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MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 18, 2017 /CNW/ - Second Cup, the only Canadian specialty coffee company, today reveals its next evolution in iced coffee with the introduction of Flash Cold Brew. The cold coffee category is the fastest growing segment in the market and this launch is part of Second Cup's commitment to provide customers with the ultimate coffee experience.

"At Second Cup, we've made uncompromising improvements to every aspect of our coffee process, from farm to cup, to ensure we're delivering the best tasting coffee," says Chris Sonnen, Coffee Expert and Vice President, Coffee Experience, Second Cup Coffee Co. "Flash Cold Brew is our latest coffee innovation and the result of this specialized, Flash Brew method is a superior coffee taste profile that's full flavour and extra smooth."

Second Cup coffee experts chose the Flash Brew method because of its incredible taste. This technique best preserves the freshness, locking in the aromatics and highlighting the flavour profile of the roast. The result? A smooth, sweet, bright and clean taste far superior to traditional iced coffee.

The brand is encouraging Canadians to Rethink the Cold and experience the full flavour and extra smoothness of Flash Cold Brew. Available in three delicious varieties: Classic Black, Vanilla Bean and Mocca, Flash Cold Brew is the perfect everyday favourite for any coffee enthusiast.

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TORONTO, April 18, 2017 /CNW/ - It has been nearly one year since wildfires devastated the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, displacing thousands of residents and leaving a mark on the community that's still felt today. Over the next three months, Royal Reserve Canadian whisky, owned by Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd., will be supporting four Albertan organizations that have been dedicated to helping Fort McMurray's recover, and have truly exemplified what it means to be #AlbertaStrong.


"Over the last year, Canadians have witnessed the strength of the people in Fort McMurray as they continue to rebuild their homes, businesses, and community," says Stuart Shapiro, Senior Marketing Manager at Corby Spirit and Wine. "This disaster hit especially close to home for our own employees in Alberta, and one of them was so inspired by the #AlbertaStrong movement that he joined forces with Royal Reserve Canadian whisky on this initiative to take action. Royal Reserve is Alberta's #1 favourite whisky, and we are so proud to give back to this community by working with organizations that have led the way in supporting Fort McMurray."

Royal Reserve will be supporting #AlbertaStrong by working with the following organizations that have been instrumental to the city's recovery efforts:

  • Fort McMurray Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
    When the wildfires hit, the SPCA located and rescued pets that were left behind during the evacuation. Royal Reserve will work with the SPCA to provide displaced animals who have suffered abuse and neglect with lifesaving and extensive medical care.
    Follow @FMSPCA on Twitter and @Fort-McMurray-SPCA on Facebook

  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Wood Buffalo Region
    Natural disasters are a traumatic experience, and the need for mental healthcare support continues long after a tragedy occurs. During Mental Health Week from May 1-7, Royal Reserve will support services that raise awareness for this important cause, and provide funding for additional facilitator training to extend the reach of its programs.
    Visit and follow @CMHAWB on Twitter to learn more.
  • Alberta Strong Clothing
    This clothing brand donates up to $10 from every item sold back the province. Their current campaign raises funds to plant trees in Fort McMurray, replacing those that were lost in the wildfires. Royal Reserve will match the sales of Alberta Strong apparel in an effort to replant the trees lost and help achieve Alberta Strong's campaign goals.
    Visit and follow @AbStrong1905 on Twitter or @Alberta.Strong on Instagram to learn more.
  • Wood Buffalo Building Supplies
    Locally owned and operated, Wood Buffalo Building Supplies employs a team of experts specializing in new builds, renovations and building materials, and has been active in helping support and rebuild the local community after the wildfires. Royal Reserve will cover the cost of the materials that will be donated to local residents to re-build their decks during the Fort McMurray trade show.
    Visit or follow @WoodBuffaloAB on Twitter and @WoodBuffaloBuildingSupplies on Facebook.

"I am extremely proud to have worked on this home-grown initiative supporting ongoing disaster relief in my province," says Mike Moorhouse, Corby's Marketing Manager in Alberta, who led this initiative in partnership with Royal Reserve Canadian whisky. "Albertans have stuck with Royal Reserve throughout the years, making it the province's #1 favourite whisky, and Royal Reserve is proud to stick with Alberta in this time of need."

Royal Reserve will also be releasing a limited edition bottle this month, which includes a special peel-able "Alberta Strong" sticker. Royal Reserve fans in Alberta have had a long-standing tradition of peeling off the bottle's iconic label and sticking it on their favourite items, such as musical instruments and toolboxes. Ten-thousand cases of this limited edition bottle with the #AlbertaStrong peel-able label will be available throughout the province as of early April, allowing the brand's loyal fans to join the movement and show their Alberta Pride.

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April 10, 2017 - Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm & Distillery, the family farm of Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote and John Cote and their four children, is proud to announce their first win at the World Gin Awards in London, England, for ‘Best Cask Gin’ with their Black Fox Barrel Aged Vapour Infused Dry Gin. This is also the first time a Canadian distiller has won a World Gin Award. 



Barb and John are local entrepreneurs and celebrated alumni of University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture, each in their own fields of specialization with both global experience and recognition. They’re proud to have created a unique business with a focus on both agriculture and tourism and are excited about contributing to the evolving craft distillery industry in Saskatchewan.  Their core values are based on their passion for the land, nature and connecting with people. 


“This gin is uniquely Canadian, using triticale, rhubarb, and flowers grown on our farm and produced right here, by us. It’s a farm-to-flask gin! Winning this award is great for our business, but I think it’s also recognition of how far craft alcohol producers have come in the province as a whole,” Cote said. “As producers, we’ve worked hard with government to establish a regulatory environment that fosters and encourages the production of quality products. Saskatchewan has the raw ingredients, the people and the spirit to develop a world class distilling industry.” 


Cask gin may also be referred to as oaked gin, it is darker in colour (like whisky or bourbon) because it has been in a barrel. This is a time-honoured method of finishing gin and is best used in turn of the century classic cocktails (such as a Negroni) or for sipping. Customers refer to it as their “summer scotch” or “winter gin”. 

Black Fox products are available at the distillery (see website for business hours), the Saskatoon and Regina Farmers Markets, select SLGA liquor stores, Sobey’s and the Saskatoon Co-Op.


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