Crown Royal Named Canada's Most Trusted Alcohol Brand in 2021 Gustavson

Published Date

In the seventh annual edition of the Gustavson Brand Trust Index, which explores the role brand trust plays in the minds of consumers, Crown Royal has been named Canada’s Most Trusted Alcohol Brand.

On the heels of an exceptionally tumultuous year, the seventh iteration of the GBTI study found that consumers' trust in brands is linked to authenticity—their belief that the brand reflects their values. Over the past year, Canadian consumers have shown an acute awareness of whether a brand is truly compassionate in its activities, or whether their acts of compassion are opportunistic, and this distinction is reflected in the findings.

Distilled in Gimli, Manitoba, Crown Royal is the number-one selling Canadian whisky brand in the world and has a tradition as long and distinctive as its taste. Specially blended to commemorate a grand tour of Canada made by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain in 1939, Crown Royal's smooth, elegant flavour and gift-worthy presentation reflect its regal origins – it is considered the epitome of Canadian whisky.