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October 16, 2018

The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) has approved the following retailers to sell cannabis on October 17, 2018 from the following locations:


•Tweed/Canopy, 1450 Main Street South


•Delta 9 Cannabis Store, Unit 1 - 827 Dakota Street

•Hiku/Tokyo Smoke, 55B Goulet Street

•Meta Cannabis Supply Co./National Access Cannabis, Unit 23 - 584 Pembina Highway

More approvals will continue to occur. Please visit (and check back frequently) the LGCA’s website for the most current information:

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October 15, 2018

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October 14, 2018

It is with much sadness that I write on the passing of my dear friend and partner of over 40 years, Tom Jago. He is often described as the man who changed the face of British drinking.

Tom was one of the real gentlemen of the liquor industry. Born on 21st July 1925, he was educated at a village school in a remote corner of the UK (North Cornwall). The son of a bank manager and staunch socialist (also Tom Jago), his childhood was enhanced by the family's adoption of two Jewish orphans who arrived in England on one of the first Kindertransport trains . At 17 he won a scholarship to Christ Church College, University of Oxford, to read history. His student days were interrupted by WWII, during which he served as an officer in the Royal Navy. 

Tom made his way to London to try his luck as a photographer. Serendipity took him to the wrong interview and he was given a job as a copywriter at Mather & Crowther (later Ogilvy & Mather). He thrived in the world of advertising, with his creative and quirky mind, and quickly found his niche in the world of wines and spirits. He also met his beloved wife Penelope, and they married in 1952. Soon, one of his clients, Gilbey's Gin, asked him to join them permanently. At IDV, Tom quickly became head of new product development, and was given free rein to develop new ideas. Tom said "I was encouraged to speculate, I was encouraged to philosophise, really." 

He had a natural creative flair and was quite happy to try things that were completely different and go against the stream. It is this trait which informed his career from the early days right up until he died. His first project at IDV was Croft Pale Cream Sherry - taking an almost forgotten brand and reinvigorating it.


Tom was the genius behind the development of Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys was the product of necessity combined with invention. Grand Metropolitan was the owner of both IDV (now half of Diageo) and Express Dairies. In Ireland there was a small subsidiary called Gilbey's of Ireland which marketed Gilbey's Red Breast whiskey and also a small dairy company. The Irish government gave tax incentives for exports so Tom saw the gap and took the Red Breast bottle, with a big "R" on it and blended whisky and cream, together with Nesquik and that was the first sample of Baileys. What is not well known is that Baileys was rejected by consumers in research so Tom hid the research. The brand was launched in 1974 and the rest is history. Today Baileys sells about 7 million cases or some 84 million bottles per annum

I got to know him when I came in London in 1977 as the Marketing Director of IDV Worldwide and Tom was Head of Global Innovation. We had a symbiotic relationship for over 40 years

Le Piat D'Or

After Baileys we worked together on Le Piat D'Or. IDV had a loss-making wine company, Le Piat de Beaujolais but the bottle shape was great and the masses were just starting to drink wine. Tom took the Piat bottle, produced a liquid from the South of France - a slightly off dry white and a slightly off dry red and launched Le Piat D'Or in 1978 with the slogan "Le Francais adore le Piat d'Or" - probably not true: Le Piat d'Or was specifically aimed at British wine drinkers with their sweeter tooth - but great fun and it soon became the leading French volume brand worldwide with sales at one stage of 2 million cases per annum.


In 1978, Gilbey's South Africa (IDV) created a coconut style rum called Coco Rico. It was a superbly packaged product with a great taste and we thought it could be a world beater. The problem was that South Africa was a pariah nation with the great President Mandela still in jail. In Tom's cupboard he had the trade mark "Malibu" sitting quietly. Accordingly, he tweaked the packaging, changed the name to Malibu and we imported it from South Africa and bottled it in Harlow Essex. Initially the product was sold in nightclubs and selected bottle stores. Tom described Malibu as a Caribbean-style rum and working with the advertising agency came up with the slogan "It comes from paradise and tastes like heaven" It was classified as a liqueur and we were thus able to advertise on television. Today, of course, it is a Caribbean rum, produced mainly in Barbados, selling some 4 million cases per annum and owned by Pernod Ricard.

In 1982, Tom left IDV and joined Hennessy, where he learned a great deal about the world of cognac. During his time there he worked on classic brands such as Hine, and developed new lines including a cognac for Davidoff, and a now defunct sweet sparkling liqueur known as La Petite Liqueur. He was always fascinated by the craftmanship of the drinks industry and particularly loved working with bottle designers, illustrators and label and packaging designers.

The Classic Malts and Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Tom joined me at United Distillers as Head of Innovation. He was immediately given the challenge of assessing all the Scotch malt whisky distilleries to see what potential existed. United Distillers were not very pro single malts at that stage and their entire focus was purely blends. Accordingly, we looked at our 32 distilleries, and chose six. The Six Classic Malts were launched in 1987 and did a great deal to create interest in single malts and tourism in Scotland.

The next brand we worked on was Johnnie Walker Blue Label, originally known as Johnnie Walker Oldest. He found some superb 60 year old whisky, produced an amazing 15 year old blend and we originally launched as a blend of 15-60 year old whisky. Today it is a very successful and superb non-aged super premium whisky, Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Chivas Regal - Imperial Blue and Royal Stag

In 1982, I joined Chivas as the Chairman and of course Tom came with me. We were involved in reshaping the Chivas Regal brand and in particular creating Chivas Regal 18, now owned by Pernod Ricard. Tom also did some outstanding work in India and was responsible for creating Imperial Blue and Royal Stag, which are great Pernod brands today.

Whyte & Mackay

When I joined Whyte & Mackay as a consultant, Tom joined me and did some outstanding work repackaging The Dalmore, Jura and other Whyte & Mackay brands.

The Last Drop Distillers 

11 years ago, I asked Tom (then 82) if he was ready for one last challenge. We believed that there are tiny parcels of superb spirits - whisky, cognac and other spirits, which are tucked away in cellars in Scotland, France and elsewhere. We decided to create "the world's most exclusive spirits collection" - The Last Drop Distillers but this time without the backing of a large corporation. We were proud to be the smallest member of The Scotch Whisky Association and an exclusive and unique brand, again, thanks in large part to Tom's creativity and maverick ideas. He discovered our first two releases, in Scotland and France, and said until the end that the original Last Drop 1960 Blended Scotch Whisky was the best Scotch he had ever tasted.

Today, The Last Drop Distillers is owned by Sazerac Company as a jewel in their crown. Until Tom died last week he was our President and always available, at 93, to offer advice and opinions. He was never afraid of challenging conventional ideas nor of voicing his thoughts.

Arthur Shapiro, who writes the industry blog Booze Business and is the former Head of Marketing for Seagram America, said the following:

"Tom's focus over the years has been simple and straightforward. First step is to make the drink palatable to the eyes and the nose. Baileys and Malibu are good examples of this. The other principle, according to Tom, is to develop products that persuade drinkers that they are worth drinking and make them appreciate quality. Interestingly, it is the same set of motivations: palate, eyes and nose but they are applied to whisky, cognac and even tequila! 

"But above all, Tom believed patience is the powerful virtue that leads to acceptance growth of a brand. It is clear to Tom that the motivation to drink alcohol is buried deeply in the human subconscious, therefore attempts to market distilled spirits must be subtle too. A spirits brand is bound to grow slowly. The promotion must be long, steady and consistent.

"Tom believed strongly that new products and brands often fail because the companies behind them, particularly the global ones, lack the fortitude to see them through to fruition.

"Tom also never let drinker research get in the way. It is useful but in the case of alcoholic drinks it cannot be relied on. The reason: the essential illogical response of people to alcohol. He added: No-one will tell you the truth about their feelings regarding drinks - because they don't know what they are.

"Consumer research is like a drunk leaning against a lamp post. It may give you illumination and support and even help you start your journey but it will certainly not get you home."

Today, a significant proportion of the profits of both Diageo and Pernod Ricard are due to the creative genius of Tom Jago. He never received a bonus for his work but he genuinely loved what he did until his very last day. Only a fortnight ago he was teaching his granddaughter Emily all about the Scotch Whisky industry, including a tutored tasting, before her WSET exam!

He was a man who was much loved and will be much missed by the industry. His wife of 66 years, Penelope, died earlier this year. He is survived by his four children, six grandchildren and his brother. His son Dan, is today the Chief Executive of Berry Bros. & Rudd and his daughter, Rebecca, is joint MD of The Last Drop Distillers with my daughter Beanie. So, the Jago name carries on in tribute to the great man.

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