Calgary Restaurant Makes Its Own Bourbon – The First Time Ever!

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With the leaves beginning to change colour and the temperatures getting crisp, there’s no doubt that whiskey season is upon us. And there’s no better way to celebrate whiskey season than with a unique dram customized for the province. With Alberta whiskey making a global name for itself in recent years, there’s another player on the Alberta whiskey scene that is offering a truly unique tasting experience for Calgarians – Maker’s Mark Private Select One18 Empire. 

In collaboration with the team at One18 Empire, Maker’s Mark has developed a unique Maker’s Mark Bourbon that is now available for a limited time at the local restaurant and whiskey bar. The spirit is well-round rounded, creamy on the palate and boasts notes of dark coffee, baking spices, ripe fruit and caramel. 

The Private Select program is helmed by Jane Bowie, a true woman in whiskey, who oversees this unique process of bourbon customization.

Available at the One18 Empire (located inside the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel), this unique bourbon is being featured in the restaurant and whiskey bar’s popular Black Walnut Old Fashioned cocktail.