol and less calories. A revolution to the market, perfectly fitting these market trends and allowing us to further strengthen our global positioning to benefit from the ongoing rise of the global cocktail market.”, says Sandie van Doorne, Creative & Communications Director Lucas Bols.

Natural Botanicals

Real flavours and only natural botanicals is what the new Bols Liqueurs are all about. Well-known cocktail recipes become more flavoursome, such as an Espresso Martini with a rich and complex coffee flavour by using Bols Coffee. Research amongst more than 800 international cocktail drinkers shows that the new Bols Liqueurs with natural botanicals are significantly preferred by consumers. Cocktails made with the new Bols Liqueurs received a superior ranking versus competitor cocktails: 70% of the test group indicated that the Bols cocktails with natural botanicals have the most natural taste versus other liqueurs[2].

Revolutionary Cocktail Inspiration

The drink concepts that Bols is launching are based on using Bols Liqueurs as the base for cocktails, which create low alcohol & calorie drinks with great natural taste. Instead of using a high alcoholic cocktail base such as Vodka, a Bols natural botanical liqueur lowers alcohol & calories significantly yet provides a delicious and natural flavour experience. Bols is the first cocktail brand to launch a QR code on the bottle which makes all these drinks and many other cocktail recipes easily accessible by scanning the QR code to enter the Bols Cocktail Gallery. This online portal contains cocktail tutorials which vary from easy to make, low alcohol mixes to professional, complex cocktails and all kinds of information to enjoy making cocktails. The bottle is furthermore updated with a new look. The new logo on the label is inspired by the Amsterdam calligraphy and centuries old Bols logos, also aligning the look and feel with the Bols Genever range.

[1] Drinks International Annual Brands report January 2020

[2] Blind Bols cocktail test vs. competitors, 800 international respondents, 2019