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SHELBYVILLE, Ky., July 17, 2018 –  Tattoos aren’t just an art form, but a means of personal expression that continues to evolve as tattoo artists push creative boundaries with ink. Leading into National Tattoo Day, Bulleit Bourbon is teaming up with four trailblazing artists and shaking up tattoo culture with the announcement of Bulleit™ Bourbon Tattoo Edition. The latest Frontier Work is a limited collection of tattooed Bulleit Bourbon bottles. Bulleit Frontier Works is an ongoing series of projects and collaborations with modern cultural creators.

Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition is a series of four unique tattoo designs on the iconic Bulleit bottle. These collectible bottles were created in partnership with some of the country’s top tattoo artists whose work is inspired by the frontier spirit and culture of the cities they live in. The collaborations mark the first time the Bulleit Bourbon bottle has been altered, transforming the frontier-inspired bottles into collectable pieces of modern art. Each bottle includes a hangtag featuring a scannable QR code to access an interactive Augmented Reality experience, bringing each artist’s design to life digitally.

Participating artists include Shawn Barber of Los Angeles, Jess Mascetti of New York, Thomas Hooper of Austin, Texas, and Jason Kundell of Portland, Ore. Each artist is known for their unique style of ink and innovative flair – the same spirit Bulleit embodies through its modern approach to making whiskey. The limited release tattoo bottles will be available for purchase in each artist’s respective state beginning in August and select bottles will be available nationwide.

“I’ve always thought the Bulleit bottle was badass because of its unique shape and iconic design,” said Shawn Barber of Memoir Tattoo in LA. “Putting my own unique spin on it was a fun challenge because I didn’t want to mess with the style too much, but did want to share what LA means to me through my art. Bulleit gave me a lot of creative liberty and I’m proud of how it turned out.”

Barber originally partnered with Bulleit in 2017 to create the first Bulleit Frontier Works campaign which brought 24 talented tattoo artists from Southern California together to craft the world’s first tattoo billboard. Bulleit and the artists created a 35-ft. leather tattoo billboard, which was displayed in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood and now travels to festivals across the country. Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition has once again united artists from a variety of tattoo genres to celebrate one of the world’s most precious forms of personal expression and share the frontier spirit of tattoo culture.

“These artists are some of the most talented people I’ve ever met,” said Ed Bello, Brand Director for Bulleit. “It’s an honor to work with people who share our passion for pushing boundaries on the frontier with such creativity, and to feature their art on our Bulleit Bourbon bottles. Let’s raise a glass to tattoo culture, style and the artists that bring it to life everyday through their passion and dedication to ink.”

Inside each Tattoo Edition bottle is the same award-winning, high-rye Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that 21+ consumers are encouraged to responsibility enjoy neat, on the rocks, beside an ice-cold beer or in a classic cocktail. Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition carries a suggested retail price of $24.99 and can be found at your local retailer.

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July 17, 2018

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CLERMONT, Ky., July 12, 2018 -- Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon, one of the fastest growing super-premium bourbons on the market, proudly announces the limited time release of Basil Hayden’s® Two by Two Rye. An unprecedented blend of two Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskies and two Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies, Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye breaks category norms to offer whiskey fans the best of both worlds: the full spiciness of rye, complemented by the sweet characteristics and finish of bourbon.

Two by Two Rye offers a premium blend of two ryes and two bourbons, which have been artfully combined to find the perfect complement in one another. With a balance of 5-year-old Kentucky Straight Rye, a 7-year-old “high-rye” Kentucky Straight Rye, a 13-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and a 6-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the result is a wholly unique whiskey that makes a name for itself in the category and remains approachable to discover at 80 proof.

“Basil Hayden’s has always been known for its distinctive spicy finish, so innovating in the rye category continues to be an exciting venture for the brand, especially as interest in the category grows exponentially,” said Rob Mason, Vice President Marketing, Whiskey at Beam Suntory. “While Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye upholds our trademark spice and approachability, this blend also challenges the status quo and encourages fans to discover the versatility of rye.”

Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye continues the brand’s pursuit of innovating within the rye whiskey category and launching unique liquids in the market. The launch of Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye builds on momentum set by two recent launches, including Basil Hayden’s Rye Whiskey and Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye. Both were met with impressive reception and acclaim, with Basil Hayden’s Rye Whiskey being awarded “Rye Whiskey of The Year” at the 2017 New York International Spirits Competition.   

Best enjoyed sipped neat or on the rocks, Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye features the following characteristics:

Proof: 80

Color: Golden Honey

Aroma: Rich caramel and brown sugar with a sumptuous, woody rye flavor profile

Body: Smooth, medium-bodied

Taste: A balanced blend of sumptuous rye and brown sweets with an ample woody accent

Finish: A pleasant, long lingering warmth

Blend Overview: An intriguing blend of 5-year-old Kentucky Straight Rye, 7-year-old “high-rye” Kentucky Straight Rye, 13-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 6-year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Basil Hayden’s Two by Two Rye is now available nationwide for a limited time with a suggested retail price of $44.99 for a 750mL bottle. Look for it packaged in a light tan and deep green, hand-applied parchment bib and wrapped with the copper belt iconic to Basil Hayden’s.

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MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- THE HOUSE OF ANGOSTURA® is inviting consumers and bartenders alike to slap, pour, dash and swizzle into Summer 2018 with cocktails and mocktails flavored by bartenders' essential ingredient, ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters and ANGOSTURA® orange bitters. To celebrate the Summer of Swizzle, ANGOSTURA is hosting Swizzle Royale – a North American bartender competition and U.S. consumer contest running from July 9 to August 31 – that invites amateur and professional bartenders to showcase their unique swizzled creations, because summer celebrations are better with a swizzle. 


Swizzling is the process of mixing a drink with a swizzle stick to stir still drinks, take the fizz out of sparkling ones and circulate ice within a beverage for the perfect degree of dilution. It is a lesser-known bartending technique that brings big flavor to a range of cocktails and mocktails: "Swizzling has a history closely intertwined with ANGOSTURA bitters and the brand's roots on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago," said Alex Kirles, ANGOSTURA bitters U.S. Brand Ambassador. "ANGOSTURA aromatic and orange bitters are the essential ingredients to bring signature swizzled drinks to life – taking tiki classics to new heights just in time for summertime sipping."

Swizzle Royale will unfold in two parts: a series of in-person competitions for established mixologists, and a digital contest for amateur and home bartenders: "ANGOSTURA is educating people about the art of swizzling so that cocktail and mocktail lovers can make and enjoy these refreshing island favorites at home, while convincing professional bartenders of swizzles' rightful place as fixtures on beverage menus around North America," said Mitch Cooper, Brand Manager, Mizkan America, Inc., the U.S. and Canadian distributor of ANGOSTURA bitters. "People know when to stir, shake and blend – it's time to highlight all of the delicious drinks perfected by the swizzle."

The Swizzle Royale digital contest engages over-21 consumers across the U.S. to swizzle and share their own delicious cocktail or mocktail concoctions through the #SwizzleContest. Swizzologists looking to enter the contest must share their one-of-a-kind swizzled recipes on Instagram, in the form of an image, boomerang or video. The post's caption must also include the drink's original name, the recipe ingredients and method (expressed in ounces, drops and/or dashes) and the hashtags #SwizzleContest and either #Angostura or #Angosturabitters. Participants must also follow @AngosturaHouse on Instagram for their entry to be considered valid. Additionally, each recipe entry must incorporate ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters, ANGOSTURA orange bitters or both within the swizzled cocktail or mocktail, and not contain another bitters brand. After all, no swizzle is complete without ANGOSTURA bitters.

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts, ranking swizzles by criteria including appearance, creativity of ingredients, use of ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters and/or ANGOSTURA orange bitters and creativity of the cocktail or mocktail's name. The Swizzle Royale Instagram contest Grand Prize winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Austin, Texas to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival with THE HOUSE OF ANGOSTURA in October, where their winning swizzled creation will be featured at the ANGOSTURA bitters VIP booth throughout the festival to continue the Summer of Swizzle all year long. 

The event series will invite top bartenders from across the U.S. and Canada to compete live in seven cities, challenging their skills by testing their own spins on a range of swizzled drinks in a competition hosted at local bars and judged by industry leaders. The competition will encourage bartenders to showcase their love and knowledge of swizzles while testing their creativity, personality and speed in preparing swizzled cocktails and mocktails. Competitors in cities across North America will face off for the chance to be crowned the Swizzle Royale Champions and will receive prize packages that include custom bartender bags, assorted ANGOSTURA products and bragging rights in their home cities. The series will be making stops at the following venues throughout the summer:

  • 6/24 – Washington D.C.: Archipelago
  • 7/1 – Tampa: Hotel Bar 
  • 7/29 – Toronto: Miss Thing's Cocktail Bar
  • 8/5 – Oakland, CA: Hello Stranger
  • 8/12 – Denver: Adrift Tiki Bar
  • 8/19 – Montreal: Bar Le Lab – Lab Quartier des Spectacles
  • 8/26 – Seattle: Navy Strength

To find official contest rules, learn more or submit your own swizzled cocktail or mocktail to the contest, visit or follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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TORONTO, July 9, 2018 /CNW/ - Corby Spirit and Wine is thrilled to introduce an exciting new product just in time for summer: J.P. Wiser's Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail. This product aims to bring the experience of the classic whisky cocktail from behind the bar to more convenient occasions at home.


"With the help of Canadian bartenders, we sought out the perfect Old Fashioned," says Dr. Don Livermore, Master Blender. "While an Old Fashioned seems like a simple cocktail with basic ingredients, it can also be tricky to match the right whisky with simple syrup, sweet orange, and bitters. With the J.P. Wiser's Old Fashioned, we were determined to match all the ingredients in the right proportion."

According to Google Trends1 and Drinks International2, the Old Fashioned is the World's Best-Selling Classic Cocktail for the fourth straight year and the #1 searched whisky cocktail on Google over the past twelve months.

"Our research shows that more Canadians are wanting to experience the Old Fashioned beyond the traditional bar setting," says Sam Jacobs, Canadian Whisky Brand Manager, Corby Spirit and Wine. "We believe we're changing the cocktail game by providing an easy solution for consumers to make consistent classic cocktails at home for friends and family."

How to serve J.P. Wiser's Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail in three easy steps:

1.    Pour over ice.
2.    Stir.
3.    Add an orange peel. (optional)

J.P. Wiser's Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail will be available across Canada:

  • British Columbia / Alberta / Newfoundland / Manitoba: July 2018
  • Saskatchewan / Ontario: August 2018

Quebec: October 2018 


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