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MEIKO Clean Solutions Canada is pleased to announce that TLC Marketing, a well-known manufacturers' sales and marketing agency, has joined us as our newest representative. TLC will serve MAFSI Region 26b, covering Alberta.

For almost 40 years, TLC has worked closely with restaurants, bars, consultants and representatives from the healthcare, education, entertainment, food-production, industrial and hospitality segments – all business segments where MEIKO customers can be found.

The company represents manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment, parts, tools, tabletop supplies and cleaning products. TLC also provides sustainable solutions that support MEIKO’s business objectives and goals. They’re committed to providing true value and professional representation for their clients through knowledge and solutions, training and support, and the creation of product demand.

MEIKO customers are as varied as their industries. From restaurants to hotels, bars, hospitals, schools, universities, wineries, airports, stadiums and convention halls – you can find MEIKO anywhere food is served.

With similar philosophies and uncompromising standards of quality and customer service, TLC Marketing will represent the MEIKO brand well. We welcome our newest valued partner to the team!