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TORONTO, Ont. (Mar 27, 2018) – Ungava Spirits Co. has once again proven that their spirits are world-class. Three prestigious awards were handed out to Ungava Premium Gin, Cabot Trail Maple Cream and Cabot Trail Maple Whisky at the 2018 World Spirits Award Celebration at Hubertus Vallendar Distillery in Germany.

“We are so happy to that our products are ranked amongst the best in the world,” says Aurelien Defaye, Ungava Spirits Co.’s Brand Manager, “and we’re especially pleased for the hard-working people behind Ungava Premium Gin. This is the 5th time that spirit has won gold since 2013.”

Collectively, Ungava Spirits Co. took home the following awards:

Gold – Ungava Premium Canadian Dry Gin

Distilled in small batches using traditional techniques and a unique selection of 100% natural herbs and berries indigenous to Quebec, Ungava Gin has a vibrant yellow colour and a captivating and refreshing flavour.

Gold – Cabot Trail Maple Cream

Made from premium pure maple syrup from Canada, using the freshest cream as a well as a blend of grain-based alcohol and rum to craft an authentic Canadian product.

Cabot Trail Maple Cream has a cocoa cinnamon and amaretto merge with the maple, creating a powerful synergy of flavours, resulting in an intensely chocolatey finish and a fine, gossamer-like texture.

Silver – Cabot Trail Maple Whisky

Inspired by Canadian tradition, Cabot Trail Maple Whisky is a unique blend of Canadian whisky and pure grade A maple syrup.

Cabot Trail Maple Whisky has a balanced and complex taste with a presence of rye whisky, baking spices & a rounded finish with strong notes of maple syrup.

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