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Ten years ago, innovators and veterans of the spirits industry, James Espey and Tom Jago, debuted The Last Drop Distillers to connoisseurs and collectors around the globe. Creating a company unlike any other, James and Tom began their journey in 2008 uncovering and bottling the finest and rarest gems of the spirits & wine worlds just waiting to be discovered. With their daughters Beanie Geraedts-Espey and Rebecca Jago by their side, and at the helm of the company for the last couple of years, just last month they celebrated the last decade of exquisite liquids worthy of The Last Drop name.

The festivities ran all month long in London at their Piccadilly Arcade Pop Up Atelier where the brand was brought to life in a myriad of ways, from the launch event featuring the release of Tom’s Blend No. 1 ( a “once-in-a-lifetime” blended Scotch to honor 92-year-old co-founder Tom Jago), to exclusive tastings, a cask installation, a library of its exclusive collection from the past 10 years, cocktail parties and pairing dinners.

Designed by renowned design team Radar, the space became home to The Last Drop brand as it was brought to life in the most beautiful way.  There was even a Last Drop Distillers’ special pouring device, fondly named Penelope after Rebecca’s mother and Tom’s wife, allowing for the delivery of a perfect measure of Tom’s Blend into a glass without the touch of a human hand —indeed a true masterpiece of engineering created by Harvey & John.

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And now, bit more on Tom’s Blend No. 1: A once-in-a-lifetime expression was created exclusively for The Last Drop’s ten-year anniversary and in honor of the company’s co-founder, Tom Jago, entitled simply Tom’s Blend No. 1.  A lifelong devotee of Blended Scotch Whisky, every night since his 20’s and even now at 92, Tom pours himself a dram of a fine Scotch blend, adds a little water and reflects on his day. To pay tribute to Tom, the majesty of Blended Scotch and ten years of exceptional spirits, The Last Drop team has created Tom’s Blend No. 1 just for this very occasion,and is not be available commercially. Tom worked alongside Scottish whisky writer and expert Charles Maclean to create the final blend and partnered with the malt master at Ian Macleod Distillers, to develop this fine and one-of-a-kind spirit.

Fast forward a decade later and after the monthlong celebration, with their daughters at the helm, and Tom and James' dream to seek out the best and the rarest spirits continues to be realized ten-fold. The Last Drop’s founding principles of “rare, fresh and delicious” remain as true today as they did in 2008, and as the company continues its journey of passion and discovery in the company’s 10th year, the father daughter team is extremely honored to continue to share the exceptional and uniquely rare with the world.

And that’s not all….later this month, the company is beginning a new journey that will change the world of American whiskies forever. Warehouse P, a refrigerated warehouse at the Buffalo Trace distillery where The Last Drop will age barrels of various American whiskies (of variying blends and styles) for the next 10 to several decades. “Warehouse P is a remarkable and exciting new chapter in The Last Drop Distillers’ journey,” said Beanie Geraedts-Espey, marketing and sales director for The Last Drop. “The first warehouse of its kind, it will enable us to see whether American whiskeys can indeed age like their Scottish counterparts."

Here’s to 10 Yrs. of giving the world the best of rare and old spirits!