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What better way to celebrate these warm summer months than with Snapple® Spiked! With 7 taste-tea flavors available, you will be sure to find one that best fits your party mood!

Whether you’re having a relaxing day by the pool, going to the cottage for some R&R outside the city, or sunbathing at the beach soaking up those last few weeks of summer - Snapple Spiked has you covered!


  • NEW Mango Raspberry Tea - this new limited-edition flavour offers a refreshing blend of iced tea and natural mango and raspberry flavours 
  • Peach Tea - feel the nostalgia with the original Snapple Spiked® - A refreshing iced tea made from real tea leaves & natural peach flavours
  • Watermelon Tea - A crisp and refreshing iced tea that’s brewed from real tea leaves and enhanced with natural watermelon essence 
  • Tea & Lemonade - Brewed from real tea leaves for a rich iced tea flavour and combined with the tangy taste of lemonade 
  • RaspCherry Tea - A truly rasptacular taste of Snapple Raspberry Cherry Iced Tea mixed with vodka
  • Long Island - A rich iced tea with flavours of orange, lemon, cola, triple sec, and rum flavours ‘spiked’ with vodka. Made with real tea leaves and perfectly balanced with medium sweetness and citrus aromas.
  • Strawberry Kiwi - A refreshing explosion of strawberry and kiwi flavours