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TORONTO, June 15, 2022 /CNW/ - On June 16th, all Corby Spirit and Wine and Hiram Walker & Sons employees will dedicate a whole day to learning, sharing, and having a positive and meaningful impact in their communities. First launched in 2011, Responsib'All Day is when employees act as frontline ambassadors to the 2030 Sustainability & Responsibility roadmap 'Good Times from a Good Times' and achieve real impact. The focus this year is helping to protect and restore nature and biodiversity, in line with the companies' commitment to nurturing the land.


"Our company mission is to unlock the magic of human connection by bringing good times from a good place. Responsib'All Day is a perfect demonstration of how we bring this to life with our employees around the world," said Nicolas Krantz, President, Chief Executive Officer of Corby. "After two years of not being able to host Responsib'All Day, we are delighted to be able to roll up our sleeves and get back into our communities, to play our part in a true spirit of convivialité. As Créateurs de Convivialité, we all have a role to play in building a more sustainable and responsible world."

The teams will be joined by 18,500 global employees of its majority shareholder, Pernod Ricard, in various community projects like planting trees in natural conservation areas, renovating green urban spaces, and collecting waste from beaches and rivers.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to accelerate our S&R roadmap to nurture the land and its biodiversity. Responsib'All Day is a way of ensuring our employees understand the importance of preserving nature for our business and for the communities around them," adds Craig Dryburgh, Vice President, North America Manufacturing at Hiram Walker.

All Corby and Hiram Walker products come from nature and rely on well-functioning ecosystems to continue to produce the iconic brands now and for generations to come. However, the losses in the bee industry are expected to surpass the billion-dollar mark this year in Canada – a severe impact to the whole agriculture industry. In response, employees are building beehives to provide a safe space for bees to store food reserves and keep colonies healthy and strong.

In total, 66 hives will be built and donated to local beneficiaries where they will host colonies of bees, which serve an important role in biodiversity. Each colony can range from 10,000 bees in the spring to up to 80,000 in the summer, and are essential for the pollination of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Beneficiaries include:

  • Niagara College
  • Essex County Beekeepers Group
  • Dare to include! / Pleins Rayons
  • City of Kingsville
  • Calgary Beekeepers Association
  • University of British Columbia / BCB Honey Farm
  • Feeder Flower Farm

Beehive building and other Responsib'All Day activities will be taking place across Canada in Halifax, NS; St. John's, NL; Cowansville, QC; Windsor, ON; Niagara, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Regina, SK; Edmonton, AB; Calgary, AB; Richmond, BC; Kelowna, BC; and Victoria, BC. Employees across the country will take part in initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of restoring nature and promoting biodiversity.