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- Millions of Canadians have missed life milestones due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and J.P. Wiser's believes that precious moments of bonding and connecting with friends should never be lost. That's why the brand is announcing its latest campaign: 'Second Shot', which aims to demonstrate that everyone deserves the chance to reconnect and celebrate the moments they've missed.

The campaign taps into the relatable cultural truth that Canadians everywhere missed important life events while in self-isolation. Launched on June 28th, it features real people getting a second shot at reconnecting and celebrating major missed moments with their friends and family.

"We wanted to do more than simply just make another branded television spot," said Fernando Martinez Gonzalez, Brand Manager. "With the Second Shot campaign our goal was to tap into these real stories to showcase to Canadians that they aren't alone, and even though they have missed important moments they should celebrate them now that it is safe to do so."

For two days only, J.P Wiser's transformed the historic Madison Avenue Pub in Toronto into the Second Shot Bar and crafted personal experiences for each of its guests. Like Jimmy, a new Canadian who received his second shot at celebrating his citizenship ceremony and Katie, who got a second shot at her doctorate grad ceremony. The Hatrick Swayzes got a second shot at finally lifting their rec hockey league cup and Phil, an ICU doctor on the front lines, had a second shot to celebrate his bachelor party.

J.P Wiser's hopes to inspire Canadians with the 'Second Shot' campaign to reconnect and have their own second shot at celebrating the moments they've missed. Whether it was a wedding, birthday or their dog's graduation from puppy training, J.P. Wiser's believes everyone deserves a 'Second Shot' at celebrating.

That's why J.P. Wiser's is partnering with social media influencers on Instagram across the country and giving away cash prizes of $6,000 CAD to eight lucky Canadians to put towards re-living a missed milestone celebration! Canadians can follow: @brettkissle, @scott_mcgillivary, @teamltd, @rick_campanelli, @adamwylde, @tysonlw, @morganhoff and @sheridaningalls from July 14th - 25th for their chance to win!