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TORONTO, May 19, 2022 - Today, Canadian integrated technology company, Givex (TSX: GIVX) (OTCQX: GIVXF), released new results from its 2022 Consumer Survey that evaluated Canadians' dining motivations and comfort with the use of technology when dining in a restaurant.

The survey, which polled over 1,500 Canadians, revealed that while 68% of Canadians are comfortable with using technology, such as a mobile device, to view a menu and order in a restaurant, nearly one-third of Canadians (32%) expressed some level of discomfort.

"In the past two years, restaurants have had to adopt new technologies if they wanted to survive. Many restaurants have done this well, which we can see reflected in the data, however there are still gaps in the market between what restaurants are offering and what consumers are comfortable with," said Mo Chaar, CCO of Givex. "Technology is essential for the modern restaurant experience but not all their customers are at the same level of tech adoption. These results underscore just how important it is for restaurants to ensure they're not alienating customers and are offering value to customers through the right technology that's convenient and user-friendly for people of all ages. The Givex platform provides restaurants with full insight into their business so they can better serve both new and prospective customers."

Key findings from the survey include:

Dining Motivations

When asked about dining motivations, survey results found that Buy One, Get One (BOGO), coupons, and loyalty programs drive customers to restaurants. Specifically:

Promotions are the biggest incentive, with 81% of Canadians saying that offers such as Buy One, Get One (BOGO) make them much or somewhat more likely to dine out at a restaurant.

Even higher-income consumers ($100K+ household income) are enticed by promotions, with 78% reporting that promotions such as BOGO make them much more likely to dine out. Mid- and lower-income consumers reported 84% and 81%, respectively.

77% of Canadians reported that coupons and discounts make them much or somewhat more likely to dine out at a restaurant.

More than half of Canadians (56%) say loyalty programs make them much or somewhat more likely to dine out at a restaurant.

Less than half (40%) of Canadians cite happy hour as making them much or somewhat more likely to dine out.

Technology Insights

From QR code menus to contactless payment and online ordering systems, technology has many different functions in a restaurant. The most popular aspects of mobile ordering include:

The ability to see images of menu items before ordering (reported by 36% of Canadians) and the ability to customize your order (reported by 30% of Canadians).

Surprisingly, only 11% cite the ability to focus on friends and family without interruption from the server as one of the factors they enjoy most about restaurant technology.

More than a quarter (27%) of Canadians say they enjoy the ability to order without having to flag the server to come over the most when it comes to mobile app ordering.

The pandemic has accelerated the incorporation of technology into the guest experience and it will play a pivotal role in the industry's future. These survey results highlight motivational patterns among restaurant guests and enable restaurant operators to make business decisions that can impact their bottom line.

Learn more about the findings of the 2022 Consumer Report here. For more information about Givex technology, visit

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28 wineries from Italy were represented at the shared booth of the Italian State Agency for Foreign Trade ITA in Hall 17. They stem from the regions Apulia, Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Calabria, Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily, including the wineries Colacino, Erminio Campa, Silvio Carta und Limonio that already took part in the pre-pandemic year of 2019. New participants were Tenuta Arabona, Grillo Iole, I Feudi di Romans, Schiopetto e Volpe Pasini, Peri Bigogno, Abbazia, Vinchio Vaglio, Castino, Az. Agr. Demarie, Cantine A. Di Gioia, Patruno, Madri Leone, Bresca Dorada, Tenute Soletta, Alcesti, Casa Catelli, Casa Sola, Poggiosecco, Il Drago e la Fornace, Cantagallo, San Jacopo, Ventian Hills, Montespada und La Vigilia. All companies enjoyed the consistent positive feedback for their white, rosé and red wines, Spumante and Prosecco quality wines as well as various Grappa specialties.

On all three days of the trade show the shared booth of the Italian Trade Agency was well-frequented. Next to the presented red wines (e. g. Cannonau, Barbaresco, Barolo, Chianti, Marzemino, Nero D'Avola, Pinot Nero, Valpolicella) and white wines (e. g. Cataratto, Chardonnay, Grignolino D'Asti, Grillo, Langhe Arneis, Moscato d'Asti, Pecorino, Pinot Grigio, Roero Arneis, Vermentino), especially the sparkling wines were well received by distributors and importers. Some of the presented wines were Cataratto metodo classico 2019 (Alcesti), Rosé Cuvée Prestige 2021 (Venetian Hills), I Feudi di Romans Ribolla Gialla Brut (I Feudi di Romans), Rosato Brut Saline Rosa (Madri Leone), Prosecco Treviso 2021 (Montespada), Bollicine di Passerina and Bollicine Rosé (Tenuta Arabona), Prosecco Treviso 2021 (Tenuta San Jacopo) as well as Chardonnay SN Tenute Soletta and Rosé SN Tenute Soletta (Soletta) as interesting and refreshing sparkling wines. Of the spirits, especially the liqueurs made a good impression, e. g. Mirto Rosso Ricetta Storica (Silvio Carta), Limonio (Limonio), Liquore di Arance: Arangiu (Bresca Dorada).

“This great recognition especially for the recently established wineries like Il Drago e la Fornaca, Casa Catelli or Tenuta Arabona underscores the importance of the annual visibility at the ProWein trade show for the export business of Italy. For not only the large companies are strong wine producers. The newcomers have also proven their ability to produce excellent products “, states Francesco Alfonsi, the Director of the Italian Trade Agency in Berlin.

“With our shared booth we aim to support especially the newcomers to find their way on to the international scene “, says Francesco Alfonsi. “In this we have succeeded in this year as well. A contributing factor has been Italy’s increasing focus on sustainable wine growing, which has given it a lead in current trends and in the consumer’s esteem”.

Italian Organic Wine Growing is on the rise

The cultivation area for organic wine comprises 109,423 hectares, which is equivalent to almost a quarter (23 percent) of the global cultivation area for organic wine. In the period of 2010 to 2019, the cultivated agricultural area for organic wine in Italy has increased by 109 percent and thus more than doubled. By comparison, the share of cultivated area for organic wine in Germany is only 8 percent. In the following year 2020, 2,139 organic wineries in Italy have produced 2,251,062 hectoliters.

Wine Country Italy: Celebrating Diversity

Italy possesses one of the most differentiated arrays of wine grape varieties in Europe. This diversity results from the varying conditions regarding climate and soil – the alpine north has a mountain climate; the south of Italy has a Mediterranean climate. Currently around 400 autochthonous grape varieties are being cultivated, some of them across the country, others only in certain regions. 310,500 wineries cultivate over 674,000 hectares in the entire country. The overall wine production of Italy stands at 49 million hectoliters.

The Germans love Italian wine

After a decrease of the German wine imports in the year 2020 that was caused by the pandemic, they have reached 14.7 million hectoliters again in the year 2021. At 5.4 million hectoliters (+ 2 percent) equivalent to a share of 36.9 percent of the German wine imports, Italy maintains its leading position. The import value of Italian wines has strongly risen at a value of around 1,151 million euros in the year 2021, Italy remains the most important supplier country for Germany. The market share of Italian wines of the German imports stands at 40.76 percent.

Italy’s wines and spirits come out on top

In the last year Italy’s wines have once again received numerous awards in international competitions. 408 wines are currently classified as DOP (DOCG/DOC) wines and 118 wines are classified as IGT wines.

Bacchus as envisaged by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

In this year Bacchus, the god of wine, has presented the joint Italian contribution.

“With the colourful reinterpretation of the oil painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571 - 1610) we intended to demonstrate our joy to see the largest wine fair of the world finally taking place once more after a two year pandemic break “, states Francesco Alfonsi, the Director of the Italian Trade Agency in Berlin.

“At the same time, Italian wines are considered timeless classics in many places. Our Bacchus was meant to convey the creativity of the Italian producers and to communicate that tradition and modernity, innovation and sustainability can go together “.

The Italian Trade Agency

The Italian Trade Agency ITA is a state agency for foreign trade and tasked to advance the business and trade relations between Italy and Germany and to support the Italian manufacturers in their marketing of high quality food products „made in Italy “.

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Thackerville, Okla. May17, 2022Toast National Mint Julep Day withNFL legend and iconic entertainer, Terry Bradshaw, and his award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey on Monday, May 30. The Bradshaw Mint Julep recipe has been crafted by Bradshaw and his son-in-law, Noah Hester, an acclaimed chef who can be seen on the family’s hit E! show, “The Bradshaw Bunch.”

Grab your favorite glass, traditionally a rocks glass or a silver julep cup, and create your very own Bradshaw Mint Julep. The cocktail blend is made with simple syrup, Bradshaw Bourbon, crushed ice, and mint leaves + a mint sprig for garnish.

Ingredients – The Bradshaw Mint Julep:

8 Mint leaves

¼ oz of simple syrup

2 oz of Bradshaw Bourbon

Garnish: Mint sprig

Steps – The Bradshaw Mint Julep:

In a Julep cup or rocks glass, muddle the mint leaves in the simple syrup.

Add Bradshaw Bourbon and then pack the glass tightly with crushed ice.

Stir until cold and the cup is frosted on the outside.

Top with more crushed ice to form an ice dome, and garnish with a mint sprig

Bradshaw Bourbon is a carefully crafted collaboration between Bradshaw and Silver Screen Bottling Company.  Awarded a phenomenal 91-point rating from Wine Enthusiast, Terry Bradshaw Bourbon is blended from the finest grains and aged in hand-selected barrels. As noted in the review, the two-year-old bourbon is “tinged with roasted nuts and vanilla on nose and palate, finishing with hints of black pepper and a waft of smoke.”It has a mash bill of 70% corn, 21% rye, and 9% malted barley, and is proofed to 51.9% ABV, a tribute to the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback’s career pass completion percentage. Bradshaw Bourbon is available at retailers throughout the US and Canada.  You can find it locally with the retail finder here and order online now at, starting at $39.99 for a 750ml bottle.

More information, along with signature cocktail recipes, may be found on the website at, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @BradshawBourbon.

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Canada’s award-winning  Dirty Devil Vodkais expanding across America and making grounds now in 28 U.S. states.The premium vodka is the first and only spirit in the world made with Hyper-Oxygenated water. Whether you're sipping it neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, Dirty Devil Vodka promises a clean mouthfeel and smooth finish. 

The devil is in the details of engineered science and technology. Gluten-free Dirty Devil Vodka is the first spirit in the world utilizing parent company St. Lucifer’s proprietary hyper-oxygenated water process, which creates nano-bubbles. The vodka is made with Canadian corn spirit that is distilled five times and filtered three times before blending with hyper-oxygenated water to 42% ABV (84 proof). It is this increased oxygen that changes the density and viscosity of this water responsible for Dirty Devil Vodka’s softer mouthfeel. Simply stated - more oxygen equals enhanced smoothness. 

Leading independent spirits review firm BTI ( recently lauded Dirty Devil Vodka with a rating of 93 Points (Exceptional), one of BTI’s highest vodka ratings for the past several years. It is a spicy, grain-centric vodka with pure flavor. 

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TORONTO, May 5, 2022 – Today, Steam Whistle Brewing announces the launch of its exciting newready-to-drink cooler MTV Hard Seltzer, Juicy Shore.  This collaboration with MTV Entertainment Group and Paramount Consumer Products extends the ways consumers can celebrate with this global powerhouse media brand. MTV has led pop culture worldwide for over 40 years by fueling conversation while being the ultimate music insider. “I want my MTV” could indeed be the anthem of 2022.  MTV Hard Seltzer, the must-try, refreshing vodka cooler, will be distributed by Steam Whistle initially across Ontario liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

MTV Hard Seltzer – Primed

This new Hard Seltzer plays off MTV’s Jersey Shore. For the last five seasons Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been situated in Miami.  Juicy Shore Vodka Soda quenches thirst with its tropical imagery and fruit-flavoured sensation. This classic tropical punch is juiced-up with premium neutral-spirit vodka, pours a pleasing coral colour and is lightly carbonated. The flavour combination of fruitiness, tartness and subtle sweetness will have you asking, “where’s the beach”? Calorie- and sugar-conscious drinkers that are tired of sacrificing flavour for fitness will love that Juicy Shore is Gluten Free, and has only 4g of sugar and 120 calories per 355ml slim can. MTV Hard Seltzer has a light-hearted, tropical taste yet with a full 5% alc./vol. hard seltzer punch!

A Hot Trend for Summer

Ready-to-drink beverages are a hot, growing trend, attracting drinkers from all customer segments. MTV Hard Seltzer delivers the category’s desired low-cal/low-sugar recipe and pre-mixed convenience, but stands out with its full-flavour, vibrantly coloured packaging, playful graphics and legendary MTV personality. Adults relate to the music videos and nostalgic memories spawned by MTV’s programming, parties and magnetic lifestyle cultivated over four decades. MTV Hard Seltzer is the drink that celebrates that spirit, rooted in pop culture and a social lifestyle that encourages an authentic expression of self. What better beverage to fuel experiences together with your besties?

Slim cans of Juicy Shore Vodka Soda are targeted to hit shelves beginning this week.


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