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Blackwood Chefwear Logo e1448234950578February 18, 2021 (Vancouver, BC) – The outstanding quality and value of chef’s wear from Vancouver-based Blackwood Career Apparel + Essentials has earned the company a place among the Best 12 Designer Chef Coats & Brands by Chef’s Pencil. Company owner Christine Blackwood says the praise is particularly gratifying because her company was one of the first in the world to offer a chef’s jacket designed specifically to fit women. 

The accolade came from Chef’s Pencil, a foodie magazine featured in publications such as Newsweek, Eater, Euronews, The Guardian, Vancouver Sun, The Independent, The Province, The Kitchen, New Zealand Herald and Holland’s Algemeen Dagblad. Chef’s Pencil notes that professional attire has become increasingly important in the culinary world, as it needs to not only be functional and comfortable to work in but has become part of a chef’s or restaurant’s overall brand. The presentation of both front and back of house staff is part of a guest’s overall experience, and attention to detail in clothing is seen as a reflection of the care put into the cuisine served. Blackwood has been a leader in this area, as the company offers both traditional and trendsetting designs in its line of chef’s apparel. 

While Blackwood originally focused on chef’s wear, it has expanded to offer a wide range of professional wear. Current clients include restaurants, hotels, wineries, distilleries, health care facilities, spas, golf clubs, security companies, bakeries, retail stores, pet grooming companies, and more. It offers not only clothing but also aprons, server pouches, and protective cloth masks; kitchen clogs are an exciting new addition to its portfolio. The company is highly responsive to its customers’ needs, offering easy online ordering and fast turnaround times.

To celebrate, Chef’s Pencil and Blackwood Career Apparel + Essentials are giving away a super-stylish chef coat, apron & chef pants made by Blackwood Career Apparel. Retail value of $250. Information on the giveaway can be found here.