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NEW YORK CITY (Feb. 12, 2020) – Diageo unveiled its dazzling new North American headquarters this week in New York City, a modern space designed to bring to life the company’s purpose of “celebrating life, every day, everywhere.” In 2019 global beverage leader Diageo announced it would relocate the headquarters for its largest market from Norwalk, Connecticut to New York. Located at 3 World Trade Center in vibrant Lower Manhattan, the best-in-class workspace was conceived to promote flexibility and collaboration, and to enable agility and modern ways of working.


“As a company whose brands are part of a legacy more than 300 years in the making, we know from experience that embracing the power of change is core to our success,” said Deirdre Mahlan, President, Diageo NA. “This move represents a significant shift, not just in where we work, but how we work, enabling us to eliminate boundaries, be bolder, more future-focused, and closer to a nucleus of diverse consumers.”


The offices feature bright, colorful and immersive spaces that leverage the spirit of the city’s neighborhoods, Diageo’s broad portfolio of iconic brands, and breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding skylines. The workspace is open plan with suggested “neighborhoods” for teams, but no assigned seating. Designed for maximum connectivity, employees can experiment with a wide variety of dynamic spaces that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, some intended for higher energy work, with others, like sound-proof phone booths and libraries, facilitating privacy and focus.


Sitting high above the city on the 41st floor is a stunning showcase bar, “Bar Deco,” which serves as the headquarters’ beating heart.  A multifunctional space, it is at Bar Deco where meetings are held, ideas transpire, meals shared, cocktails poured, and moments celebrated.


With the move, Diageo brought with it 350 new jobs to the city, while preserving roughly 150 existing Diageo jobs in New York City.


“Situating ourselves in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities allows us to expand access to diverse talent pools and capabilities,” said Laura Watt, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Diageo NA. “With our new space we sought to create an amazing experience for our people, and a place where they could do the best work of their lives, while celebrating life.”


Diageo North America’s new home also embraces cutting-edge technology and leading sustainability practices, as well as the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. Additional features include:


  • Commissioned design features such as vintage advertisements, bespoke murals, employee-sourced photography, and custom neon fixtures
  • Wellness-focused design, including height-adjustable sit-stand desks, and a floor plan that encourages movement throughout the day
  • Ideation rooms featuring modular furniture for a variety of configurations to maximize creativity 
  • Tech-driven sensory booths for liquid innovation employee tasting panels
  • On-site Tech Café where employees can access real-time help from live tech staff, for efficiency
  • Spacious Mothers’ nursing rooms with best-in-class equipment
  • Disability access throughout, including Bar Deco
  • Meeting spaces are Zoom-enabled, as well as fitted with smart boards to digitally capture notes
  • Copious amounts of natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Daylight harvesting reduces energy required to light offices
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems conserve energy
  • Topical pop up featured art, e.g. artwork by African-American artist to celebrate Black History Month 
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Feb. 10, 2020) : New from IZO Agave Spirits comes a pure, all-natural Mezcal Joven, handcrafted from start to finish at its Mexican point of origin for a smooth, award-winning flavor. Founded by Gaston Martinez - a native of Mexico - IZO is a collection of premium, handcrafted agave spirits, produced sustainably right in the heart of rural Durango, according to centuries of tradition. Now, IZO introduces the first of many pure distilled agave spirits: a clean, all-natural Mezcal Joven (or “oven-cooked agave”) that speaks to a deeply-rooted heritage of community, hard work, and the celebration of everyday moments. 


“In my family and culture, Mezcal was always a symbol of celebration and the pure enjoyment of life,” explains Martinez. “Today, I am proud to share the clean, smooth flavor of this naturally-smoked agave - part of the long-standing heritage of my beloved hometown - with the world.”


Each sip of IZO Mezcal Joven is a joyful celebration of both old and new: the centuries of local tradition behind it and the establishment of an environmentally-focused and community-centered legacy. Every batch of wild agave is hand-harvested from Durango ranches, slow-roasted in volcanic ovens, then fermented and distilled onsite for a locally-crafted product from start to finish. To ensure a lasting heritage and renewable resource for future generations, the IZO distillery relies on a solar-paneled water treatment system and a bee colony to help propagate the plants, tended for a full decade before reaching maturity.


Every aspect of IZO pays respect to its point of origin, from the locally-sourced Onyx cap featured atop the bottle, to the elegant, minimalist design that allows the artisanal spirit within to shine. The entire production process from ground to glass is meticulously controlled to ensure a perfectly-balanced, slightly smoky Mezcal Joven, delicious alone or in cocktails. 


Toast every moment with the smooth, all-natural flavor of IZO Mezcal Joven, available at select Costco stores, liquor stores and online at along with refreshing cocktail recipes. For interviews with Founder Gaston Martinez, contact Jessi Kopach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Learn more about the IZO brand and the history of pure-distilled agave spirits at, and look for new product releases coming soon:  IZO MEZCAL Ensamble, IZO Sotol, IZO  Tequila Reposado Cristalino, IZO Mezcal Reposado and

IZO Mezcal Añejo. 

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Atlanta, GA – Feb. 7, 2020 – If sleeping in aristocratic haciendas, savoring unique dishes straight out of Mexican folklore and sipping craft Tequilas in some of the world’s most exclusive spirit-producing regions sounds like an experience not to be missed, then Viva Tequila Festival’s new tour of the Lowlands and Highlands of Jalisco state in Mexico is tailor-made for you.

Juan Bonilla Imports is an Atlanta-based company dedicated to teaching the history and artistry of Tequila. Its anchor activity is the annual Viva Tequila Festival, which highlights the food, drink, and culture of Mexico in a fun, upscale setting. The company is now offering its own exclusive tour across the agave fields of the UNESCO-designated Tequila region as well as other parts of Jalisco, Mexico.

Hosted by wine, beer and spirits purveyor Juan Bonilla, dubbed “Mr. Tequila,” the Viva Tequila Festival Tour takes participants on an exclusive trip down the historic timeline of the Tequila Trail, providing in-depth understanding of the different regions that cultivate Tequila, the history of this iconic Mexican spirit and its importance in the local, national and international economies.

Bonilla’s family has been involved in the production of Tequila for more than a century, and his relationship with small-to-large tequila makers and local businesses in Jalisco ensures a once-in-a-lifetime experience that very few people ever get to enjoy. 

The Viva Tequila Festival’s Mexico Experience visits the cities of Tlaquepaque, Tequila, Atotonilco, and Guadalajara to provide a local perspective of the manufacturing of Tequila. Participants will be able to mingle with locals and admire and shop for unique Mexican works of art, both folk and fine, all while sipping limited edition craft Tequilas from distilleries that embody the traditional to modern styles of manufacturing. Highlights include visits to the Fortaleza and Don Nacho craft distilleries as well as hacienda of José Cuervo, where participants bottle their own Reserva de la Familia and enjoy a tasting in the property’s private cellar and then dinner at the Tienda de Raya, both opened exclusively for Viva Tequila Festival.

All Tequila tastings are paired with meals at some of the region’s most iconic restaurants, including Tlaquepaque’s Casa Luna Restaurant, which offers a Tequila as well as regional fruit drinks, and Solar de la Animas Hotel,which serves breakfast-time “wake-you-up” morning drinks.

Tour participants are treated to stays in centuries-old haciendas that were once home to some of Mexico’s wealthiest people. Take a morning horseback ride at the historic, 17th century Hacienda Labor de Rivera or disconnect and relax with a spa treatment at Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa.

Viva Tequila Festival’s tours are booked via the company’s concierge service. For more information on upcoming tours or information, please visit

For photos of the tour, please click here:


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SACRAMENTO, Calif., February 6, 2020 – Every aspect of the wine and winegrape industry, from science and technology to trends and markets, came under the microscope as experts, economists, scientists and researchers from around the world shared their perspectives with thousands of industry professionals at the 26th Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (Unified), which wrapped up here today.

As the largest wine and grape industry show of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, the Unified offered some of the first insights on how markets, production and technology will shape the coming year. Coupled with 28 sessions featuring a record 128 presenters covering topics ranging from consumer trends to climate change, the Unified also hosted a two-day trade show of over 700 exhibitors.

“If you’re looking to stay competitive, get a full understanding of what’s happening in the wine and grape industry, and make key connections, the Unified Symposium is the place to be,” said John Aguirre, president of the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG), co-presenter of the Unified with the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV).

With back-to-back large crops and oversupplied markets in 2018 and 2019, concerns of an oversupply dominated much of the conversation at Unified. That, combined with the growth of competing new beverage products, fueled interest in presentations addressing new market expansions, alternative wine packaging and trade war impacts.

Held for the first time at Cal Expo in Sacramento, the three-day conference made full use of the site’s eight conference rooms, as well as its 200,000-square-foot trade show space. Cal Expo will serve as the Unified’s site again next year from January 12-14, 2021, with plans to return to the newly renovated Sacramento Convention Center in 2022.

“Cal Expo had many positive attributes that worked well for our show this year,” said Dan Howard, ASEV’s executive director. “We’ve had positive responses to this temporary move from exhibitors and attendees, and we look forward to using insights gained this year to make the 2021 show even stronger.”

For more information, visit the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium website at


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