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TORONTO, Ont. (June 12, 2018) — The box may look a little different, and the label has more information on it than you may be used to seeing on a bottle or can of beer, but make no mistake within that bottle remains a pure Canadian pilsner.

As the Canadian summer approaches — high time for Canadian beer drinkers — Steam Whistle Brewing is in the midst of a packaging refresh. This includes a streamlined and more prominent steam whistle as the centerpiece of the company’s logo, but perhaps the most significant change is the inclusion of a nutritional and ingredients label. 

“Canadian brewers are not required to list their ingredients on their label, but we are proud of what goes in our beer, and almost more importantly what doesn’t go into our beer,” says Tim McLaughlin, Director of Marketing with Steam Whistle Brewing. “The government may permit brewers to use up to 109 ingredients in the making of beer, including foam enhancers, corn syrup, filler, additives and artificial flavours. It makes you wonder, if no one else is listing their ingredients, then what is in your beer?” 

Steam Whistle’s brand refresh is reflective of the world-class, European-inspired Canadian beer it makes. The iconic steam whistle at the heart of the logo has been simplified for use across multiple channels and platforms. The packaging is being given a premium treatment, with the incorporation of platinum as a brand colour complementing the green for which Steam Whistle is already well known.

But the refresh is about more than just the visual identity of Steam Whistle. It is putting a renewed emphasis on the authentic European brewing traditions the company uses, adhering to the strict standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516. 

“The cleaner appearance of the new brand connects directly with our beer — all-natural, nothing added, nothing watered down, nothing to hide,” says McLaughlin. “It makes for a more pure pint of pilsner, and you will see the difference in the taste.”

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WINNIPEG, June 12, 2018 /CNW/ - DELTA 9 CANNABIS INC. (TSXV: NINE) ("Delta 9" or the "Company") and the Fort Garry Brewing Company celebrated the Monday night launch of their first jointly developed beer.


Delta 9 Legal Lager is now on sale at MLLC liquor outlets across the province, and is the first beer produced as a collaboration between a brewery and a legal cannabis company. Delta 9 provided the raw hemp material for the beer while Fort Garry Brewing is responsible for production and marketing. Both companies shared the cost of research and development.

Legal Lager is an alcoholized beer infused with material from hemp seeds, and therefore contains no cannabis or any other psychoactive agent produced from the cannabis plant. However, the hemp beer released this week is a first step in an ongoing research and development project to jointly produce a cannabis beer that contains THC.

The two companies are currently developing a co-branded, cannabinoid-infused beer that contains no alcohol. Release of that Phase 2 product would be developed internally as a concept beverage, and would not be sold or made available to the public until it is approved by Health Canada and relevant provincial regulatory bodies.

Under the agreement, Delta 9 will incur the costs and responsibility for marketing and distribution of the Phase 2 cannabis beer, which could not legally be sold in liquor stores.

"Since Delta 9 is one of the companies awarded a retail license from the Province of Manitoba, we are ideally placed for distribution and sale of this type of product," explained Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot.

"Legal lager is a hemp based beer, so it's something new we've created," said Fort Garry's head brewer Daniel Geddes. "It's quite unique in the industry and there's not a lot of hemp beers available. We wanted to add a little more complexity to this beer, as well as showcase the hemp itself.

"Frankly as it competes with alcohol or soda pop or other beverages, we've got something that's lighter on alcohol and doesn't give you a hangover; that's a pretty competitive value proposition," Arbuthnot said.

Coverage of the Legal Launch can be seen on CityTV News:

"We see this as a great partnership between two of Manitoba's best-known brands," Arbuthnot added. "Fort Garry Brewing is one of the best craft brewers in Canada and they make my favourite beer, while Delta 9 is truly Manitoba's Own Cannabis Producer.

"This is a Made-in-Manitoba product that's ready for people in our province to enjoy this summer."

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, June 8, 2018—Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Canada (“Southern Glazer’s”)—a division of the largest North American wine and spirits distribution company—today announced that it has signed a ten year distribution agreement with Iceberg Vodka, the only national vodka brand that is 100 percent Canadian owned and operated. This is Southern Glazer’s first agreement with Iceberg Vodka and represents the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership to expand distribution of the vodka brand throughout retail and on-premise locations in Canada.

Southern Glazer’s will distribute Iceberg Vodka in nine provinces and three territories in Canada (excluding Newfoundland). The agreement was effective June 1, 2018, with the exception of Quebec, which launches October 1, 2018.

“We are delighted to be joining Southern Glazers Wines & Spirits of Canada portfolio of brands, which is a perfect fit for Iceberg Vodka,” said David Meyers, President and CEO of Iceberg Vodka. “Together, we are excited about the opportunity to continue to drive and expand the distribution and sales of Iceberg, Canada’s Vodka, with Southern Glazer’s extensive customer base.”

“When a supplier like Iceberg Vodka chooses to work with Southern Glazer’s, it reinforces the value that we bring to the Canadian marketplace,” added Doug Wieland, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Canada, for Southern Glazer’s. “We look forward to leveraging our selling expertise and deep data insights to introduce this quality vodka brand to more of our retail and on-premise customers throughout Canada.”

Iceberg Vodka was conceived in 1994, on the vision of turning a limitless supply of iceberg water into a true Canadian business. We use a neutral spirit that is made from peaches and cream sweet corn, making our product naturally gluten free. The spirit is triple distilled and then blended with iceberg water, and charcoal filtered. This combination produces one of the smoothest tasting vodkas, making Iceberg Vodka the “world’s purest vodka™.” 

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Ten years ago, innovators and veterans of the spirits industry, James Espey and Tom Jago, debuted The Last Drop Distillers to connoisseurs and collectors around the globe. Creating a company unlike any other, James and Tom began their journey in 2008 uncovering and bottling the finest and rarest gems of the spirits & wine worlds just waiting to be discovered. With their daughters Beanie Geraedts-Espey and Rebecca Jago by their side, and at the helm of the company for the last couple of years, just last month they celebrated the last decade of exquisite liquids worthy of The Last Drop name.

The festivities ran all month long in London at their Piccadilly Arcade Pop Up Atelier where the brand was brought to life in a myriad of ways, from the launch event featuring the release of Tom’s Blend No. 1 ( a “once-in-a-lifetime” blended Scotch to honor 92-year-old co-founder Tom Jago), to exclusive tastings, a cask installation, a library of its exclusive collection from the past 10 years, cocktail parties and pairing dinners.

Designed by renowned design team Radar, the space became home to The Last Drop brand as it was brought to life in the most beautiful way.  There was even a Last Drop Distillers’ special pouring device, fondly named Penelope after Rebecca’s mother and Tom’s wife, allowing for the delivery of a perfect measure of Tom’s Blend into a glass without the touch of a human hand —indeed a true masterpiece of engineering created by Harvey & John.

For additional images from The Last Drop Atelier Pop up, please follow this link:

And now, bit more on Tom’s Blend No. 1: A once-in-a-lifetime expression was created exclusively for The Last Drop’s ten-year anniversary and in honor of the company’s co-founder, Tom Jago, entitled simply Tom’s Blend No. 1.  A lifelong devotee of Blended Scotch Whisky, every night since his 20’s and even now at 92, Tom pours himself a dram of a fine Scotch blend, adds a little water and reflects on his day. To pay tribute to Tom, the majesty of Blended Scotch and ten years of exceptional spirits, The Last Drop team has created Tom’s Blend No. 1 just for this very occasion,and is not be available commercially. Tom worked alongside Scottish whisky writer and expert Charles Maclean to create the final blend and partnered with the malt master at Ian Macleod Distillers, to develop this fine and one-of-a-kind spirit.

Fast forward a decade later and after the monthlong celebration, with their daughters at the helm, and Tom and James' dream to seek out the best and the rarest spirits continues to be realized ten-fold. The Last Drop’s founding principles of “rare, fresh and delicious” remain as true today as they did in 2008, and as the company continues its journey of passion and discovery in the company’s 10th year, the father daughter team is extremely honored to continue to share the exceptional and uniquely rare with the world.

And that’s not all….later this month, the company is beginning a new journey that will change the world of American whiskies forever. Warehouse P, a refrigerated warehouse at the Buffalo Trace distillery where The Last Drop will age barrels of various American whiskies (of variying blends and styles) for the next 10 to several decades. “Warehouse P is a remarkable and exciting new chapter in The Last Drop Distillers’ journey,” said Beanie Geraedts-Espey, marketing and sales director for The Last Drop. “The first warehouse of its kind, it will enable us to see whether American whiskeys can indeed age like their Scottish counterparts."

Here’s to 10 Yrs. of giving the world the best of rare and old spirits!

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June 7, 2018

Kruger Products L.P., Canada's leading manufacturer of Cashmere and Purex bathroom tissue, SpongeTowel Paper Towels and Scotties facial tissue, has been named one of Corporate Knights' 2018 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. The annual ranking of corporate sustainability performance recognizes Kruger Products' long investment in environmental stewardship.

"Kruger Products announced its first sustainable development program almost a decade ago, and we have made massive strides since. It's an honour to be recognized for our leadership and ongoing commitment to sustainability in every form," said Dino Bianco, CEO, Kruger Products.

Corporate Knights evaluated 17 key performance indicators to make their decision. The indicators are comprehensive and include environmental, diversity, financial management, and clean revenue. All publicly traded companies, privately owned or Crown corporations with revenue of at least $1 Bil and evidence of sustainability reporting are considered.

In its first year on the Best 50 Corporate Citizens list, Kruger Products' has been ranked #40. In 2017, Kruger Products was named a Corporate Knights Future 40 Responsible Leader, which recognizes Canada's top small and mid-sized companies demonstrating leadership in sustainability.

"Reducing energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and improving the health and safety of our employees are our top priorities and the foundation of our Sustainability 2020 commitment," said Steven Sage, Kruger Products' Vice President, Sustainability & Innovation.

Since 2010, Kruger Products has made aggressive steps to address sustainability in a number of areas where it can make the most impact. This includes energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation efficiencies and reductions in packaging materials. The company offers one of the largest portfolios of third-party certified products in North America and is the first Canadian tissue manufacturer to receive a FSC® certification. For more information, visit:


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