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TORONTO, ON, (TSX: CGX): June 28, 2018 – Cineplex, a leading entertainment and media company, today announced an expanded partnership with Uber Eats that will bring its famous popcorn and other popular concession items and combos to the doorsteps of Canadians across the country.  Whether it is date night, an evening in with friends, or a mid-week treat, movie-lovers can now bring the Cineplex experience home with the help of Uber Eats.

Starting today, popular concession items – including popcorn, candy, soft drinks, hot dogs and nachos – are available for delivery through 60 Cineplex theatres in communities across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. 

“Cineplex has a long history of investing in innovation and today we are extending that approach beyond the walls of our theatres and into our guests’ living rooms,” said Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex. “Following a very successful pilot program in eastern and southern Ontario earlier in the year, we are so pleased to officially expand our partnership with Uber Eats to bring a special part of the movie-going experience into Canadian homes.”

In addition to individual concession items, movie-lovers can also choose from a variety of convenient, pre-bundled combos available at the touch of a button.  By far the most popular menu item during the pilot, the ‘Cineplex Movie Night In Combo’ is exclusive to Uber Eats and provides movie-lovers with a free Cineplex Store HD movie rental, as well as two medium popcorns, two medium candies and two medium drinks for $28.99.  It’s a pretty sweet (and savoury) deal.

To celebrate the partnership, Cineplex is offering movie-lovers in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario a free Cineplex Store HD movie rental with all Uber Eats orders from June 29-July 2, 2018.  The Cineplex Store is your at home or on the go digital movie watching destination with thousands of digital new releases and catalog titles from major Hollywood, Canadian and International studios. Visit for more information on delivery zones and promotion details. To find out which Cineplex theatres offer delivery through Uber Eats, simply download the Uber Eats app and enter the name of your city. 

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TORONTO, June 27, 2018 /CNW/ - Created in partnership with hospitality icon Nick Di Donato of the Liberty Entertainment Group, Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto will be the first North American location of world renowned Michelin star Chef Ernesto Iaccarino's Don Alfonso 1890.  Dinner will be served daily, as of today from 5pm. It will be located in the historic Consumer's Gas Building of 1852 on Toronto Street, in the heart of the Financial District in downtown Toronto.

Showcasing the incredible cuisine of Chef Ernesto Iaccarino and the wonderful fresh flavours of the Amalfi coast, Don Alfonso 1890 is an internationally recognized award-winning concept with locations in Sant'Agata, Amalfi Coast, Italy; Lavello, Basilicata, Italy; Helena Bay, New Zealand; Macau, China and now Toronto.


Don Alfonso 1890's cuisine is characterized by its modernity, Mediterranean flare and the exceptional quality of the raw materials used.  These key principals are reflected in the 8 course tasting menu available in the dining room.  The menu of uniquely crafted dishes begins with a collection of canapés proceeded by courses including ice creamed eel with Sturgeon caviar, seared Muscovy duck breast, organic Manitoba bison tenderloin in a rustic bread crust and finished with a Neapolitan Sfogliatella, an Italian delicacy with layers of phyllo, cinnamon infused pastry cream and Amarena cherry glaze. The tasting menu is also available with vegetarian options including a rendition of the traditional baked egg with black truffle caviar, soy smoked organic tofu soup and rigatoni Vesuvius. Guests can also dine on the full selection of canapés and order courses à la carte in the lounge on the mezzanine level.

Chef Saverio Macri will oversee the kitchen, having spent several months in Italy working with Chef Ernesto Iaccarino at the original Don Alfonso 1890. Chef Macri and his team of culinary professions create each dish with expert precision using the finest quality ingredients available. Each course is plated on a one of a kind vessel selected specifically to highlight the characteristics of the food and the stunning presentation.

Corporate Mixologist Oliver Stern has created a cocktail menu intended to elevate the cocktail experience to the level of the cuisine.  In addition to offering a selection of classic cocktails, the menu will also feature a number of one of a kind molecular cocktails.


The space is designed to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication and acts as a canvas for the food it presents. Every detail and every piece of furniture has been crafted from the finest materials, many of which were imported directly from Italy.

The visionary behind this truly unique space is Liberty Entertainment Group VP and Creative Director, Nadia Di Donato. Ms. Di Donato has been instrumental in creating unique design approaches for each of the Liberty Group properties. With particular attention to detail, she has established the Liberty Entertainment Group facilities as the most creatively themed venues in Toronto and Miami.

The restaurant is located at 19 Toronto Street. To make a reservation, book online or call 416.214.5888

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BAYAMÓN, Puerto Rico, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in the 1797 Hacienda Santa Ana, home of the renowned Ron del Barrilito Two and Three Stars, Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc. announced the worldwide launch in the coming weeks of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars. This is the first collectible edition of rum presented by Ron del Barrilito in more than 138 years, establishing a new era of the supreme quality of Puerto Rican rums.


Approximately 2,500 bottles will be produced of this first edition and consists of a blend of aged rums in "Oloroso" white oak casks for up to 35 years, handmade with the same craftsmanship and tradition that has prevailed in this Puerto Rican brand since 1880. The first 200 bottles of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars will be presented in a wooden chest, handcrafted by Puerto Rican artisan Gil Rodríguez. Inside the chest will be an elegant, numbered bottle, maintaining the elements of the original label that have distinguished Ron del Barrilito, the oldest rum in Puerto Rico.

Behind this historic creation is the original recipe and vision of the Fernández Family and the experience of another great Master Blender, M. Luis Planas, an industry veteran with more than 35 years of experience in crafting rums. "Ron del Barrilito is much more than a fine aged rum; this product is recognized and praised by rum and cognac connoisseurs worldwide as a true Puerto Rican treasure," says Planas.

"Ron del Barrilito Five Stars was conceived for the rum connoisseur, who collects high-quality spirits and savors their careful craftsmanship," adds Planas.

This limited edition of 2,500 bottles will be on sale beginning in August 2018. The bottles will be priced starting at $750 per bottle. For more information, please call Hacienda Santa Ana: 787-785-3490 from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm EST or visit

Hacienda Santa Ana: Established in 1797 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, by the Fernández Family.  Hacienda Santa Ana started as a sugar cane plantation, and as many family-owned sugar cane plantations, they produced their own rum for personal consumption. In 1880, Pedro Fernández began to market the family rum under the name of Ron del Barrilito, which today, more than 130 years later, still uses the same artisanal craft, family recipe and aging process that has made it one of the best rums in Puerto Rico and the world. 

Ron del Barrilito is a premium-quality rum, awarded and recognized by experts as one of the best rums in the world.  This rum is handcrafted since 1880 using its original recipe.  It has two products: Ron del Barrilito Two Stars, which is aged for three to five years, and Ron del Barrilito Three Stars, aged for six to ten years. 

Edmundo B. Fernández, Inc. is the parent company responsible for the production, bottling, and distribution of Ron del Barrilito.  

Contact: Andrea Rivero • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • (787) 641-2164

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June 19, 2018


Located in NYC's historic East Village is a tiny jewel box of a bar tucked away behind Mediterranean  neighborhood favorite, Local92. A confluence of inspiration - Blue Quarter was created as the ideal retreat  from the hustle and bustle of the outside city streets, a nod to owner and head bartender's Max Green's love  for tea and  his penchant for the distinctive. Max's experience of working extensively with bitters at Amor Y  Amargo,  under the tutelage of Sother Teague, who is also involved on the creative side of the project;  motivated him to focus on teas, which also have a bitter character. In addition, the Mediterranean restaurant  Blue Quarter is housed in,  offers an inspiring array of flavors for Max to seamlessly incorporate and make his  own. The menu is a harmonious play on reimagined classic cocktails as well as new, innovative and exotic  creations you wouldn't find anywhere else. Either a play on tea infusions, tea syrups, or tea on its own, the Blue  Quarter cocktail menu takes shape as a tea den for thirsty revelers along with several other standouts that pull  flavors and colors from the Mediterranean to the Middle East as well as South East Asia.  

Drink Standouts include (all $15): 

  • Oolong Island Ice Tea: many clear spirits, velvet falernum and cola  
  • Dragoon Punch: brandy, rum, lemon and black tea (served in a vintage tea pot)
  • Unfinished Story: tequila, matcha, coconut and lime oil  
  • Soon to Ripen: scotch, early grey tea, coconut water, paprika  

As you would imagine, the interior at Blue Quarter is inspired by the colors and textures of the Mediterranean.  Warm blues and enchanting greens interplay with gleaming silver and copperwares under shadowbox light  fixtures. Ornately designed glasses and charming service pieces, also used to deliver the more exotic cocktails,  are influenced by teas of the world. The space is simultaneously whimsical and elegant, airy and cozy, alluring  and welcoming. Step through the eye-catching large blue keyhole-arched door for a cocktail and an escape  from the ordinary at the new Blue Quarter Bar.


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June 19, 2018


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