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With the leaves beginning to change colour and the temperatures getting crisp, there’s no doubt that whiskey season is upon us. And there’s no better way to celebrate whiskey season than with a unique dram customized for the province. With Alberta whiskey making a global name for itself in recent years, there’s another player on the Alberta whiskey scene that is offering a truly unique tasting experience for Calgarians – Maker’s Mark Private Select One18 Empire. 

In collaboration with the team at One18 Empire, Maker’s Mark has developed a unique Maker’s Mark Bourbon that is now available for a limited time at the local restaurant and whiskey bar. The spirit is well-round rounded, creamy on the palate and boasts notes of dark coffee, baking spices, ripe fruit and caramel. 

The Private Select program is helmed by Jane Bowie, a true woman in whiskey, who oversees this unique process of bourbon customization.

Available at the One18 Empire (located inside the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel), this unique bourbon is being featured in the restaurant and whiskey bar’s popular Black Walnut Old Fashioned cocktail.

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Hendrick’s Gin celebrates the second anniversary of the opening of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace with the release of a 4-minute film that takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of the unlikely sights, people and tastes within the Hendrick’s Gin Palace distillery.


Access to the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, which sits on the South Ayrshire coast of Girvan, Scotland, is strictly by invitation only.  Since it opened in October 2018, Ms Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller of Hendrick’s, has welcomed over 1,700 international guests from the realms of bartending, media, and culture, sharing some of the secrets of the creation of this most unusual gin.

While Ms Lesley Gracie continues to experiment in her lab at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, due to COVID-19 she is temporarily unable to welcome guests to her wonderful playground, so Hendrick’s needed to utilise another way to bring its most peculiar process of making gin to the world.  A cinematic tour of the distillery, which marries the real and surreal brand worlds of Hendrick’s whilst being simultaneously educating and entertaining, proved to be just the ticket.

The film was designed to bridge the gap between the hyper-real Hendrick’s brand world and the very real Hendrick’s Gin Palace and provide a greater understanding about the highly inefficient and remarkably peculiar process that goes into making Hendrick’s Gin.  The film was produced by Saturday Studios, directed by BLOK, the script tweaked by the brilliant Joe Coles and stars The Gazebo Effect’s Max Berendt and Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, Mr. Ally Martin.

Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador commented: “When I first joined Hendrick’s Gin, acting was nowhere to be seen on the job spec but given the highly theatrical nature of how we bring Hendrick’s Gin to life, it now seems to be an essential part of my day job.  Telling the liquid story is important to us.  The thing that makes us unusual isn’t our delightful and charming events, it’s not our brand world, and it isn’t even our cucumber garnish.  Everything we do and every way we behave links back to one thing and one thing only: our liquid.  Seeing that liquid being brought to life in this way is an incredibly useful tool in our global advocacy efforts.”

The Hendrick’s Gin Palace distillery tour film sees a fictional roving reporter jump down from a hot air balloon into the private walled garden in front of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, where he is then whisked away on a telling tour of the palace.  After fighting through the foliage in one of the distillery’s hothouses, where Ms Lesley Gracie tends to all manner of unusual botanicals, our reporter proceeds to take notes as Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador, hurtles the names of the 11 different botanicals used to make Hendrick’s Gin at him.  The pair then visit the imposing still rooms that dominate the distillery and comprise two utterly dissimilar stills: a vintage Carterhead and an antique Bennett still.  Then suddenly a surreal dream scene reminiscent of American Beauty ensues, depicting the consummation of the gin with its coup de grâce of rose and cucumber.


The film’s release also coincides with International Gin & Tonic Day on October 19.  From a drink once at risk of falling out of favour, gin has come roaring back in popularity, and well over 200 million Hendrick’s Gin & Tonics are now being imbibed globally each year.  Hendrick’s Gin is widely credited with sparking a ginnaissance and since its launch in 1999, Hendrick’s Gin is now enjoyed in over 90 countries worldwide. 

The recent expansion of capacity at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace has allowed Ms Gracie to release a number of curious concoctions.  Finally, she now has the space and resources to innovate at scale; which she’s already made good on by releasing no less than three limited edition gins from the Cabinet of Curiosities globally: Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice, a floral celebration of midsummer, Hendrick’s Amazonia, a tropical gin based on Lesley’s memories of her Venezuelan expedition, and a once in a blue moon release of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, set to expand its footprint beyond the shores of the UK in 2021.  Experiments abound in Lesley’s lab, and just last year she led Hendrick’s first foray outside of the gin category with Hendrick’s Absinthe, which reimagines absinthe as a super-premium botanical spirit designed to be mixed into modern cocktails.  Rumour has it there are more new creations in play.

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TORONTO, Oct. 1, 2020 /CNW/ - Whiskey and coffee have always belonged together, so it was about time someone united them in a modern way. Jameson Irish Whiskey is offering a fresh take on the two distinctive tastes with the new, limited-edition Jameson Cold Brew, an Irish Whiskey infused with natural cold brew coffee flavor.

Espresso and cold brew culture in Canada continue to grow. "Coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers in the glass, and Jameson knew there was more to this story. And so began the search for a fresh new take on this classic combination." says Rohana Bhatti, the Jameson Brand Manager for Corby Spirit and Wine.

The result is Jameson Cold Brew, the newest innovation from the Jameson family, blending the smooth taste of triple distilled Jameson with 100% Arabia coffee from Brazil and Columbia, with notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate.

Did you know? (According to the Canadian Coffee Association)

  • Coffee is the most popular beverage among adults in Canada (even more than water!)
  • Canadians drink on average 2.8 cups of coffee daily
  • Espresso and Cold brew culture are booming in Canada

Over ice, mixed with tonic or shaken up in a cocktail, Jameson Cold Brew is the perfect option for daytime occasions and at home consumption — and it is best shared amongst your close friends.

Get your Jameson Cold Brew experience started with these simple ways to enjoy it:

  • Jameson Cold Brew & Tonic — Take this popular drink from the café to the bar. Refreshing and simple to make: Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in 50mL of Jameson Cold Brew. Top glass with 125mL of tonic water and garnish with a wedge of orange.
  • Jameson Cold Brew on the Rocks — The simplest way to enjoy your cold brew. Fill a glass with ice, and pour in a shot of Jameson Cold Brew. It is a classic blend of the richness of coffee and the smooth taste of Jameson.

Jameson Cold Brew will be available in select stores across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta starting October. Each bottle is 30% ABV, and is priced in line with a regular bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey.


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