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OTTAWA, Aug. 6, 2019 /CNW/ - In the true north, there are days dedicated to maple syrup, curling, and the noble beaver. But there's never been a national day to annually celebrate one of Canada's favourite products: beer. That ends today as Beer Canada is officially declaring the Wednesday before Thanksgiving: Canadian Beer Day


On October 9, the inaugural Canadian Beer Day will feature celebrations — big and small — from coast-to-coast, providing brewers, farmers, the hospitality industry, and beer lovers an opportunity to come together and recognize the historical, cultural and economic impact beer has had on our great country. The official launch party will be held at Great Western Brewing Company in Saskatoon.

"Canadian beer is woven into our national fabric," said Beer Canada Chair George Croft. "The beer economy supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and provides 13.6 billion dollars annually to our national GDP. We think that's something worth celebrating."

Our country boasts nearly 1,000 breweries of all sizes. These breweries employ Canadian workers, and the sale of their beer supports a billion dollars annually in wages and benefits. Breweries provide key support to thousands of community organizations and events every year. They also support farmers by purchasing more than 300,000 tonnes of Canadian malting barley every year.

"From hockey games and patio days to curling rinks and BBQs, beer is synonymous with activities that bring us all together," said Beer Canada President Luke Harford. "That's why we are asking Canadians to consider spending Canadian Beer Day toasting at your local brewery, pub, restaurant, or even in your own backyard."

For more information, visit and follow #CdnBeerDay on social media.

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August 1, 2019

Lancaster, NYPfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of thermal management and signaling technologies, announces the DTS 3000 Series Side Mount Cooling Units, ideal for tough industrial or outdoor applications. Offering simple and time-saving installation, large fin spacing, and a condensate evaporate system that offers maximum energy savings, DTS 3000 Series Side Mount Cooling Units are a good choice for multiple enclosure applications including washdown. The units are available in sizes ranging from 900 to 24,000 Btu/h, for use in applications ranging from small enclosures to high temperature, high ambient environments.

Featuring key internal electronics positioned away from potentially moist and/or caustic air in tough industrial applications, the DTS Series offers wide condenser fin spacing that allows for filterless and maintenance-free operation. The large condenser fin spacing allows for longer maintenance periods, even without an additional Nano coating.

DTS 3000 Series Side Mount Cooling Units’ active condensate management uses a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater, eliminating the need for a drain line. Cooling mode starts automatically upon exceeding the required cabinet temperature. The condensate evaporator only activates when necessary for maximum energy savings.

The NEMA Type 4 and 4X 304 stainless steel units repel contaminants in food grade applications and provide for easy washdown. High temperature models can operate in ambient temperatures up to 140° F (60° C), ideal for use near industrial ovens or baking lines. An optional cover protects the fan if used in washdown or in high dust/debris areas.

The stainless steel units have an epoxy coating on all exposed copper tubing to compliment the electrostatically-coated condensers. The fans are conformal coated, backward curve impellers that have a standard life of 55,000+ hours, providing the longest life and best air flow in their class.

A tool-free patented mounting design allows for quick and efficient assembly that considerably reduces installation costs. The units offer the world’s largest possible cut-out compatibility, providing unit replacement with the least possible installation work, thanks to intelligent mounting systems.

Visit to learn more.

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VANCOUVER, Aug. 2, 2019 /CNW/ - Hendrick's Gin proudly opens the magical doors to its Hendrick's Gin Air Departure Lounge today, August 2nd, and tomorrow, August 3rd, 2019, at the first-ever Honda Celebration of Light Downtown, presenting festival guests with an ocular and auditory spectacle.

For the first time in history, from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby St., the Hendrick's Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. will take guests on a most unusual quest, sharing copious curiosities and whimsical wonders both in the skies and on the streets.

"The Hendrick's Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. is a magical journey into an unparalleled world of whimsy," comments Jessica Mieczkowska, Canadian Brand Manager, Hendrick's Gin.  "We are elated to bring our multi-sensory Hendrick's Gin experience to the west coast and look forward to enchanting guests with the many wonders inside our Portal of Peculiarity."  

August 2nd and 3rd, 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


The foray into the world of whimsy shall commence at the entrance of the Hendrick's Gin Air Departure Lounge where guests shall be greeted by the elegant Madame A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R.! 

Those guests bearing the rare Golden Tickets (affectionately referred to as Gifts of Gold), shall be escorted by one of the Hendrick's Gin 11 botanicals into the unparalleled world of Hendrick's Gin to prepare for their voyage aboard the A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R.


In honour of the most beautiful blossom to grace the earth, a lovely revel of roses shall greet guests for their ocular, pictorial, and olfactory pleasure!


Elevating the senses is the wondrous auditory pleasure of the world's only C.O.R.G.A.N., a Cucumber Organ of Remarkably Glorious Auditory Nirvana!  The C.O.R.G.A.N. is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument which consists of 49 real, whole cucumber keys that create a cucumberous musical tone when touched.


Accompanying the whimsical score of the C.O.R.G.A.N., is the Theremin, (affectionately referred to as the Hendrick's Gin There-gin) a most curious contraption on which thereminist Theadora Feu Follet shall play the most melodious melodies without even laying a physical hand on an instrument!


With the wonders of whimsy, one might get weary!  Golden Ticket Guests are invited to take a pause from the peculiar to go inward with a special reading with Renowned Intuitive Specialist Terri-Lynn Decker.

The great oracle shall conduct special energy readings, giving guests a rare perspective into their past, present and future.


The journey continues with a glimpse into the Hendrick's Gin Cabinet of Curiosities followed by a special tasting of Hendrick's Gin "Midsummer Solstice" for Golden Ticket Guests!

Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice is a deeply floral gin inspired by the eternal mystery of nature's most vivid blooms on the Midsummer solstice, and will be releasing in Canada before Winter solstice in 2019. This tasting marks the first time it shall be sampled on the west coast.

Other festive libations to please the palate of wondrous travelers shall include Hendrick's Gin tea cup G & Ts with cucumber.  


Once boarding commences for the Hendrick's Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. (Amazing, Whimsical, Enchanting, Voyaging, Astounding, Nocturnal, Ascending, Interstellar, Roamer), the magic shall elevate to new heights!  Madame Departures shall escort Golden Ticket Guests to a perfectly peculiar basket suited for a faction of four.  

Guests will then journey to an unconventional height of 44 ¼ cucumbers into the evening sky to observe the Vancouver skyline from a view often only accessible to our favorite feathered friends.  

"We strive to curate experiences that captivate the curiously odd," adds Alvin P. Ramchurn, National Brand Ambassador, Hendrick's Gin.  "We look forward to delighting guests in true Hendrick's fashion during the inaugural Honda Celebration of Light Downtown."

The Hendrick's Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. will be tethered at the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery during the 2019 Honda Celebration of Light on Friday, August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd, 2019.  Flights will take place in the evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (based on wind patterns) and all guests bearing a Golden Ticket will have the opportunity to ride. Festival goers can visit the Hendrick's Gin Air Departure Lounge as well as enter onsite for a chance to win a pair of Golden Tickets on both evenings. No purchase is necessary, and entrants must be of legal drinking age in British Columbia to win and ride.

For more information regarding the Hendrick's Gin A.W.E.V.A.N.A.I.R. or Hendrick's Gin in Canada, please visit the online press room at

To learn more about the whimsical world of Hendrick's Gin globally, please visit

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Canada is getting a dose of Mexicana, as Jarritos partners with Canadian restaurants, select LCBOs and tequila giants Jose Cuervo and Hornitos, to bring Mexico’s beloved drink to the north.
Jarritos, the refreshing fruit flavoured Mexican soda, has become a beloved beverage worldwide and now has its sights set on Canada.
From east to west coast, over 50 restaurants including Milagro Cantina (Toronto, ON), Popina (Granville Island, BC), Oxbow (Winnipeg, MB) and Baijiu (Edmonton, AB) and Field Guide (Halifax, NS) are combining Jarritos and Jose Cuervo to offer their own personal spin on the trendy summer cocktail that’s giving the ever-popular margarita a run for its money.

Also, for a limited time and while quantities last, Ontarians can head to select LCBO locations from August 18-September 14, 2019 and purchase a Hornitos Plata, Reposado or Black Barrel and receive a 4-pack of grapefruit Jarritos.
The history and origin of the Paloma is still a mystery, but some say it’s named after the 1860’s folk song La Paloma, and others believe that it was created by legendary owner and bartender of La Capilla, Don Javier Delgado Corona.
Santiago Behar, National Sales Manager for Jarritos said:
“When I first prepared Paloma’s for my Canadian friends, they were surprised by actually being able to enjoy tequila. Since then, the Paloma has become a classic with them!”

Canadian restaurants are excited to take part in this new campaign and share their own take on the Paloma, starting with the classic flavours of Jose Cuervo tequila and Jarritos grapefruit.
Chef Robert Belcham, a partner of Popina Canteen in Vancouver said:
 “The Paloma is a great fit for Popina, because it’s a fun, delicious and refreshing summertime patio drink. It’s perfect match to our water and city vibes. What got us excited was to work with three great brands on one great drink, Jarritos, Jose Cuervo and Club House.”
Jarritos will be showcasing different creations of the Paloma, like The Dirty Paloma with Clubhouse Sriracha & Lime rimmer, as well as showing Canadians how the simple four-ingredient cocktail can be made in the comfort of their own home.


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