Published Date

October 30, 2018

Even those of us committed to a healthy lifestyle and eating ethically sometimes enjoy an occasional adult beverage.   Whether it’s a happy hour with co-workers, a wedding reception or a date night, there are moments when it feels good to celebrate with a cocktail.

But can that drink in your hand be a little healthier for both you and the environment?  We believe the answer is “Yes.”

Mark Anderson grew up on grain farm near a small town in North Dakota and had a passion for organically grown products that are environmentally sustainable yet pleasing to the palate.  He believed premium, great-tasting spirits could be made with organic and non-GMO ingredients.  So with a sense of adventure, he traveled the globe searching for the purest water and products.  His quest led him to organic cane fields in South America fed with crystal clean water that flows down from the top of the Andes Mountains into the fertile Cauca Valley.  Having finally found the purest ingredients and with the help of the world renowned master distiller Luis Ayala, they handcrafted the first non-grain gluten-free USDA-certified organic vodka and USDA organic rum that avoided the gluten and genetically modified grain that makes up about 94% of all corn and 96% of the sugar beets produced in the USA.

The results? The creation of Drake’s Organic Spirits, the first and ONLY spirit line in the world with all five health certifications.    Drake’s is organic, vegan, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, OU Kosher certified and full of nature’s flavors.  

I believe your readers would enjoy Marks adventure that led to creating a healthier drinking option.  It’s a tale as compelling as the spirits he produces.  

I’m happy to send samples of Drake’s award-winning premium vodka, white rum and Buzz Pops so you can taste for yourself what Drake’s is all about.  I’m also happy to arrange an interview with Mark Anderson.  Please feel free to reach out to me by call or text at (612) 366-0419.