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Toronto (September 16, 2020) – Budweiser Canada today revealed that millennials – yes, millennials – are driving the recent growth of the no- and low-alcohol beer category, and the brand is introducing a new product – Budweiser Zero – to meet the demand.


According to consumer data, the 19-to-34-year-old age group – which includes millennials and older members of Generation Z – led all demographic groups in consumption volume of non-alcoholic beer including Budweiser Prohibition Brew, launched in 2016 as Budweiser Canada’s first no-alcohol beer. Overall, 64% of no- and low-alcohol beer is consumed by those in the 19-to-34 bracket, with women most often choosing non-alcoholic beer as an alternative to sugary drinks while men see it as suitable for a variety of social occasions.


But, what’s behind this trend? Research shows that it boils down to choice. Consumers – including both men and women in the 19-to-34 group – want more and better options, particularly when it comes to products that complement a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Under the current pandemic, our mental and physical health have never been more important, and millennials are taking control of their wellbeing and making positive choices.


“As a global leader in alcoholic beverages, we have an essential role to play in reminding Canadians of the importance of moderation and positive mental and physical health choices,” said Mike D'Agostini, Marketing Director, Budweiser Canada.  “In these challenging and stressful times, we’re urging Canadians to ‘Drink Wiser’ and make smart decisions for their overall wellness, and we’re encouraged that the millennial cohort is already taking a stand.”


The numbers tell the story. Between 2013 and 2018, sales of non-alcoholic beer increased by more than 50%, and over the past year, the category has grown 12% in total volume. A Mintel Reports analysis reveals that in the European market, particularly in Spain and Germany, non-alcoholic beers have gained prominence among millennials who either choose not to drink alcohol or moderate their alcohol consumption by sometimes reaching for no- or low-alcohol beers. That trend has caught on in Canada as well, as a new market of ‘sober curious’ consumers – mostly millennials who opt for alternatives to alcoholic drinks – has emerged.


This tendency towards making healthier, more responsible decisions is supported by Budweiser Canada’s commitment to moderation, according to D'Agostini. As the perception of no- and low-alcohol beer evolves and the category continues to grow, the iconic Budweiser brand is now going a step further by launching a new beer to meet consumers’ ever-changing preferences: Budweiser Zero.


“Millennials are taking charge of their health and wellness and want a refreshing beer that they can enjoy at any time,” said D’Agostini. “With low-calorie, zero-alcohol, zero-sugar Budweiser Zero, we’ve got them covered.”


Building on the legacy of Budweiser Prohibition Brew, which was a leader in growing the non-alcoholic beer segment, Budweiser Zero features 0.0% alcohol, zero sugar, and only 50 calories [per 341 ml serving].  Brewed from a brand-new recipe, Budweiser Zero reflects consumers’ desire for new and health-conscious options while offering the full-flavoured, smooth, and crisp taste that beer lovers expect from Budweiser. It’s a great choice for any occasion, and especially for people making positive lifestyle choices.


Budweiser Canada’s marketing strategy for Budweiser Zero includes digital advertisements aimed at reaching existing non-alcoholic beer drinkers, and raising awareness among potential consumers by leveraging relationships with Live Nation and key restaurant partners. In keeping with consumers’ strong desire for choice, Budweiser Zero will also be available at select grocery and convenience stores, liquor stores, and through Labatt’s ecommerce delivery service DrinkRunnr.

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September 29, 2020

The Echlinville Distillery is expanding its award winning Dunville’s Irish Whiskey portfolio with the release of its third 18 year old single malt finished in rare Palo Cortado sherry cask.

Dunville’s 18 Year Old Palo Cortado Sherry Cask Finish Whiskey Cask 1211 is the latest addition to Dunville’s Single Cask Series. Bottled at Cask Strength 54% abv, it is limited to just 318 individually numbered bottles. It will be available from The Echlinville Distillery online shop from 8pm BST on Wednesday 30 September 2020 and also from selected retailers RRP £199.
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Finished for almost three years in the finest Palo Cortado sherry cask, this whiskey is packed with notes of chocolate candied oranges, caramelised crème brulée, ripe orchard fruits, citrus zest and a hint of Christmas spices - nutmeg, cinnamon and toasted almonds. Cask 1211 takes its place proudly in the Single Cask Series alongside Dunville’s earlier Palo Cortado releases, both of which sold out within a few hours of their release earlier this year.

Jarlath Watson from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey said: “When we revived the Dunville’s whiskey brand in 2012 we did so with the promise not to compromise in our desire to produce the finest whiskeys conceivable. Our Single Cask Series is central to that ethos, showcasing the very best whiskeys in the Dunville’s warehouses and featuring exceptional Irish whiskey, uncompromised and bottled at its optimum strength to deliver both a stunning palate and wonderful, luxurious mouthfeel.

“This release is our third Palo Cortado Sherry Finish Cask expression. Palo Cortado is in itself a rare type of sherry which starts ageing as a Fino or an Amontillado. During the ageing process, the flor becomes damaged or dries off, meaning the sherry ages oxidatively. Palo Cortado Sherry features the crispness of Amontillado and the full bodied sweetness of an Olorosso. While there are many sherry finished whiskeys out there, very few are finished in Palo Cortado casks, so we are delighted that Palo Cortado cask finishes are now a firm fixture in our Single Cask Series.

“We firmly believe that each offering from the Single Cask Series further enhances Dunville’s global reputation for excellence and helps us take another step towards restoring ‘The Spirit of Belfast’ to its rightful place among the world’s best whiskeys.”

Dunville’s 18 Year Old Palo Cortado Sherry Finish Single Cask Whiskey, Cask 1211 is priced £199 and will be available from The Echlinville Distillery  online at and at selected retailers, details of which will follow.

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TORONTO, September 23, 2020 

Distilled at the historic Hiram Walker & Sons facility in Windsor, the triple barreled corn and rye whisky is the fastest growing Canadian whisky in the largest Canadian whisky market in the European Union.

Over the past year, Swedish sales of J.P. Wiser’s 10 Year Old have jumped 21 per cent ahead of a strong whisky category performance of nearly 12 per cent. Only introduced in Sweden in 2018, Wiser’s has already established a four per cent share of the whisky market in the Nordic country — nearly double what is held by fellow Canadian competitor Seagrams VO.

“Our success in Sweden with J.P. Wiser’s 10 Year Old demonstrates that there are key markets in Europe where Canadian whisky is hugely popular and long-established brands have remained relatively unchallenged,” says Dave Mitton, Global Brand Ambassador, International Canadian Spirits. “We believe that the quality of our age statement liquid is superior to similarly priced established brands. Our year-on-year growth demonstrates that once consumers have had the opportunity to trial our product, it leads to repeat purchasing.”

Some of the key actions that have contributed to the brand’s success include:

  • Increased Distribution — The Swedish Systembolaget has 418 stores throughout Sweden, and similar to Canada all stores are owned and operated by the government. J.P. Wiser’s performance has facilitated a distribution increase from 60 per cent distribution in the network to 75 per cent distribution on 700ml bottles.
  • Social Media Activity — Corby has supported Pernod Ricard Sweden in developing J.P. Wiser’s banners that have been geotargeted in Sweden on Facebook and local market management of the J.P. Wiser Facebook page.
  • Establishing Premium Price ‑— Successfully implemented a price increase to 231SEK (CAD$35) with Systembolaget which established J.P. Wiser as premium to both Lord Calvert  (219SEK) and Black Velvet (229SEK).
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September 23, 2020

Here are 10 ways that a mobile-based, contactless, in-seat ordering, tipping, and payment solution with full POS integration can help to drive revenue and manage the guest experience:


  1. Provides a True In-Seat Elevated Guest Experience — To thrive, full-service restaurants must excel at offering their guests an elevated dining experience. A mobile contactless guest ordering and payment solution must replicate and compliment that experience. Guests require the flexibility to identify allergies and assign names to each guest in their party. They require the ability to order multiple times throughout their visit, review their evolving guest check, and pay at the end from their mobile device. To fill the need for an in-seat guest solution during these unprecedented times, some providers have rebranded their online delivery/takeout solutions for in-seat use. Unfortunately, those solutions require guests to order and pay with each session, effectively turning their visits into an online delivery experiences within the restaurant. A true purpose-built in-seat solution is necessary to elevate the dining experience and keep the guests coming back.


start="2" /> <li><strong>Facilitates Flexible Food Prep Timing</strong> — When a party of four visits a full-service restaurant, they want their meals prepared and served at the same time. The flexibility in having a mobile contactless solution that can intelligently merge and time ordered items by course will go a long way in satisfying the service standards and expectations of the guest. Enabling multiple guests at the same table to order individually from their own mobile devices, and have those individual orders merged, held, and released by a server/team member to the kitchen for prep and timing is essential.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="3"> "<li><strong>Ensures QR Code Security</strong> — QR Codes have experienced a rebirth with the release of new contactless solutions. They are now used to browse restaurant menus, order food and beverages, and pay with a mobile device while seated in a restaurant. While static table-based QR codes are simple and convenient, they create significant security risks. Unique order-based QR codes presented to guests at each table is necessary to avoid the following potential pitfalls, including:</li> </ol> <ul> <li>Pictures of Static QR codes used from anywhere, making it possible for someone outside the restaurant to access and view live checks.  </li> <li>Pictures of Static QR codes used from anywhere. making it possible for someone outside the restaurant to place orders on live checks.  </li> <li>Hackers/third-parties can develop software to monitor sales activity and disrupt your business.</li> </ul> <p> </p> <ol start="4"> l>&"t;strong>Minimizes Shared Touch Points</strong> — Amidst a pandemic and likely for the very distant future, minimizing shared touch points is paramount to guest comfort. Offering a safe and contactless solution that enables your customers to view the menu, order, and pay through their personal device will go a long way towards building consumer confidence.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="5"> "<li><strong>Expands Acceptance of Mobile Payments</strong> — According to <a href=""><"a>, there were approximately 441 million Apple Pay Users worldwide in Sept of 2019 and growing quickly. Based on the figures from December 2019, Google Pay and Samsung Pay combined were still expected to have fewer users worldwide than Apple Pay. A seamless and frictionless payment experience with the global mobile wallet leader ensures expanded acceptance and adoption. Accepting all credit cards is a must but accepting the world’s No. 1 mobile wallet will speed the payment process and reduce the potential of credit card fraud associated with presenting a physical credit card.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="6"> <li><"trong>Maximizes Labor Cost Savings</strong> — A traditionally low margin industry is now faced with challenges that even contingency plans couldn’t have prepared for. Offering an effective contactless platform will lead to increased adoption by your guests. Guest adoption of these solutions provides an opportunity to reduce labor costs without affecting the guest experience.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="7"> <"i><strong>Enables Seamless POS Integration</strong> — Deployment and ongoing management of a contactless platform is more palatable with the right point-of-sale integration. As an operator, do you want to force your guests to order from the mobile device or from a server? Do you want to want to make menu changes on your POS and then make the same changes again on a third-party non-integrated platform? The answer should be “No” to both. Enabling both servers and guests to interchangeably add to an order will undoubtedly lead to a better experience. Sharing menus across all your platforms (fixed POS, mobile POS, guest-facing contactless) will create obvious efficiencies and happy managers.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="8"> l><"strong>Speeds Table Turns & Increases Check Averages</strong> — Pre-pandemic, deploying solutions to speed table turns and increase averages were a priority for restaurants. In the current environment — with capacity restrictions in many regions — this is mandatory to optimize the business. The industry must provide an exceptional contactless experience with server interaction on request and then flip the table for the next group as quickly as possible. Industry stats show an <a href="">8 pe"cent to 17 percent decrease</a> in guest stay when using a guest facing device at the table and a <a href="">10 percent to 21"percent increase</a> in check amount.</li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="9" /> <li /><strong />Simplifies Cust"mization</strong> — The in-seat guest solution must minimally offer enough customizable options to match the restaurant’s unique branding. Flexibility must exist for colors, fonts, pricing, food-and-beverage images, and long descriptions for menu items. Guests will adopt a contactless solution that is easy to navigate and enhances the dining experience.  </li> </ol> <p> </p> <ol start="10" /> &"t;<strong>Drives Loyalty</strong> — Restaurant patrons will want to feel valued, and operators will want them coming back. Providing customers with the opportunity to automatically earn and redeem loyalty points through a mobile platform is critical for retention and reducing customer acquisition costs. </li> </ol> <p> </p> <p>To welcome people back to restaurants safely and responsibly, there needs to be a solution in place that will support restricted on-premise dining, limit contact between guests and staff, and actively demonstrate the operator’s commitment to safety and sanitation. A purpose-built, customizable, mobile in-seat ordering, tipping and payment platform not only provide the 10 benefits listed above, but it also goes a long way towards building customer confidence and driving revenues for restaurant operations in today’s post-COVID environment. With most restaurants still operating at 50 percent capacity or less, this is critical to their financial stability and the future of hospitality.</p>""""
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September 22, 2020 (Vancouver, BC) – The BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) is pleased to announce that tickets for its online lottery will go on sale Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Prizes for the “Our Beautiful Backyard” Lottery include first-class food, drink, and accommodations in Whistler, Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan.

Tickets will be available for less than 3 weeks, as sales close at midnight on Sunday, November 1st. The roster of 15 prizes features a selection of mini vacations, a personal chef at your home, and gift cards and pub packs in Vancouver and Victoria. All trips are redeemable in 2021.

  • Okanagan Wine Getaway - Dinner for 2, 2 nights’ accommodation at the Naramata Inn, 2 VIP tours and lunch at Okanagan Crush Pad and TIME Winery and Kitchen, and more! Value $1,375 
  • Victoria in Style - 2 nights for 2 in a Chateau Victoria penthouse, with culinary gift certificates to 10 Acres Bistro and Nautical Nellies Steak and Seafood House. Value $1,300
  • Rich and Famous in Downtown Vancouver - Dinner for 2 at Hapa Izakaya a Fairmont Waterfront suite complete with bubbly and chocolate-dipped strawberries, and breakfast the next day. Value $1,100
  • Penticton Beer Retreat - 2 nights for 2 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Conference Centre, a Penticton Ale Trail gift pack, and gift certificates for cuisine at the Barley Mill Brew Pub & Bistro and The Black Antler. Value $1,125
  • Sea to Sky Adventure - 2 nights’ stay at the Listel, dinner for 2 at the Red Door Bistro, and gift certificates to 21 Steps Kitchen + Bar and the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. Value $950
  • Fraser Valley Getaway - 2 nights at Surrey’s Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, dinner for 2 at the MIXT Lobby Lounge, and gift certificates to Coquitlam’s Pasta Polo, Rail & River Bistro and Zythos Greek Mediterranean Grill in Langley. Value $1,300
  • Seaside Stay in Sooke - 2 nights at Vancouver Island’s Prestige Oceanfront Resort. Value $650
  • Downtown Vancouver - Dinner for 2 at Lift Bar | Grill | View and 1 night at Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites. Value $600
  • Victoria Area Pub Pack - Includes gift certificates to 328 Taphouse + Grill, Brentwood Bay Brewsky Taphouse, Canoe Brew Pub, The Loghouse Pub, and The Stone House Pub. Value $500
  • Lower Mainland Pub Pack - Includes gift certificates to each of the following: Central City Brew Pub (Surrey), Fox & Fiddle (Surrey), The Fort Pub & Grill (Langley), Milltown Bar & Grill (Richmond), and Sundowner Neighbourhood Pub (Delta). Value $500
  • Stay at the Quay - 2 nights for 2 at New West’s Inn at the Quay and a gift certificate for the Boathouse Restaurant. Value $350
  • Dine Out at Home! - The Ephemere Supper Club will provide a chef who will prepare a 4-course tasting menu for 4 guests in your own home. Value $500
  • Best Buy Gift Cards - Indulge in the ultimate “staycation” by upgrading your home entertainment system, purchasing music and movies, an espresso machine…the sky’s the limit! Value $500
  • Times Square Suites Hotel and Hook Seabar - Dinner for 2 at Hook Seabar and 1 night at the West End’s Times Square Suites Hotel. Value $325
  • Times Square Suites Hotel and Revolving Restaurant - Dinner for 2 at the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant and 1 night at the Times Square Suites Hotel. Value $325

Our Beautiful Backyard Lottery

October 13 - November 1, 2020

Tickets are available in the following packages:

  • 1 for $5
  • 3 for $10
  • 8 for $20
  • 25 for $50

The BC Hospitality Foundation's "Our Beautiful Backyard" Lottery starts October 13 and runs through to midnight November 1st, 2020. The final prize draw will take place at noon on November 2nd. The event’s gaming license number is 126737. Please visit for prize details and watch for the direct link to purchase tickets on the BCHF webpage.

The BCHF thanks all the businesses that generously donated the amazing prizes for the venture. Proceeds from the lottery will support the BCHF’s charitable work, which includes providing financial assistance to hospitality workers in financial crisis due to extraordinary health conditions, as well as administering a scholarship program to foster the development of the next generation of hospitality industry workers and leaders.


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