CBMA Announces Industry People of the Year.

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NEW YORK, NY—The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS) announced its CBMAS ‘Industry People of the Year’ awards for its 2021 award season, which recently came to a close. (The CBMAS award seasons begin each September). These ‘Industry People of the Year’ awards are voted on annually at the end of each CBMAS awards season by the global panel of CBMAS judges.

 As voted by their industry peers, Chris Jacobs, owner of Beer Zombies Brewery in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Candace L. Moon, partner at the Craft Beer Attorney based in San Diego, California, were chosen as the 2021 CBMAS’ ‘Industry People of the Year.’ 

 “We’re proud of the work that Candice and Chris have achieved in the craft brewing industry, and excited to see more than 300 of their peers provide recognition in the form of voting them in as this year's award recipients,” said Jim McCune, Co-founder of the CBMAS. 

Jacobs and Moon will each receive a special global level ‘Person of the Year’ Crushie trophy—the iconic trophies of the CBMAS, manufactured by the same Manhattan-based awards firm that creates high-profile entertainment industry awards that include the Emmy, Golden Globes and MTV’s “Moonman.” The “Crushie” award is sculptured to depict a heavily-tattooed arm crushing a beer can as a representation of how breweries are “Crushing It” with their unique and creative beer marketing, branding, and design.

The CBMAS recognize over 30 beer-marketing categories that celebrate the best of craft beverages. Presenting sponsor, Hillebrand, supports the CBMAS mission to honor the individuals and teams who promote beer industry growth through their innovative and creative marketing, branding, fine arts, and design. In its 2021 season, the CBMAS extended into judging hard seltzer, cider, and mead. New categories were added, and the awards competition was expanded internationally. The entries were judged by a global panel of over 300 craft beer professional industry judges.

 “We had an incredible panel of beverage industry experts from across the globe this year,” said Jackie DiBella, Co-founder of the CBMAS. “Candace and Chris should be so proud to being nominated into the position of CBMAs’ ‘Industry People of the Year’ by their peers! We’re looking forward to working with an even larger global judges panel for the 2022 CBMAS awards season.”