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October 30, 2018

Even those of us committed to a healthy lifestyle and eating ethically sometimes enjoy an occasional adult beverage.   Whether it’s a happy hour with co-workers, a wedding reception or a date night, there are moments when it feels good to celebrate with a cocktail.

But can that drink in your hand be a little healthier for both you and the environment?  We believe the answer is “Yes.”

Mark Anderson grew up on grain farm near a small town in North Dakota and had a passion for organically grown products that are environmentally sustainable yet pleasing to the palate.  He believed premium, great-tasting spirits could be made with organic and non-GMO ingredients.  So with a sense of adventure, he traveled the globe searching for the purest water and products.  His quest led him to organic cane fields in South America fed with crystal clean water that flows down from the top of the Andes Mountains into the fertile Cauca Valley.  Having finally found the purest ingredients and with the help of the world renowned master distiller Luis Ayala, they handcrafted the first non-grain gluten-free USDA-certified organic vodka and USDA organic rum that avoided the gluten and genetically modified grain that makes up about 94% of all corn and 96% of the sugar beets produced in the USA.

The results? The creation of Drake’s Organic Spirits, the first and ONLY spirit line in the world with all five health certifications.    Drake’s is organic, vegan, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, OU Kosher certified and full of nature’s flavors.  

I believe your readers would enjoy Marks adventure that led to creating a healthier drinking option.  It’s a tale as compelling as the spirits he produces.  

I’m happy to send samples of Drake’s award-winning premium vodka, white rum and Buzz Pops so you can taste for yourself what Drake’s is all about.  I’m also happy to arrange an interview with Mark Anderson.  Please feel free to reach out to me by call or text at (612) 366-0419.

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TORONTO, Oct. 30, 2018 /CNW/ - Corby Spirit and Wine is pleased to introduce a brand new flavour into the McGuinness liqueurs family: McGuinness® Ruby Red Grapefruit. Made with quality ingredients, this product offers a fruity and refreshing twist on classic cocktails like the Grapefruit Moscow Mule and Grapefruit Collins (recipes below).


Produced in Windsor, Ontario at the Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery, McGuinness® is Canada's largest mixable liqueur family offering 18 versatile flavours.
The newest addition to the McGuinness® liqueur family aims to enhance consumers' cocktail-making experience with its natural grapefruit flavour.

"As seen with the renewed interest in grapefruit flavoured vodkas, the growing trend in grapefruit flavour has driven consumers to search for beverage options of this kind," says Julio Ochoa, McGuinness Brand Manager. "We're excited to introduce Ruby Red Grapefruit to consumers - it's the perfect mixer to add a delicious twist to traditional cocktails."

Where to buy:
McGuinness® Ruby Red Grapefruit is available in select stores across Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. The product will be available in a 375ml format to provide a more affordable and convenient option to experiment with cocktails.

To experience the refreshing taste of McGuinness® Ruby Red Grapefruit, these easy-to-mix cocktails are a great start:


1 oz McGuinness Ruby Red Grapefruit
2 oz. ABSOLUT Vodka  
1 oz. Lime Juice
4-6 oz. Ginger Beer

Combine lime juice, McGuinness® Ruby Red Grapefruit, and vodka in a Collins glass or copper mug. Stir and add a handful of ice. Top with ginger beer, mint grapefruit wedges and serve.


1 oz McGuinness Ruby Red Grapefruit
2 oz. J.P. Wiser's Deluxe
2 oz. San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemonade
Lemon Wedges 

Shake all ingredients except the sparkling lemonade, strain into a rocks glass with ice and top with sparkling lemonade and lemon wedges.


1 oz. McGuinness Ruby Red Grapefruit
1.5 oz Polar Ice Vodka
3 oz Cranberry Juice

Pour all ingredients into a high ball glass with ice and stir. Garnish with a grapefruit slice

For more cocktail inspirations, visit or follow @mcguinnessmix on Instagram.

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30 October 2018: The Guinness Storehouse introduces ‘The Guinness STOUTie’, the ultimate way to make your pint your own. Launching on November 1st to mark International Stout Day, a worldwide celebration of the iconic beer style, visitors to the Guinness Storehouse will experience The STOUTie - a picture perfect pint featuring your selfie on the head of the iconic black and white stout.

class="x" />In the true spirit of innovation, The STOUT<em>ie</em> pushes the boundaries, using technology to add natural malt extract to the top of the Guinness pint to create the chosen design. The iconic black and white stout provides the perfect canvas for a sepia toned selfie.</p> <p class="x">"</p> <p class="x">"he launch of The STOUT<em>ie</em> coincides with the return of International Stout Festival, a unique four-day beer experience taking place from Thursday 1<sup>st</sup> November until Sunday 4<sup>th</sup>  November. As well as being among the first to get their STOUT<em>ie</em>, visitors will also be treated to a special line-up to celebrate all things stout. These feature diverse and colourful beer experiences, stout inspired menus, complimentary food pairings and tastings of its much-loved stout beers – all included in the general admission price. The Guinness brewers will also reveal a limited-edition, celebratory new stout, which will be available at St. James’s Gate Brewery throughout the festival.</p> <p class="x"> </p> &l";p class="x"><strong>Sp"aking about the Guinness STOUT</strong><em><strong>ie</strong></em><strong>, Stephen Kilcullen, Head of Quality & Master Brewer said,</strong> “Here at the home of Guinness we are at the heart of innovation and experimentation. Guinness Draught was the first beer to use nitrogen and we are really proud to introduce The STOUT<em>ie</em> today, as another exclusive way to enjoy our market leading beer<em>. </em>Thenitrogen bubbles are tiny and, because of this, form beautiful layers of creamy smoothness, creating a long-lasting head and resulting in the distinctive cascade of millions of bubbles now known as the ‘surge and settle’. The iconic creamy head of Guinness is the perfect canvas for The STOUT<em>ie</em> and where else would you get this perfect pint experience other than at the Guinness Storehouse?”</p> <p class="x"> </p> <p />STOUTem /gt;ies</"m> are made possible by the <a href="""Ripples </a>technology, which combines patented 3D printer mechanics with Ink-Jet printing. The images are printed using natural malt extract.</p> <p><strong>Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples</strong>, expands, “Ripples is known for offering brands the possibility to create unique, personalised consumer experiences by printing images or photo content onto foam-topped beverages. We are thrilled to partner with Guinness for The STOUT<em>ie</em> launch - exciting beer lovers by making their beverage unique. Together, we are creating ripples of enjoyment at the home of Guinness in Dublin.”</p> <p>Exclusively available at the Guinness Storehouse, visitors can purchase a STOUT<em>ie</em> for €6.00. Open from 9.30am - 7.00pm (last admission 5pm), the special International Stout Festival programme is included in the general admission price. To purchase tickets and for further details of The Guinness Storehouse International Stout Festival visit <a href="" target="_"lank">www.guinn"</a>.</p>""
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Lanoraie, Québec – October 25, 2018 – Vignoble CARONE Wines (CARONE), premium estate winery located in the Lanaudière region of Québec, announced today the release of APEX Pinot Noir wine made in a natural wine style, returning to the winemaking roots of its founder Pietro Carone.

Made from 100% estate grown pinot noir, winemaker, Anthony Carone paid homage to the raw, artisan wines that his father, Pietro, used to make. “I believe wine, and especially Quebec wine, has become overly complicated, which in some cases, no longer reflects the heart and soul of a particular region – terroir. My goal with APEX was to return to the simplicity of our family’s traditional methods – crush grapes, ferment, transfer with gravity, and wait. APEX is a throw back to this natural winemaking style before the industrialization of vineyards and winemaking,” said Anthony Carone, Owner and Winemaker of CARONE.
Mr. Carone continued: “We do not have an organic certification but nothing was added to the APEX vineyard parcel and only non-chemical vineyard management techniques were used throughout the growing season. APEX is a wine that is entirely expressive of pinot noir grown in our region – Lanaudière.”
CARONE was the first commercial grower of pinot noir grapes in Québec and currently offers its pinot noir under three wine brands – APEX, VERITÀ and VENICE. The winery has been transitioning from hybrid grape varieties to vitis-vinifera varieties since it first garnered international success with its Cabernet wine in 2004. By focusing on high quality grape varieties, CARONE crafts intensely flavoured, medium bodied red wines that are expressive of its winemaker and its terroir that are enjoyed by clients in five continents.
The twelve disciples is what winemaker Anthony Carone calls the twelve clones of pinot noir that he hand harvested to ensure the optimal blend of the ripest fruit. Each clone brings forward its personality, building up to create the apex of a Quebec pinot noir. Tradition continues to the cellar practices using indigenous (wild) yeasts fermented on skins, 70% stems, for 12 days with manual punch downs throughout, a minimum of 4-6 times a day. No enzymes, gravity filtration – nothing added, nothing removed – total SO2 is 22 mg/L. Aged exclusively in stainless steel tanks. Alc./vol. is 12.5%. The results – APEX Pinot Noir 2017 starts with sweet cherry blossom and blackberry then broaden along the palate to include tobacco leaf, dark chocolate, and subtly black tea undertones. The fresh acidity supports the velvety tannins in balance. For more information:
The first vintage, 2017, consists of a release of less than 800 bottles (750 mL) at $22 per bottle. This extremely limited production is available exclusively at fine grocers and online at

Tastings of APEX Pinot Noir will be held in Montreal and Quebec:

Friday, October 26, 2018 from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Le Vinologue
4301 Ontario Est
Montreal, Quebec H1V 1K5
Saturday, October 27, 2018 from Noon to 4:00 PM
Marché Des Saveurs Du Québec
(Jean-Talon Market)
280 Place du Marché-du-Nord
Montreal, Quebec H2S 1A1
r clear="all" /> <strong>QUEBEC</strong><br /> Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM<br /> La Cave à Vins (Le Marché du Vieux-Port)<br /> 160 Quai Saint André<br /> Quebec, Quebec G1K 3Y2</p> <p><br clear="all" /" Vignoble CARONE Wines | CARONE is a premium estate winery located along the St. Lawrence River in the Lanaudière valley, Québec’s fastest developing wine growing region. CARONE currently offers its wines under five brands – APEX, ITALUS, VENICE, DOUBLE BARREL, BIN 33 and VERITÀ – and the company expects to expand on its wine offerings. CARONE wines are sought out worldwide by consumers who appreciate the company’s relentless devotion to perfection, outside the bottle thinking, and commitment to quality.


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