Forty Creek Unveils Foxheart, An Extraordinary Rum-Infused Whisky

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Forty Creek, the beloved and award-winning Canadian whisky brand based in Grimsby, Ontario, today announced the launch of Foxheart, an extraordinary rum-infused expression from Master Blender Bill Ashburn. Foxheart infuses the finest Canadian whisky with a hint of premium 12-year-old Caribbean rum, delivering an exceptionally well-rounded taste of oak, spice, and fruit.

Forty Creek Foxheart is the latest innovation from Forty Creek, which was named Whisky Maker of the Decade by the Canadian Whisky Awards in 2020. Foxheart is the product of Ashburn's greatest passions: a love for blending best-in-class whisky and breeding champion hunting dogs. The whisky is a tribute to Ashburn's decades of leadership at Forty Creek and takes its name from the home of his first championship dog—a wire hair terrier, a breed known for its curiosity, determination, and tenacity. That innovative, driven attitude inspired Ashburn to combine Forty Creek's finest Canadian whisky with the influence of aged Caribbean rum, producing greater depth of character and a more rounded, balanced taste from start to finish. The result: Foxheart, a whisky with heart.

As Forty Creek continues to elevate the standard of Canadian whiskies and create new expressions with both national and global appeal, the list of accolades continues to grow, encompassing Canada Whiskey Distillery of the Year and Canada Master Whiskey Blender of the Year as awarded at the 2020 New York International Spirits Competition, and an additional 3 awards at the esteemed, world-class 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

"I've dedicated my life to mastering two passions: blending best in class whisky and breeding best in class dogs. For that reason, Foxheart holds a special place in my heart," says Bill Ashburn, Forty Creek Master Blender and 2020 Canada Master Whiskey Blender of the Year. "When blending Foxheart, I wanted to utilize the unique, premium liquid that's already well-loved by Canadians and infuse it with a hint of aged Caribbean rum, leaning into its spice and flavour to further enhance the whisky. I've been in pursuit of the perfect heart to the whisky for decades—and in Foxheart, we've found just that. I'm extremely proud of this innovative liquid and cannot wait to share it with the world."

Foxheart retails for $44.95 and is currently available in Ontario. Starting next week, Foxheart will be available in BC, with distribution rolling out across Canada in the coming months.

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