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BOSTON and WINDSOR, Vt., Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Searching for something more social than water after your flag football game? Feeling like you've earned something special after that 10K? Harpoon Brewery knows the feeling. That's why the craft brewery is rolling out Harpoon Rec. League, a unique hoppy, hazy pale ale meant to celebrate life's small victories – and huge celebrations.

Brewed with unique ingredients like buckwheat kasha, which provides important minerals and B vitamins; chia seeds that are high in fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants; and Mediterranean sea salt that offers a powerful source of electrolytes — Rec. League gives beer lovers multiple reasons to feel good about each sip. For all the times you want flavor and need drinkability, Rec. League is a game-changer. Coming in at 3.8% ABV and only 120 calories per 12 oz serving, this gold-medal winning addition to our year-round lineup is perfect for before, during, after, or while contemplating your next workout.

"Fans of Harpoon do more than drink beer – they're running road races, working out with friends, and hitting the slopes. We wanted to make a beer that celebrates and complements this active lifestyle," says Tom Graham, Innovation Brewer at Harpoon Brewery and mastermind behind the beer.

Rec. League is Harpoon Brewery's most refreshing pale ale yet. A light and crispy yet characteristically hoppy beer, this hazy pale ale is thirst-quenching and refreshing, making Rec. League the newest lower-calorie option that doesn't sacrifice flavor.

Rec. League is now available throughout the U.S. in 4-pack 16 oz. cans and 15-pack 12 oz. cans. Beer drinkers can also try the beer at Harpoon's brewery locations in Boston, Mass. and Windsor, Vt.

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HARDWICK, Vt. (February 6, 2019) – Located in the rolling hills of northern Vermont, Caledonia Spirits® – the distiller of Barr Hill Gin, Barr Hill Vodka, and Tom Cat Gin – is expertly crafting some of the most unique, super-premium spirits in the country, and it’s doing so with raw northern honey as the backbone of every bottle. 


Founded in 2009 by Todd Hardie, a local beekeeper and farmer, Caledonia Spirits set out to create a gin unlike any other, blending raw northern honey with juniper to achieve a perfect balance of flavor. With quality ingredients and a connection to the land, the Barr Hill® brand was born - and so was its landcrafted® approach, which is at the core of everything the distillery does to this day.


Now under the leadership of owner and head distiller Ryan Christiansen, who purchased the company in 2015, a growing team of hardworking Vermonters is carrying forward Caledonia Spirits’ original mission of building strong relationships with local farmers and beekeepers, creating quality jobs in the area, and raising awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators. In fact, each September, Caledonia Spirits hosts Bee’s Knees Week, a philanthropic initiative that engages bars and restaurants across the country to raise awareness of the essential role that bees play in our environment.


Built on a foundation of innovation and experimentation, Caledonia Spirits is pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling with its Barr Hill spirits. The distillery currently produces three truly unique, award-winning spirits for commercial distribution and is in the process of developing additional large-scale and limited-release spirits.


“Distillation is an agricultural opportunity,” Christiansen said. “It takes a long journey to deliver a labeled bottle onto a shelf, and no single step is more important than the previous. We strive to take care of our farmers, our flowers, our soil, and our waterways. It's the acceptance of our responsibilities as distillers that elevates our spirits.”

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LAS VEGAS – The Nightclub & Bar Show (NCB Show) introduces the F&B Innovation Conference, its newest educational addition for the 2019 installation returning to the Las Vegas Convention Center in March. After the success of the F&B Innovation Center, NCB Show has expanded the F&B Innovation division with a new conference series curated for restaurateurs and entrepreneurs with focus in the food and beverage industry to gain valuable insight on trends, technological advances and difficulties that face the industry today.


The F&B Innovation Conference will be held on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26, and the F&B Innovation Center will return to the expo floor Tuesday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 27.


“The Nightclub & Bar Show is the premier destination for top professionals looking to expand their education and networking experience for food, beverage and nightlife professionals,” said Brian Duffy, Founder of the Duffified Experience Group. “We felt the need to create a conference series that is dedicated to the everchanging landscape of food and beverage in the modern era. The F&B Innovation Conference series will cover topics from advances in technology, leadership behind the bar, trends for 2019 and much more.”


Nightclub & Bar Show attendees that purchase a VIP Pass for the convention will have access to the F&B Innovation Conference featuring Q&A sessions with expert chefs. In addition, the dedicated food and beverage conference will include groundbreaking, innovative and informational seminars from leading food and beverage experts from around the world. Highlights in the program include:


  • Exploring Global Trends in partnershipwith Lamb Weston, with speakers Tiffany Giddins, Director of Consumer Insights of Lamb Westonand Jennifer James, Senior Vice President of Kantar Consulting.


  • Your New Secret Weapon in partnership with Shift4 Payments, with speaker Michael Russo, Chief Development Officer of Shift4 Payments.


  • Health Department Knocks, Let Confidence Answer Every Time with Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo, LLC.


  • The Impact of Delivery Services on Menu Engineering with Mark Kelnhofer, President and CEO of Return On Ingredients.


  • B.O.L.D. Leadership – A Winning Cocktail for Success with Kathleen Wood, CEO and Founder of Kathleen Wood Enterprises.


  • Innovation Starts With Building From the Ground Up! with Darren Denington, President of Service with Style.


  • Mobility and Mobile Payments in partnership with Future POS, with speaker John Giles, President of Future POS.


  • Chef Super Panel- The Minds Behind Tuesday's FBIC Dishes, moderated by Chef Brian Duffy

Founder, Duffified Experience Group; panelist include Chef Jennifer Behm-Lazzarni, Co-Executive Chef for Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen; Chef Keith Breedlove; Chef Kayla Robison, Executive Chef for Arnold’s Bar and Grill and Food Network TV personality Chef David Rose.


  • Chef Super Panel- The Minds Behind Wednesday's FBIC Dishes, moderated by Chef Brian Duffy Founder of Duffified Experience Group; panelists include Chef Kevin Des Chenes, "Private Chef to The Stars" and author of "Beyond My Chef Coat;" Chef Christine Hazel, FOX hit seriesHell’s Kitchen season 14 contestant and private chef; Chef Jason Santos, FOX hit seriesHell’s Kitchen season 7 contestant; and Abby Lane, Executive Chef for Buttermilk & Bourbon, Citrus & Salt.


  • Running the Convenience Play: How to Out-Smart the Competition with speaker Jenna Webb, Project Manager for The Culinary Edge.


  • The Food Delivery Challenge – Making Profits with Third-Party Fees with speaker Darren Denington, President of Service with Style.


  • Need-to-Know Technology Trends and Case Studies with Clover, a First Data Company, with speakers Leo Castro, VP of Marketing of Clover and Ross Peterson, Director of Product Management of Clover.


Sponsors of the F&B Innovation Conference include Lamb Weston, Future POS, Harbortouch, Clover –  A First Data company, Hospitality Brands, The Tasting Panel Magazine, The Somm Journal, Modern Restaurant Management and many others.


Nightclub & Bar Show attendees that purchase a VIP Pass for the Nightclub & Bar Show will have access to the new F&B Innovation Conference. The Nightclub & Bar Show, March 25-27, 2019 is the industry’s premier gathering of bar, nightlife and beverage professionals. Throughout the convention and tradeshow, attendees have the unique opportunity network while discovering new products and gaining critical perspective and skills valuable to their trade. For those interested in attending the show or would like more information, please visit</a></p>"


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