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KEY WEST, Fla.Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa's Pilar Rum®, the maker of award-winning Papa's Pilar Dark and Blonde Rums, today announced the special release of Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum Finished in Whiskey Barrels. The limited-edition release is born of a blend of seven hand-selected rums that are aged up to 24 years and sourced from countries spanning the Caribbean, U.S. and Central America, then finished in #4 Char Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum was awarded a Double Gold medal and named "Best in Class" Dark/Gold Rum by the 2019 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.

As a second-generation distiller, Papa's Pilar Master Blender Ron Call drew upon his 45 years of experience in both blending and distilling to create Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum. "For this special blend, I wanted to create a more whiskey-forward experience with a smooth finish," said Call. "I selected once-used #4 Char Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrels to get the profile I was looking for, then extended the finishing time to draw out more of the characteristic whiskey notes and that bolder flavor."

Like all Papa's Pilar expressions, Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum was inspired by Ernest "Papa" Hemingway and his adventures on his boat, Pilar. The limited-edition blend pays homage to Hemingway's experience with rum and whiskey in the Marquesas Keys, a wild group of uninhabited islands near Key West.

"One of the most iconic stories of Ernest Hemingway in the Marquesas involves a brutal storm that hit during a fishing expedition, stranding him and his group for two weeks. During that time, the group spent their days fishing, sharing stories and enjoying plenty of rum and whiskey long into the night," said Mike Myatt, Papa's Pilar Chief Communities & Conservation Officer. "Inspired by this story, The Marquesas Blend is a beautiful marriage of rum and whiskey that I think Hemingway would have really enjoyed during those nights in the Marquesas."

At 88-proof, Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum has a sweet nose with notes of vanilla, coffee beans and honey, as well as hints of toasted almonds. On the palate, it offers rich cocoa notes with slight hints of oak and vanilla, finishing with a growing spice and a long, smooth sweetness. Papa's Pilar recommends savoring Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum on the rocks, neat or in a Marquesas Manhattan.

Papa's Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum Finished in Whiskey Barrels will be available beginning in October. SRP for a 750mL bottle is $46.99 and may vary by market. For more information, please visit

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CLERMONT, Ky.Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Freddie Noe, eighth generation Beam distiller and creator of Little Book® Whiskey, is proud to announce the third installment in his annual, limited-release series of blends – "Little Book Chapter 3: The Road Home."

Following high acclaim for the first two blended whiskies within the Little Book series – 2017's "The Easy" and 2018's "Noe Simple Task" – the third chapter delivers on Noe's passion for creating one-of-a-kind blends, while also honoring his storied family roots in Kentucky. Little Book Chapter 3: "The Road Home" features a blend of four super-premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies, one from each brand of the original Small Batch Bourbon Collection created by his grandfather Booker Noe in the early 1990s. The result is a meticulously blended whiskey with depth of flavor and legacy.

"'The Road Home' is about going back to your roots - literally and figuratively," Noe said. "With the birth of my son this year I spent a lot more time at home, reflecting often on family and our legacy. I wanted to create something that honored the legacy and values passed down to me by my family. Whenever I drive down the road to the distillery, the same one my granddaddy Booker drove down, I'm reminded of his adventurous spirit, especially of his creation of the Small Batch Collection in a time when no one was drinking premium bourbon. I like to think he passed that same spirit along to me, which ultimately led me to blending." 

Noe's inspiration is manifested in the composition of the final blend, which features uncut and unfiltered1 whiskies of the original Small Batch Bourbon Collection, including: 9-year-old Knob Creek® and Basil Hayden's® Bourbons, an 11-year-old Booker's® Bourbon and a 12-year-old Baker's® Bourbon. On the front of the palate, there's a complexity from the vanilla, wood and caramel notes signature to the Knob Creek and Booker's Bourbons, balanced out by the spiciness known to the Basil Hayden's Bourbon. The 12-year-old Baker's contributes a lingering, warm and sweet finish, layered with tones of oak.

"This particular blend carries a lot of sentimental value for me," Noe explained. "Each of the individual bourbons are special to me, just as they were to my granddad, and I really wanted to make sure they came through the final blend in a way that would make him proud. Every aspect of Chapter 3 had to be absolutely perfect - the vanilla notes, the finish, the aroma - so I meticulously tested each blend to get it to a place that represented the entire Small Batch Collection while creating something totally new that I think people are really going to love."

Little Book® "The Road Home" was developed by Freddie Noe with the following characteristics:

  • Blend Overview:
    • 9-year-old Knob Creek® Bourbon
    • 9-year-old Basil Hayden's® Bourbon
    • 11-year-old Booker's® Bourbon
    • 12-year-old Baker's® Bourbon
  • Proof: 122.6
  • Tasting Notes:  Little Book® "The Road Home" features the iconic flavors of the original Small Batch Collection – vanilla, caramel, spices – all in one when enjoying this new expression
  • Sipping Suggestions: Neat, over ice, or with a drop or two of water
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TORONTO, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vieni Estates Wine and Spirits (“Vieni”) is proud to announce that it has been named the official sparkling wine of the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival (“TIFF”).

Vieni is the first-ever sparkling wine sponsor of the festival and will be introducing filmmakers, stars, and movie-lovers from all over the world to its prosecco-style sparkling wine, Momenti.

“As a family-owned winery, we’re excited to introduce our award-winning wines to an international audience, showcasing the best of what Ontario has to offer,” said Gian Paolo Raviele, president of Vieni Estates. “The word Vieni translates to “welcome” in Italian, and we look forward to welcoming TIFF audiences and showcasing our commitment, passion, and love for the culture of wine during this year’s festival.”

Vieni was founded in 1998 by Pasquale Raviele who purchased a 175-acre estate along the Niagara Escarpment with a goal of bringing his passion for winemaking and spirit of innovation to Ontario’s wine region. Under the direction of master winemaker Mauro Salvador, Vieni Estates produces a selection of award-winning still, sparkling and ice wines, along with ciders and spirits unique to the region.  The winery, now complete with a newly-opened private event venue and full-service B&B, is currently managed by the second generation of the Raviele family.

Vieni wines can be found at the LCBO, and at restaurants, hotels, and bars across the province.  Product is also available for purchase at the winery and on the Vieni website. This year, Momenti sparkling wine will be served at several signature TIFF engagements throughout the 10-day festival, including the opening night cocktail reception and party, where over 2,200 VIP guests and industry leaders will be in attendance.  As part of its partnership with the festival, Vieni will also be available to patrons year-round at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

“Vieni embodies the creative and ambitious spirit of TIFF and we are proud to showcase a family-owned, Ontario wine label at the festival,” says Jennifer Frees, TIFF’s Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships. “We’re excited about this partnership and are confident that Vieni will dazzle guests at our signature events and affiliated year-round functions.”

TIFF is one of the world's largest film festivals and the biggest event to hit the streets of Toronto, attracting visitors from around the world. This year’s festival will feature over 200 films, including the much-anticipated Hustlers, The Laundromat, Joker, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Stars expected at the festival include Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Lopez.

TIFF will kick off on Thursday, September 5 and will run until September 15.  For festival details and ticket information, please visit

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September 10, 2019


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