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Milan, 11 October 2018. Catering in all of its many forms. From ovens to stoves, from chopping to the more recent food processing methods, from laundry to the most innovative food preservation systems. The 41st edition of HostMilano (organised by Fiera Milano and set to take place from 18 to 22 October 2019) promises to exceed the numbers achieved at the previous event, with the Foodservice Equipment – Bread, Pizza, Pasta macro-area being the best represented in terms of product offering and number of sector companies present (48% of the 1,189 companies registered to date). Further emphasis should also be placed on the international dimension of the exhibitors attending the event: at present, 44 different countries will be represented (compared to the same period in 2016), with two new entries (Albania and Latvia) joining larger countries such as Germany, Spain, France and the United States.

Scouting activities continue in parallel, thanks in part to the close collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, resulting in over 1,500 buyers from 80 different countries in attendance at Host 2019, with a turnover rate of almost 80%, and a targeted focus on a number of markets such as the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

Last but not least, there will also be a focus on two new international partnerships, including the agreement reached withRestaurants Canada, the largest eat-out organisation in North America with over 30 thousand members covering the entire supply chain, from bars, restaurants and caterers, to suppliers and institutions. A deal has also been struck with CEDA (Catering Equipment Distributors Association), which comprises close on 100 distributors of products and services for the catering industry in the United Kingdom.

Professional Catering: Italy as the third largest global exporter

The fact that the Professional Catering – Bread, Pizza, Pasta macro-area is enjoying a period of particular prosperity is also demonstrated by data provided by the Host Observatory and derived from the Ulisse system. In fact, in 2017 global trade in Professional Catering Machinery, Equipment and Accessories was worth 52.8 billion euros, with an average annual growth rate of 6.1% in the 2009-2017 period.

The latest ANIMA/Assifoodtec data also bodes well. For 2018, estimations point to increases in production (+2.7%), exports (+2.9%) and investments (+8.2%)

In terms of exports, in particular, currently worth over 3.54 billion euros, Italy is the third largest exporter subsequent only to China and Germany, yet for sales in the Premium-Price cooking segment (stoves and non-electric ovens), the Italian peninsular is giving Germany a real run for its money.

Professional Catering alongside Bread, Pizza and Pasta at HostMilano

If the global golden era for the catering industry has seen the rise of an all-encompassing, comprehensive offering (from full-service restaurants to ‘quick’ alternatives, from bars to takeaways, from street food to vending machines), set only to expand further, then in recent years, the entire Italian food-cooking industry has cemented its status on an international scale according to the Host Observatory.

Outside of Italy, people are no longer content solely with Italian food, but they want to experience a touch of the world-renowned Italian lifestyle as well: from the use of specific ingredients, primarily flours, to the use of equipment and the skills of professionals. The ‘experiential trend’ is however only one of the many fashions being represented at HostMilano, the event that has, not for nothing, seen the Professional Catering and bread, pizza and pasta industries merge, thereby once again highlighting the increasingly close relationship between catering in its many forms and the baking sector.

A trend that, over the years, has become prevalent worldwide, with the arrival of mixed-concept establishments that jointly offer bakery, confectionery, coffeehouse and gourmet food products. All with the aim of immediately connecting with and meeting the needs of everyday customers who are more informed about and attentive to what they eat, as well as being used to having everything in one place there and then.

The demand for innovative and health-conscious products with a short production chain is growing

The dominance of Made in Italy production remains second to none both in Italy and abroad, even in the baking sector. This hasn’t just been confirmed by economic data, but also by the changing behaviour of consumers towards Bread-Pizza-Pasta products.

For instance, bread, according to the latest data, is still being purchased ‘fresh’ on a daily basis and from ‘artisan’ bakeries by 90% of Italians. Why you may ask? The third-millennium consumer is more conscious of their health and eating habits and is curious and always on the lookout for something new: from organic bread to bread made with selected raw materials, from reduced-sodium alternatives to those made with relatively unprocessed flours and 0-km options.

Something somewhat similar can be said for the pasta segment: if 99% of Italians enjoy eating pasta and 69% eat it regularly, then the data provided by the agri-food CNA (Italian Confederation of Crafts and SMEs) points to the progressive assertion of new types of products, from organic and gluten-free alternatives to premium-quality pastas.

That said, pizza continues to assert its authority and has overtaken bread in terms of eating habits in Italy. A genuine Made in Italy global food icon, produced abroad using Italian flours, in all of its gourmet variations or without added enzymes and gluten, it is having a significant impact on the oven industry, where the demand for advanced technologies is becoming increasingly intensified.

The same goes for the bread-making industry, where the ever-extensive offer has seen demand shift towards a different kind of oven, including medium-sized, traditional and electric rotary and shelf models, in addition to modular alternatives. Without mentioning the sky-rocketing demand for energy savings, to be achieved with alternatively powered ovens, such as those that use pellets.

All the latest sector trends and novelties on display at HostMilano 2019

Hundreds of events, from meetings and opportunities to exchange opinions, to contests and demonstrations. The cooking and Professional Catering industries will take centre stage at Host, where one-off business opportunities will also be joined by futuristic trends, with the participation of top chefs and key sector influencers.

For example,theEuropean Pizza Championship, organised by Pizza e Pasta Italiana and the Italian School of Pizza-Makers is one event not to be missed; the contest, scheduled to take place on the 21 and 22 October 2019, brings together pizza-makers from all over Europe for two days dedicated to Italy’s most globally appreciated, widely consumed and diverse dish, which has recently become experimental territory for some of the world's most renowned chefs.

The series of meetings and seminars organised by the FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International), the association that brings together consultants for the designing, management and organisation of services in the hotel sector and professional catering industry, will be extensive as always. The ‘hot’ topics up for discussion will include the use of social media, business opportunities in new markets, the organisation of large events, sustainability and the green economy.

Host 2019 will also be home to a full schedule of show-cooking events featuring high-profile chefs, VIP guests, tastings and debates, all organised by the APCI (Professional Association of Italian Cooks), as ever with the third-millennium chef and cooking profession as the centre of attention. The aim is to delve deeper into all the main topics of interest that involve the entire industry alongside all the professionals in attendance.

Promoted by Host-Fiera Milano in collaboration with and sponsored by the ADI (Italian Association for Industrial Design), SMART Label, the award dedicated to innovation in the professional hospitality industry, will also be returning to the event. An event intended to promote companies - including Professional Caterers - that have successfully put the combination of technology, hospitality and future trends in the limelight. In total, the numbers point to 497 candidacies collected over the past three editions, 156 companies awarded the SMART Label and more than 20 special recognitions with the Innovation SMART Label, awarded to the same number of products marking significant milestones in the sectors represented.

The Catering industry companies already registered to take part in the 2019 edition of HostMilano include:  Alto-Shaam, Fagor, Hobart, Hoshizaki, Meiko, Middleby, True Food International, Vollrath (overseas); Ali Group, Angelo Po, Oscartielle, Sirman, Unox (in Italy). Instead, in the Bread, Pizza, Pasta segment, the following companies have already confirmed their participation:  Atollspeed, Belshaw, Bridor, PizzaMaster, Wiesheu; Bake Off, Imperia & Monferrina, Italforni Pesaro, Italmill, Mondial Forni, Morello Forni, Tagliavini.

All updates are available at:, @HostMilano, #Host2019.

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October 9, 2018

Last week was an incredible one for our winery as we picked up a record 5 medals at the Okanagan Wine Festival Awards. Check out the haul our wines brought in.

  • 2016 Syrah won Platinum
  • 2016 Chardonnay won Gold
  • 2016 Cellar Hand Red won Gold
  • 2017 Alibi won Bronze
2017 Rose won Bronze

These are tremendous achievements and we are thrilled to receive this recognition. To share our excitement with you, we are now making each of these wines available for sale in limited supply. We can ship each of these wines from our winery to your home or place of business anywhere in Canada.
Plus, you can “mix and match” your order, any of these wines with the other fine wines in our portfolio and receive FREE SHIPPING for orders of 12 bottles or more. Now that is something to celebrate.

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TORONTO, Oct. 9, 2018 /CNW/ - Forty Creek Whisky's 2018 limited release was made available to Canadians for the first time during their annual Whisky Weekend (Sept 22-23 at the Forty Creek Distillery). Named Forty Creek Unity, this year's limited release marks a momentous milestone for the Canadian whisky brand, as it is the first-ever to be selected by five lucky fans from across Canada.

Earlier in the year, Forty Creek hosted a Facebook contest open to whisky enthusiasts across Canada. Fans were asked why Forty Creek was their whisky of choice. Winners were then flown into Ontario for a VIP tasting experience at the Grimsby distillery, where they worked together to select the final blend that became this year's limited release. This marks the first time that fans have been invited to be part of the brand's whisky-making process.

"We received entries from all over Canada. It was truly touching to not only see how far-reaching Forty Creek is, but how ingrained the brand is in our fans' lives and the role our whisky played in their most memorable moments," says John Andersen, Senior Brand Manager, North American Whiskies. "We were thrilled to welcome fans representing different communities to our distillery for what was a historic vote for Forty Creek."

The ingredients chosen to make Forty Creek Unity are as unique as the fans who helped pick the final whisky. Bill Ashburn, Master Blender, first selected a blend of Canadian whiskies that were further aged with the addition of high mocha wood staves. This was combined with an exceptional 10-year-old corn whisky, which helps give it that smooth Forty Creek trademark taste. To layer additional sweetness and complexity to the blend, they added a small amount of very rare Portuguese-style Starboard wine that had been aged 15 years in previously used Forty Creek whisky barrels.

The winners of Forty Creek's first-ever limited release contest came from across Canada. The five winners bringing their unique perspectives to the whisky-making process and representing their communities were:

Mike Currah, Ontario

Forty Creek is always top-shelf for Mike Currah. Mike was first introduced to Forty Creek in his early 20s – first the Barrel Select, then the Double Barrel Reserve – from the people he was living with in his home province of Ontario. As the brand grew, expanding to offer limited edition releases, so did Mike's appreciation for and collection of Forty Creek. To date, Mike has all but one of the limited releases. Learning from his previous mistake, he now makes sure to buy two bottles of each limited release – one to drink and one to save.

Sarah Phelps, Ontario

Sarah Phelps is a fan of whisky, specifically Forty Creek. Her love of the brand brought her to the distillery so she could witness the process first-hand. Her time spent at the distillery led to some surprising discoveries and inventive ways to enjoy Forty Creek. Currently, some of her favourites include adding Forty Creek Cream to her coffee, hot chocolate, and ice cream.

Mark Allanson, Alberta

For Mark Allanson, Forty Creek is the absolute best whisky. Having started off enjoying Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve, Mark has gone on to add Forty Creek Barrel Select, Cream, and Spike Honey Spiced to his cabinet. Always looking to expand his collection, Mark keeps a lookout for blends that are a rare find to bring back home to Alberta.

Steven Schmutz, British Columbia

The simple switch from drinking whisky mixed with cola to drinking it straight helped Steven Schmutz discover the different flavours that can be present in whisky. While out shopping, Steven's eye was drawn to a bottle of Forty Creek Barrel Select that had a special tag highlighting the blend's recent showing in a whisky competition. With Forty Creek having beat out several brands that Steven had in his cabinet, he decided to give it a try. Since then, Forty Creek Barrel Select has become Steven's go-to whisky.

Ryan Belmore, New Brunswick

Ryan Belmore was first introduced to Forty Creek 15 years ago. Looking for something to enjoy during a night out with friends in New Brunswick, he opted to give a bottle of Forty Creek a shot. That night, Ryan went from predominantly being a rum drinker to a Forty Creek fan. Ryan prides himself on introducing Forty Creek to his friends, and credits himself for dozens of them making the switch from other Canadian whisky brands. He has never had someone try Forty Creek and not make the switch.

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October 8, 2018

Sean "Diddy" Combs and the Makers of CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka unveil CÎROC Black Raspberry, the newest addition to the successful liquid portfolio. CÎROC Black Raspberry is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka five times distilled from fine French grapes, finished in a tailor - made copper pot still in Southern France. 

The vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of Black Raspberry and other natural flavors.  CÎROC Black Raspberry finishes with a citrus zest flavor resulting in a smooth velvety finish.  The product is packaged in a sultry all black bottle with sleek metallic gold lettering, commemorating a winter midnight celebration. The liquid can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with a variety of fresh ingredients such as lime, mint, or chamoy.

Kicking off the holiday season, CÎROC Black Raspberry will be available for a limited time only.


2 oz CÎROC Black Raspberry

.5 oz Lemon juice

.5 oz Simple syrup

4 Mint leaves

5 Blackberries

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Blackberry/Mint

Add all ingredients in a shaker. Add ice, shake it well. Double strain into a rocks glass and garnish.


1.5 oz CÎROC Black Raspberry

.5 oz Lime juice

.5 oz Simple syrup

3 Blackberries

Glass: Rock

Garnish: Blackberries

Muddle the blackberries in the rocks glass, add crushed ice. Add the rest of the ingredients in a shaker with one ice cube only. Strain into the rocks glass and garnish.


1.5 oz CÎROC Black Raspberry

.5 oz Lemon juice

.5 oz Simple syrup

.5 oz Raspberry liqueur

Top up with Champagne

Glass: Champagne

Garnish: Twist

Add all ingredients in a shaker except the champagne. Add ice, shake well. Strain into a flute glass and add the champagne and garnish.


1.5 oz CÎROC Black Raspberry

.5 oz Chamoy

.5 oz Lime juice

.5 oz Grenadine

2 oz of an Amber beer

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Rimmed salt with chili/smoked paprika. Add all ingredients in a shaker except the beer. Add ice, shake well. Add the beer and strain into a highball glass rimmed with salt.

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BERLIN, October 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This weekend at the world's biggest bartender competition the bartender's favourite vodka[1] - Ketel One - unveiled some of the possibilities that could make the drinks world a more sustainable and better place. While the world is catching on to sustainable straws, the family-made vodka believes there's much more the drinks industry can do.

At the prestigious World Class competition, this year hosted in Berlin, a bar made from reclaimed wood and recycled furniture; chairs made from repurposed plastic bottles, old DVDs and scrapped mobile phones once destined for landfill; tables made from pressed yoghurt pots; and, of course, a Ketel One Bloody Mary made with locally sourced ingredients - critically home-grown, not flown - encourages people and bartenders to think about how preparing their drink can help them do better.

The commitment to 'better' doesn't stop there - Ketel One aims to inspire bartenders around the world to re-think the recipes of their most popular drinks to have a more positive impact on their communities. Espresso Martinis, Bloody Marys, Vodka and Sodas and Dutch Mules are all reimagined using reduced waste, natural ingredients and locally sourced garnishes to enhance their flavours.

The move reflects a wider shift in culture which has seen people drinking less but drinking better, seeking out brands that are sustainable or endeavouring to have a positive impact on the world around them[2].

Alexandre Rodrigues, Global Brand Director of Ketel One explained why they are so invested in this shift: "People are increasingly looking for premium refinement and quality that's down to earth, simple and honest. This search for 'better' isn't just with ingredients, but with experiences and a brand's impact on society as a whole.

"Cultural consciousness has been at the heart of Ketel One, that's why we decided to help inspire bartenders and bars around the world about how they can offer an even better drinking experience."

The real surprise is, far from looking like a craft project, the drinks and sustainable bar wouldn't be out of place in any of the world's top bars. Bob Nolet, the 11th generation of the Nolet family - the creators of Ketel One - explained why he is so passionate about inspiring bartenders and bars on this movement:

"My family has been distilling spirit since 1691 and from that moment we have always sought the perfect balance between a commitment to taste, a commitment to bartenders and a commitment to the world around us.

"We built the world's largest windmill to help power our distillery and our family still tastes and approves every batch of vodka before it leaves our distillery to ensure the highest quality standards.  We want to encourage bartenders to have the same attitude: always deliver the best drinks they can while also having a positive impact on their communities - this is what motivates me and my family every day."

Johann Bödecker, Pentatonic Founder and CEO, who helped co-create the Ketel One sustainable bar said: "Pentatonic collaborates with consumer brands worldwide. Whether it's consumer electronics, fashion or automotive, shifting to a circular model that avoids waste and reutilises post-consumer materials is a high priority for all forward-thinking consumer brands. 

"Together with our brand partners we are making real progress by changing materials, processes and most importantly habits.  Working with Ketel One to do just that has been brilliant. The drinks industry is growing fast and if we can take a lead in showing other industries how to turn waste into something that improves customer experiences and business practices, then we're starting to make a difference."

Both the Ketel One sustainable bar and 'Better' serves will be used to inspire bartenders around the world over the next year.

1.  Drinks International Brands Report 2018

2. Neilson


Smarts Communicate; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; +44-28-90-395500


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