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TORONTOOnt. (July 6, 2018) — The box may look a little different, and the label has more information on it than you may be used to seeing on a bottle or can of beer, but make no mistake within that bottle remains a pure Canadian pilsner.

As the Canadian summer approaches — high time for Canadian beer drinkers — Steam Whistle Brewing is in the midst of a packaging refresh. This includes a streamlined and more prominent steam whistle as the centerpiece of the company’s logo, but perhaps the most significant change is the inclusion of a nutritional and ingredients label. 

“Canadian brewers are not required to list their ingredients on their label, but we are proud of what goes in our beer, and almost more importantly what doesn’t go into our beer,” says Tim McLaughlin, Director of Marketing with Steam Whistle Brewing. “The government may permit brewers to use up to 109 ingredients in the making of beer, including foam enhancers, corn syrup, filler, additives and artificial flavours. It makes you wonder, if no one else is listing their ingredients, then what is in your beer?” 

Steam Whistle’s brand refresh is reflective of the world-class, European-inspired Canadian beer it makes. The iconic steam whistle at the heart of the logo has been simplified for use across multiple channels and platforms. The packaging is being given a premium treatment, with the incorporation of platinum as a brand colour complementing the green for which Steam Whistle is already well known.

But the refresh is about more than just the visual identity of Steam Whistle. It is putting a renewed emphasis on the authentic European brewing traditions the company uses, adhering to the strict standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516. 

“The cleaner appearance of the new brand connects directly with our beer — all-natural, nothing added, nothing watered down, nothing to hide,” says McLaughlin. “It makes for a more pure pint of pilsner, and you will see the difference in the taste.”

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