Award-Winning Mijenta Tequila Expands Internationally

Published Date

Mijenta, the award-winning, sustainable and artisanal tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, has launched its Blanco expression in the UK, available from the Mijenta web shop and Master of Malt. Inspired by a shared cultural heritage, Mijenta is a super-premium spirit that is carefully crafted with a commitment to environmental sustainability and support for the local community in Mexico.

Mijenta is inspired by “Mi Gente” meaning “My People” and refers to a collective mindset, a way of being and a community of like-minded people who come together to celebrate life. Mijenta was founded in 2020 by a passionate team including former CEO of Bacardi, Mike Dolan, award-winning mixologist and entrepreneur, Juan Coronado and sustainable designer and environmental activist, Elise Som.

Mexico-based Maestra Tequilera, Ana Maria Romero, designed and oversaw the entire creation process, from harvest to bottle. One of the most trusted, respected and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico, Maestra Tequilera Romero brings over 25 years of experience in the tequila industry to the Mijenta team.

“We are exceptionally pleased to be launching Mijenta in the UK as our first step towards realizing our global aspirations for the brand. Mijenta distinguishes itself with its outstanding flavour profile created by our Maestra Tequilera Ana Maria Romero who works in tune with the land to create a tequila with provenance and phenomenal taste,” shares Mike Dolan, Co-Founder and lead investor in the brand. “I’m extremely proud of the way this company does business, focusing on sustainability, and support for the local communities that harvest and produce our superb tequila.”

Elise Som, UK-based Co-Founder, sustainable designer and environmental activist says, “True luxury is to design with a responsible heart, at Mijenta, sustainable practices are at the very heart of our tequila”

"Mijenta Blanco is our first expression and was created with a strong feeling for the land. We wanted to develop a tequila that encapsulated the biodiversity, aromas, flavours and colour of the land of the region of Arandas", adds Mijenta Co-Founder, Juan Coronado.

From farm to bottle, Mijenta is committed to sustainable practices, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing the community’s energy efficiency. All paper-related components (label and box) are made of agave waste and the organization actively supports local businesses and communities by purchasing all packaging elements from Mexico. Mijenta has joined forces with Whales of Guerrero to boost community-driven conservation in the region. Whales of Guerrero preserves whales in the fishing village of Barra de Potosi and the southwest Pacific State of Guerrero, Mexico.

Mijenta achieves its distinctive flavour profile through traditional methods, ranging from the selection of agaves from the best plots, which are grown using zero pesticides and herbicides, to the fermentation of slow-cooked, unfiltered agaves to careful distillation in pot stills. Mijenta only uses fully mature, certified 100% Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, with a single plant taking six to eight years to reach maturity for harvest. The higher elevation of the Mijenta agave fields produces a smoother tequila with more fruitiness. Mijenta is also not filtered, which enhances its unique character and each bottle is individually numbered by hand.


Blanco, the first expression from Mijenta, presents the brand’s core offering and will be followed by a Reposado in the second half of 2021.