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March 28, 2017

Square and TouchBistro Extend Collaboration to Australia to Streamline Payments and Restaurant Operations

TouchBistro users in Australia gain access to Square payment processing hardware and services; Square users gain integration with top iPad Point-of-Sale for restaurants

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 28, 2017) - TouchBistro, the leading iPad Point-of-sale (POS) solution for restaurants in 37 countries, today announced that its integration with Square, the global leader in mobile payment processing, has been expanded to Australia.

"We are now offering restaurants in Australia, our third largest customer base, seamless integration with Square's best in class hardware and processing to help improve their operations and deliver exceptional customer service," said Alex Barrotti, CEO and founder of TouchBistro. "In North America, where the integration was launched last year, we've seen TouchBistro and Square deliver a great solution for hospitality venues of every size."

"The integration of TouchBistro and Square empowers Australian restaurants to run and grow their businesses with the tools they need," said Ben Pfisterer, Australian Country Manager at Square. "TouchBistro users in Australia will now have greater access to payment services that are optimized for their unique business operations."

TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use iPad Point of Sale system designed specifically for restaurants. Topping the Apple App Store in more than 37 countries, TouchBistro helps restaurateurs increase sales, improve service, and make informed decisions on how to grow their businesses.

TouchBistro fully integrates with Square's Contactless and Chip Card Reader to provide the full range of payment acceptance.

Square and TouchBistro teamed up with L7 Case to make a unique mobile carrying case. By making the point of sale mobile, TouchBistro has revolutionized restaurant operations. Waiters can enter orders into an iPad right at table-side and send them to the kitchen for preparation without running back and forth. Secure, integrated payments can also be taken at the table.

With TouchBistro's award winning, patented design, even complex actions like bill splitting or combining orders from different seats takes only a tap, dip or swipe with Square Reader. Forced modifiers tell serving staff what to upsell and list food preparation variations, so there are no missed opportunities or guessing.

The TouchBistro POS app features a full suite of cloud reporting tools that address all the information restaurateurs need to manage the business, from seating, inventory, and sales analysis to scheduling and payroll.

For more information, visit

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Canada's Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery Wins Eight Medals Including Gold for its Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky at the 2017 Worlds Spirit Awards


The News is in from Germany!

Chris, our talented distiller, was weighed down with eight World Spirits Awards medals as Okanagan Spirits received five Gold, one Silver and two Bronze with the pièce de résistance being the repeat Gold medal awarding of our exclusive Laird Of Fintry Single Malt!

"As a craft distillery that specializes in producing 100% BC spirits, we are proud to keep proving our quality on a global scale and continue to showcase what BC and Canada is capable of in the world of craft distilling!" says CEO, Tyler, from the awards held at the famous Asbach Distillery in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany. 

The Laird of Fintry is released annually through a lottery system due to its small batch quantity and high demand. It most recently made headlines when it was sampled by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, during his visit to Kelowna and proudly holds the title of being the first Canadian Whisky to receive a Gold medal at the World Spirits Awards (2015). 

Along with the Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky (92.3pts), Gold winners included Taboo Absinthe (90pts), Aquavit (91pts), Blackcurrant Liqueur (92pts) and Haskap Liqueur (93.7pts). Silver was awarded to newest liqueur member Rhubarb (87pts) and Bronze to the Family Reserve Vodka and Gin de Mononcle, a Gin created with renowned chef Martin Picard last summer.

So what is next for Okanagan Spirits?

BRBN Bourbon-Style Corn whisky will be making a return on the 30th and 31st of March through a special Prohibition-themed dinner in Kelowna and speakeasy party in Vernon where guests can purchase it before its release to the public on April 1st.

The last batch in 2016 sold-out within a few days of its release. For more information on these events, please click 

Interested in the Laird? Sign up to the Whisky Club to hear of its next release! Click 
Here to join today!

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The World Spirits Academy’s basic classes are designed to prepare newcomers to spirits for the Master Class and the Master of World Spirits Award. Wolfram Ortner has developed a detailed system that will leave you with more than a whiff. Sense of smell and taste are playfully honed to perfection. Participants will discover fruit and their aromas, and they will also learn to detect flaws in spirits. The classification of standard samples helps to retain the exercises and their solutions.

This message is directed at people who want to, or must deal with distilled spirits in a more serious way:

> Newcomers to spirits
>Specialists like distillers,
>Trade factors or those engaged in the gastronomy.
>Interested parties and buyers,
>Consumers or guests in the optimal choice of a suitable beverage.
>Future participants in the Master of World Spirits Competition / Award

The WS-Academy forms a coherent and thematically linked package.

The World-Spirits Academy is supported and sponsored by WOB “Handmade goods for finer living”. At all our events, WOB-Edel and WS 18.5 glasses are used as official World-Spirits glasses.

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The corners of the World Spirits Award 2017 triangle are Styria, St. Lucia and Switzerland: Distillers win 14 x Awards, 15 x Spirits of the Year and 10 x Distilleries of the Year worldwide




Following on from their success in 2016, the Styrian master distillers are still in a class of their own. Carmen and Werner Krauss from the Krauss Distillery are the superstars of 2017: Their three Awards, two Spirits of the Year and the titles of "Distillery of the Year" in gold and bronze are signs of their outstanding quality. Hot on their heel for the second time is the Zweiger Distillery with two Awards and one Spirit of the Year, rounded off with the title of "Distillery of the Year" in gold. The Caribbean rum distillery St. Lucia had the same result.

The World Spirits Award Celebration in the visitor's centre at the Asbach Distillery in Rüdesheim am Rhein/Germany was both a highlight and a Who's Who of the worldwide distilling scene. Around half of the total 2017 Award participants came from all over the world to receive ten World Spirits Awards - a performance which they can be proud of.

The superstars of 2017 are:

> In a league of their own - the Styrian Feindestillerie Krauss (Distillery of the Year Gold, Distillery of the Year Bronze, 3 x World Spirits Award 2017 & 2 x Spirit of the Year)

>The liqueur specialist - Destillerie Zweiger (Distillery of the Year Gold, 2 x World Spirits Award 2017 & Spirit of the Year)

>The Caribbean rum distillery - St. Lucia Distillers (Distillery of the Year Gold, 2 x World Spirits Award 2017 & Spirit of the Year)

>The Swiss Kirsch Distillery Dettling (Distillery of the Year Silver, World Spirits Award 2017 & Spirit of the Year)

>Small but awesome - the Bernhard Leitner Distillery (2 x World Spirits Award 2017 & Spirit of the Year)

>The Tyrolean master distiller - Maass (Distillery of the Year Gold, 1 x Award)

>The rum distillery - Serralles, USA (Distillery of the Year Silver)

>The Bavarian Spezialitäten-Brennerei & Whisky Destillerie Liebl GmbH (Distillery of the Year Silver)

> Wachauer Privatdestillerie Hellerschmid (Distillery of the Year Bronze)

> Grenada Distillers Limited (Distillery of the Year Bronze)

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Between arts, business, and architecture: EXIHS turns the spotlight on Italy’s millenary hospitality tradition at Host2017


Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects’ concept space is back. This year, the event has been organised in collaboration with Davide Rampello. A huge cube will make us travel through the history of hospitality using surfaces and materials. A lounge area will feature a background wall showcasing Italian agricultural products.


Milan, 14ht of March 2017 - A “Biennale” performance, a metaphysic space with a wider cultural horizon than that of a simple B2B event. EXIHS (Excellent Italian Hospitality Services) will be back with a new concept at Arredo & Tavola, the Furniture & Tableware macro-area of HostMilano. The event will take place at Fieramilano in Rho, from 20 to 24 October and is going to further enrich an area featuring numerous innovative formats. It will also be an opportunity for major Italian and international contract furniture companies to showcase their products. This year, a true design and artistic performance will highlight an important topic: “L’Italia fatta a mano” (Handmade Italy). An evocative use of surfaces and materials will make us travel through the evolution of mankind and its natural inclination towards hospitality. This aptitude has been perfected throughout the history of Italy’s towns and villages, from its very earliest manifestations to the modern-day concept of hospitality, with a common thread linking ancient pottery and jars to glasswork and tableware, and everything else that is part of the modern-day hospitality industry.


This way, each of the four walls of EXIHS 2017’s cube, which are free from edges, will be made of a material that hints at a crucial stage in our evolution: stone, the first material used by humans during the passage to the erect position, prelude to the ability to modify the surrounding environment; wood, representing the stages of civilisation with the use of an increasing number of natural materials; steel, symbolising the shift towards an industrial and technological society, with its increasingly complex installations; waste, symbolising humankind’s new challenge: sustainability. Survival does no longer involve natural elements alone, but also our ability to consume resources.


Davide Rampello and Dante O. Benini – Leader, Partner, and Chairman of Dante O. Benini & PartnersArchitects – wanted the walls to be 40 cm thick and made with solid material and not simply coated to provide an immediately tangible value to the entire journey. Black is the common denominator and will be the external backdrop for italicised words that aim at reminding key moments of Italian culture. Italian history will be celebrated with videos showing Italy’s beauties both inside the cube, thanks to a monitor, and outside the cube, with four 60 cm screens placed on the walls. And at the centre of the cube, the last element: water. The quintessential fluid conceived to mark the passage of time from one element to the other. Water becomes the primary element in a deck level pool, on which a drop hose (15 m long) will be protruding from the pavilion roof. Every time a drop of water will fall into the pool, an echo will draw the visitors’ attention to the force of nature and the eternity of its cycles.


In the lounge, the background wall parallel to the corridor will be the distinctive element of the entire event. In the first edition of EXIHS, this side was covered with photos representing the shelves of the Braidense National Library. In 2015, it was completely green. This year, the wall will be entirely occupied by square compartments containing genuine products from the Italian food and wine tradition: from cheese to cured meats and wines, and a composition created using 2000 real eggs.


This is a strong concept, a breakaway, which, for the first time in 40 editions, will be bringing an artistic-design performance to Host, with no further commercial motive. The aim is to help bring foreign visitors to Italy, and to Host in particular, allowing them to learn more about the Italian culture that permeates our leading role in the hospitality industry. We also want to bring this concept around the world by attending numerous international art and architectural events.The first event will be the Beijing International Art Biennale, which has already confirmed its interest in the project», said Dante O. Benini, co-creator and designer of the EXIHS space for the third consecutive year.


Italy is the country that most expresses the ability to combine materials and shapes and create unique welcoming areas that go beyond space and time. That’s why “l’Italia fatta a mano” is the leitmotiv of this cultural performance, which fits into and transcends from the exhibition to become a message to be presented at art and architectural events, starting from important international Biennales», commented Davide Rampello, stage director and former president of the Triennale Foundation, as well as director of Pavilion Zero at Expo 2015, and the person who developed the idea of EXIHS exhibition space.


For further information, visit, @HostMilano, #Host2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





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