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DUBLIN, IRELAND (March 23, 2021) – Distilled in the heart of the Liberties District of Dublin, the award-winning Dubliner Whiskey isn’t changing what’s inside the bottle. Rather, the brand has debuted a new logo and bottle design that forgoes traditional packaging in favor of an updated contemporary look and feel that authentically taps into the brand’s genuine and unpretentious, yet premium personality and reflects the modern renaissance of Dublin. 

pclass="gmail-p9"> </p> <p class="gmail-p8""Created by an all-Irish team, the new design puts the focus squarely on the brand’s distinct personality and provenance, while the simplicity of the new packaging aims to reflect the straight-talking style for which Dubliners are renowned for. Moreover, Dubliner Whiskey’s new branding and marketing speaks to the new Dublin – a city undergoing a revival spearheaded by Millennials and younger creatives – the next generation of whiskey connoisseurs.  

 </p> <p class="gmail-p8">Now being rolled out on shelves across the country, the new Dubliner Irish Whiskey look is being introduced through the brand’s core products: The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, a three-year-old blended whiskey aged in bourbon casks, and The Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb, a whiskey liqueur. 


"As Irish Whiskey continues its growth as the powerhouse category in the US, we wanted to stand out from the crowd with a new eye-catching look” says Martin Peters – QBNA Brand Director. He adds, “the new Dubliner packaging represents not only an attitude and style that reflects our liquid but also connects with what today’s contemporary Dublin is all about, allowing us to reach not only the traditional Whiskey consumer, but other younger imbibers as well —unlocking a whole new consumer base. Dubliner Irish Whiskey is unashamedly bold with its actions and products and that needed to be highlighted in our look as well.  This complete package will provide a tremendous new opportunity for distributors, retailers, and consumers to build our brand to new heights in the US".

 </p> <p class="gmail-p8">To celebrate the new branding and packaging, Dubliner Whiskey is also rolling out a refreshed brand website and advertising campaign, including a new aesthetic across its social media channels.  The brand has even teamed up with Irish hip hop Duo Tebi Rex to headline the campaign. 


Dubliner’s Global Brand Manager, Darren Mooney, adds, “Paying homage to our hometown, this fresh design aims to reflect the vibrant modern Dublin we know and love. Our aim was to create something bold, bright, and beautiful that can also be accessible. Whiskey is a great vehicle for bringing people together and, too often, old school tactics like confusing jargon and secret clubs can exclude people. Whiskey isn’t just for old, rich guys.” 

pclass="gmail-p9"> </p> <p class="gmail-p8""The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is part of the Dublin Liberties Distillery’s portfolio of Irish whiskeys, majority owned by Quintessential Brands. A young, dynamic distillery team is led by Distillery Manager John Park and located at The Dublin Liberties Distillery in the Liberties, which opened in February 2019 and is considered one of the leading players in reviving Dublin’s local whiskey production. Dubliner products are available to purchase at  or at fine wine and spirits retailers across the U.S. starting at $29.99.